Vote for Mitt Romney and he will murder your wife with cancer

Watch this video:

Yes. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for cancer.

Heart rending, huh? Very emotional. However, there is one teensy tiny factual problem with the ad, as in it is mostly bullshit. And you know it is particularly bad when even CNN is calling shenaigans.

Apparently a “short time” is 5 years.

So dude’s company (which is so inefficient that it is paying him 2x the salary and benefits that he is qualified for since he could only find work as a custodian), gets bought by Bain two years after Romney left Bain’s management to go run the olymics. Dude gets laid off. His wife still has health insurance. A couple years later his wife loses her job. Husband still doesn’t have insurance. Three years after that she gets cancer and dies.

Compare the actual timeline to how the ad portrays it. In the ad, Mitt Romney laid him off, and then they didn’t have health insurance and his wife died. The only references to the timeline are “a short time” and 22 days, which makes it feel urgent and sudden, which accentuates the emotional impact.

That is some shallow manipulative BS right there.

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46 thoughts on “Vote for Mitt Romney and he will murder your wife with cancer”

  1. Over 7 million people die from cancer each year that Mitt lives, coincidence? How is this man still free much less running for President

    /s just in case anyone is not sure

  2. Romney was not on salary to Bain when this firm was shut down … but one of Obama’s contribution bundlers was.

  3. And it’s only going to get worse as the silly season presses on. At least the “We got Osama!!!!?!!” movie release date moved back to Dec (although I’ll bet they play the hell out of the trailer right before the elections).

    1. Actually they can’t really use the Osama thing since it came out that Obama canceled the raid 3 times before he finally approved it.

      I’m still 99% convinced that the only reason he finally did approve it is because somebody threatened him with going public with the info that we knew where Osama was and he wouldn’t do anything about it.

  4. I saw something that said an Obama bundler was actually in charge of Bain. If I can remember where the link was I’ll edit and post.

  5. One can only ascribe this outrageous behavior by Obama to a desperate man trying to score a mortal blow against his opponent after the traditional Democratic Party Mudslinging and Bread and Circuses for the proletariat have failed. Obama is one evil Communist non scrupled opponent trained to the Saul Alinsky paradigm of win at all costs including lying and misrepresentation of the facts and above all ridicule. These Alinsky maneuvers coupled with the Cloward-Piven Columbia University formula he is following to break America financially and socially makes for Obama being a rattle snake in the collective American sleeping bag. Most Americans do not have the grasp of Liberal Progressive history or intellectual connective tissue to recognize that Obama is the culmination of a careful Marxist-Leninist Socialist plan to destroy American from within going back 75 or more years. Not only must we win this election but we must expose the conspiracy of teachers and college professors and nascent communist living like parasites in the American Society. Sadly it appears that our liberal arts educational structure is trying to bring us down viz a viz Occupy Wall Street etc.

  6. This is what happens when they can’t play the first card in their deck, “Republicans are all dumb.”

    Smart guy, successful, honest, and a good man. Introducing the one thing Obama has never faced before.

      1. Cthulhu can eat people with cockroach-level unstampability, leaving Williamson free to deal with better things. Besides, Williamson’s running for World Dictator, still need a president.

    1. Since I’m unlikely to live long enough to caucus for my Holmes/de la Paz dream team, I’d settle for a zombie Pinochet/Friedman (that’s Milton, not Thomas) ticket…As long as Mad Mike gets appointed to head up a newly reConstituted Department of Enemy Squashing to replace the Department of Restraint and Hugs…Ripple Creek would of course be contracted to replace the old DHS which could only operate under DoES oversight outside the several states…And BATFE would be a chain of convenience stores…Usually located adjacent to fused glass parking lots throughout the Middle East.

      One can but dream.

  7. The fact that anyone willing claims loyalty to the left speaks volumes for where this country is headed. I hope we wake up before the president get’s elected again. He can’t get elected again after this and he’ll go hog wild if he get’s a second term.

  8. That’s only the beginning! According to reliable sources*, if you vote for Mitt, he will:
    -Bugger your puppy
    -Outsource your job to China (yes, your job, Mr. Bill Poudowski of Cleveland, Ohio)
    -Personally put toxic chemicals in your children’s water supply
    -And in their icecream. Children’s icecream, Jack!
    -Bring back Jim Crow. It’s just what Republican want to do.
    -Make you get off that goddam couch and get a goddam job, you goddam bum!
    -And get a haircut too, you goddam hippie bum!
    -Dump lots of CO2 into the air by flying Air Force One all over creation for golf and trips to gladhand the 1% and vacations to expens…
    -Uh, forget that last one. It’s not bad when Obama does it, ok?
    -Look, don’t judge me!

    *the voices in Harry Ried’s head

  9. Slander used to be a crime, I guess it isn’t anymore. To paraphrase the anti Dick Cheney slogan from years ago.
    Welcome to Obama’s America. A place where you will be judged on the color of your skin(if white) and the content of your bank account not of your character.

  10. Sigh, just wanted to see when the next book come out not listen to crazy right wingers blather on about what one or the other super pac did for whichever candidate.

    1. Yep. I get an average of one of these a day during election season. Always with some variation about how right wingers shouldn’t have opinions or vague threats about how I’m losing business by offending people.

