Today is my birthday

So I’m 37 today. Feeling pretty awesome.

If you want to do something nice for my birthday, and you need to do any online shopping at Amazon or B&N, just go through the links on the side bar to the right and it is like a tip jar/birthday present. I get an advertising refferal. I got $6 the other day when somebody bought some sweet new boots. 🙂

My friends are taking me out to lunch. Saturday I got to play some Warmachine. (I should have lost, but my opponent’s dice loved me, then my last standed Titan Gladiator killed 2 man 0’wars and Beast 09 during feat turn, then Zaal shot the Butcher to death, which makes absolutely no sense to most of you, but the war game geeks are all like “In your face!”).  Friday night is Writer Nerd Game Night, which I am very excited for.  And I’m going to try and take my kids shooting this week too.

I’ve managed to avoid the news for a couple of days, so my blood pressure is doing fine. Last night I ate ice cream with home made peanut butter sauce and pistachios on top.

I wrote 3,000 words of Warbound on Friday and another 3,000 words on Saturday, which is okay, but not great word count for me, but it is coming along. Swords of Exodus is coming along nicely, and Mike is close to done with his half, and then we are just editing things together.  So it looks like SoE will be the next one in the bag.

For Correia Family Sunday Afternoon Craft Time Fun, I painted this guy:

The iPhone doesn’t do him justice. He came out really well. The camera isn’t picking up most of the color variation or shading, so I’ll need to bust out the light box and my wife’s good camera.

The base is a piece of gravel from vacation. Yes. We go to beautiful Mesa Verde, and I’m all like, oooooh, these flat rocks will totally fit on a base…

So my birthday week is going well.

EDIT: Yes. I also share a birthday with Ron Paul and HP Lovecraft. Draw your own conclusions.

A Cosmic Christmas, featuring Jake Sullivan
The Burning Throne, Episode 40: The Road to Toshi Ranbo

43 thoughts on “Today is my birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday. I will order the MH hardback from Amazon today to bring to you Long Island book signing at the library.

    It’s not smart to shoot Orsus in the face. Like Mongo in Blazing Saddles you just make him made.

  2. Happy Birthday! August is a good month to be born – just ask my daughter who hit 19 the other day, or my niece who was born on Friday morning. (Well… I guess you can’t ask her yet.) Anyway, have a great day. =o)

  3. Happy birthday, Larry! Already put my order in through Amazon for the omnibus and Monster Hunter Legion. Looking forward to Warbound, too.

  4. Happy birthday boss, and enjoy your day! Week! Whatever unit of time you celebrate birthdays for!

    So howbout a present for us loyal fans? Would you please please post the recipe for homemade peanut butter sauce? Mom and Dad used to make one that was my absolute favorite ice cream topping (even if I didn’t have any ice cream) but they’ve taken the recipe to Heaven with them. (Turns head, shows a glimmer of a tear.)

    Anyway, congratulations on surviving to your prime. (37 is a prime number, isn’t it?)

  5. Happy birthday, Larry! Wouldn’t you know, I pre-ordered a special edition of MH:L from B&N *yesterday*. I’d have held off for a few hours if I’d known today was significant.

    That’s a pretty good Damiano, BTW, regardless of the photo quality. I run Cygnar myself, though I haven’t painted (or played, for that matter) anything in months.

  6. Happy birthday and many more!

    Also – wicked cool about SoE, eagerly awaiting. Will be buying several copies then as usual, so royalties await!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Ok this is cool and uncanny. You and I share a borthday!!! I was born 20 Aug 1974. I just turned 38. I also play table-top minuture games. How COOL! Anyways Happy Birthday mate! Keep up the awesome work! All the best,
    Jonathan Peters – Grants Pass Oregon

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