Book Tour Schedule

This is still under development, and I’m trying to put together some fan dinners in a few places when the schedule allows. More details to come.

September 4th – Layton Utah, B&N signing

September 5th – Flights of Fantasy signing, Albany NY

September 6th – lots of drive bys, Holyoke B&N, Annie’s Book Stop, Worcester

Burlington MA, B&N signing

September 7th – drive bys, The Toadstool, Milford NH

Pandemonium, Cambridge, MA

September 8th – Hicksville NY Public Library, 2PM

September 9th – Carle Place NY, B&N signing 2 PM

September 10th – business meetings in NYC

September 11th – Willow Grove, PA, B&N signing 7 PM

September 12th – Book Trader of Hamilton, Mercerville NJ 7 PM

September 13th – Ellicott City, MD, B&N signing 7 PM

September 14th – Bethesda, MD, B&N Signing 7 PM

September 15th – Ft. Belvoir BX, signing 12-2 PM

Going to try and do some sort of get together that night for people who can’t get on base

September 16th – Ft. Meade BX, Signing 1-3 PM

Same thing, will try to do something in the area that night.

September 17th – Traveling

September 18th – Uncle Hugo’s, Minneapolis, MN. Signing 5 PM

September 21st-23rd, Denver Area for Booksellers convention. There will probably be some signings too.

I’ll post more details as I figure them out.

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45 thoughts on “Book Tour Schedule”

  1. Larry,

    If you ever do signings in/near the Detroit area, please let me know. I’d love to get you out to dinner, and have the “work kids” (that I got hooked on your books) meet you.

    1. I second the motion. Anywhere in the Lower Peninsula works really. Figures that the only time you go to maryland is when I’m in Michigan lol.

    1. No Florida this year, but it is on the list of places I really want to go. I haven’t been there for a few years.

    1. I love Texas. I’ve been to San Antonio several times. I’d love to go back. This year though, this tour is all paid for by my publisher, and I’m going where the publicist wants me to go. I’d love to go to Texas again sometime soon.

      1. Makes sense. Those are probably the states that need a sales boost. Texas probably doesn’t.
        You know good ole’ SE Wisconsin could use a sales boost ya know.. 😉

    2. Yeah we’re missing you here in North Texas Larry, all us MHI Groupies. However I can understand visiting Wisconsin and Minnesota instead, it’s pretty hot here still right up to October.

  2. No love for Milo’s home state? So disappointing, you have a lot of fans in the Pocatello and Idaho falls areas.

    1. He was only here for the first 3 books. Since then, zip, zero, nada.

      Say, Larry, is this publicist susceptible to bribes? 🙂

  3. Larry, are the cities listed in your post the book tour in its entirety or will additional stops be added? Kinowing this might decrease the “will you be in ‘X’ city” questions.

      1. That was one of the considerations. I’m currently thinking the Pentagon City Food Court: everyone can grab as they see fit: fast food, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, and BBQ. . . .

        Besides, it’s infamous. The Secret Service raided 2600 there, years and years ago. . . .

        And there’s sit-down if Larry would prefer as well. . .I’d recommend Harry’s Smokehouse and BBQ for that. . .

  4. If you’re hitting Pennsylvania, then Ohio is right next door, and Canton is only about 90 minutes from the border 🙂

  5. Larry, I don’t know which route you’ll be taking to get from Minneapolis to Denver, but if you take the North route and come through Bismarck, you are welcome to a meal and a place to crash if needed.

  6. A quibble: If it is on an Army installation (“Fort”) it is a Post Exchange, “PX”, not “Base Exchange”, “BX.”

    Unless they’ve messed up my Army even more since retirement. Damned kids…

  7. No love for the Carolinas?

    If you come to Charlotte I promise to take you to the range and let you shoot all my toys 🙂

  8. Keep your dinner plans on the 15th in the freedom-loving Commonwealth of Virginia.
    That way your old gun-nut fans don’t have to surrender their arms to have dinner with you.

  9. Glad to see that you’re hitting Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA – although the B&N that you’re also hitting is my regular store (exit driveway, turn left, drive 2 miles, park), Pando is a great little place and it’s awesome that you’ll be there.

    Would extra warm bodies at the Pando signing be a useful show of support?

      1. Larry, will you have time on Sept 6th for a fan dinner? I know for a fact that there are a bunch of us loons out here. Heck, if you had some down time in that schedule we’d take you to the range for some recoil therapy!

  10. Out at the Burlington MA B&N two days ago, and there was a huge poster of some ugly coot in the window. I thought it was advertising some new werewolf novel, but it turned out it’s just advance publicity for Larry’s tour! 😉

    Anyway, joking aside, it was very cool to see Larry advertised in the same place that the new Harry Potter books, EL Jame’s signing, etc. have appeared! I’ll try to remember to bring my camera and take a picture to send you.

  11. You gotta be coming to dragoncon again, right? New book, lots of fans, you see where I am going with this…..

    I’m tired of the same old six authors showing up each year, as fun as John Ringo is when he is drunk. We need new blood!!!

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