Autographed copies of Monster Hunter Legion

So, how good are the preorders for the signed edition of Monster Hunter Legion?  Well, I’ve already did this many once before a few months ago. Apparently those are all presold, so now I need to do this stack. Each one of those is autographed and then bound into the front of the signed edition of the book.

This is how far I made it last night. That was done during the movie Chronicle and the first half of Harry Brown.

Yes. It is a pretty awesome problem to have. 🙂  Tonight I get to sign the rest.

Signed copies are available from Uncle Hugos

or Amazon

or Barnes and Noble

Crimson Pact 4 out
Forum for questions about the MHI RPG

8 thoughts on “Autographed copies of Monster Hunter Legion”

  1. If it helps, think of how many dollars go to the Correia Scholarship and Mortgage fund with each loving signature.

  2. Hopefully I’ll meet Larry one day and will “force” him to autograph my copy of his self Published MHI book or Edition Zero as I call it. If anything it has been a thrill to see Larry rise to fame & fortune 🙂

    1. “Force.” Yep, I want video of that! He’s so shy and retiring that you just can’t ever get him to put his John Hancock on anything. 🙂

      {Ignore that big stack of paper on his desk – that’s just an application for permission to touch a fired cartridge, in MA.}

      Alternate Plan B: “Hey, honey, what say we go see what’s on the other side of the mountain? Road trip to UT! A book signing is a cultural event, right? Right?? Never mind, I’ll get the blankets and make up the couch myself.”
      She just doesn’t get these Important Things That Must Be Done….. “No, just talking to myself. No, I didn’t call your mother a …”
      Ok, so now it’s make up the bed in the doghouse! /sheesh/

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Larry, I just ordered my copy (even though I’m getting the e-book with the Baen monthly e-book bundle). Add another page to the stack! 😀

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