      1. Well of course, Larry. You keep forgetting: we’re not entitled to opinions. After all, not only are we right-wingers far too simple to understand the complexities of political gestalt, we lack the sophistication to summarize our ideology in a single, grammatically-vacant blog comment.

      2. I’m glad you’re right wing. I could tell from the moment Owen was in the hospital that you were a right wing individualist and that is was going to be showing in your books. I’m glad it shows in your writing, I can relate to the characters far more easily than other authors characters. Anyone who reads your books and don’t realize you or your characters are for individual rights and telling the government to keep their noses out of peoples business and private lives doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.
        Honestly getting mad a you for having well thought out/intelligent conservative opinions is as pointless as getting mad at liberal authors for having stupid opinions.

    2. You don’t get to call right wing folks crazy until such tome as we have racked up 120 million deaths, like the left did during the 20th Century.

      We also have yet to destroy the economy for more than half the planet, like the left did for the old soviet bloc, nearly all of the third world, and in the US with all of those loan defaults under enforcement of CRA ( mortgages for the jobless! ).

      Once we have a death toll and an economic disaster record as great as Socialism has accrued, then you may call us crazy.

  11. My wife got murdered by cancer two years ago. This guy gets more classless and clueless every day.
    I’ll stop now, I don’t like to get profane on someone else’s blog.

  12. The guy in the ad was caught on a conference call with the deputy Obama campaign director and they claim that this ad wasn’t coordinated with the White House. Add that to the fact they already did an ad with this guy and he made no mention of his wife dying of cancer. And they still are saying that they hand no knowledge of this guys story.

    The only thing that got murdered here is the truth.

  13. Is it bad that I would vote for romney if he DID give my wife cancer? I mean We are getting divorced in like a week and I am getting off with a pretty decent deal I give her 2 grand she goes the F@#$ away and I get to keep the house. The ONLY other thing I have to do is store her stuff till she finds an appartment

  14. Two months ago, Mr. Obama’s campaign accused Mr. Romney of vampire capitalism, of buying smallish companies, drowning them in debt, outsourcing their jobs, and ultimately closing the companies’ domestic sides down completely. That didn’t actually happen, and isn’t illegal anyway, but they smeared Mr. Romney as the real-life version of Charles Montgomery Burns anyway. This came across as the low blow it was, and commentators wondered how much lower the re-election campaign would stoop.

    A month or so ago, conservative commentators again wondered how low Mr. Obama’s campaign would go, since the re-election campaign had leveled unfounded (and unprovable) accusations against Mr. Romney that he’d dodged taxes. Tax dodging being a criminal act, Mr. Obama’s campaign effectively called Mr. Romney a felon and offered no shred of evidence to back up the claim.

    [Aside: Given that releasing other people’s confidential information (like returns that would prove such tax evasions took place), one could argue that merely having such information is a criminal act, along the lines of knowingly accepting stolen goods, but no one has moved to seriously prosecute the accusers for this breach of confidentiality. Instead, the calls are for Mr. Romney to prove his innocence. Guess justice really isn’t “for all” anymore.]

    Now, elements associated with Mr. Obama’s re-election efforts have accused him of murder. A third pack of lies, of course, and this one is being called out from almost every corner as bogus, but the re-election campaign took the step nonetheless. I’ve heard a couple commentators ask, once again, how much mud Mr. Obama’s supporters will fling, but they seem to have given up on speculating anymore.

    So… Mr. Romney has been compared to a cartoon villain. They scaled it up to accusations of committing felonies and white-collar crime. The current peak is a half-step shy of charging him with murder. I’m really curious now: what IS the next escalated step? I’m guessing either treason, or construction of superweapons.

    Hey, it could even be both at once: accuse Bain Capital of exporting the jobs of some (possibly fictional) microchip maker or designer to China, and then reveal that that company supplied technology used in GPS flight control systems. Since nuclear-armed ballistic missiles use similar systems, Mr. Romney is now complicit in building weapons of mass destruction AND selling defense secrets to foreign powers. I’m not certain what the step after that would be, but something involving an island volcano fortress sounds about right.

    …You know, now that I think about it, I’d vote for a supervillain if they were honest about being one.

      1. Well, Putin has some distinct SV tendencies, but he’s not running on that platform, and that’s the critical factor I’m looking for. Other factors would be for someone with vast numbers of superweapons, a secret police force, maybe a robot army, who somehow gets tremendous amounts of money from the rest of the world through bizarre schemes and has plans for global weather control. Having a distinctive name is a plus.

        …Uh-oh. Well, Mr. Obama isn’t officially running on the supervillain platform (yet), so…

    1. I’m putting my money on serial/ritual sacrifice. Obviously his fortune comes from blood sacrifice! Treason would work too, or perhaps calling him an illegal alien. Since his father wasn’t born here and all.

    2. As to mud slinging, I don’t think that mud is being slung anymore. You know a lot of people have said that Obama looks like a monkey…

  15. It’s unfair to judge Joe the Steelworker on the actual content of his assertions. What’s really important is that his first name really is “Joe” and that he held a valid state steelworker’s license.

  16. Can we aim Romney? I mean can I make it so if I vote for him someone else dies? Or does it have to be my wife?

    What if it’s fueled by popular belief, can we run commercials calling for particular people to be Romney’d?

    Wait, wasn’t Joe a Janitor?

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