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So I can finally say more about the upcoming MHI game.  I’m doing it in conjunction with Hero Games using their Champions system. Steve Long, who has won stacks of awards for this sort of thing, is doing the book. We will be doing a Kickstarter in October.
<<Larry Correia and Hero Games are pleased to announce that they’re  teaming up to produce a fan’s guide to and roleplaying game set in Correia’s “Monster Hunter International” setting, tentatively entitled The Monster Hunter  International Employee’s Handbook And Roleplaying Game.
The MHIEHRPG will be a full-color, hardcover book approximately 300 pages  long. It will be written by award-winning RPG writer/designer Steven S. Long and  will include a full version of Hero Games’s HERO System rules specifically  tailored for playing in the MHI setting. Fans won’t have to buy any other books  to play the game; the MHIEHRPG will have everything they need for hours of  exciting adventure!
“I’ve played roleplaying games for many years, and I’m thrilled to be able  to bring the world of MHI into the roleplaying game arena,” said Correia, the  author of three best-selling MHI novels (his fourth MHI book, Monster Hunter  Legion, debuts in September). “I think the HERO System offers the perfect level  of flexibility and detail for MHI adventures.”
“All of us here at Hero Games are big fans of Larry’s books, and we’re  really looking forward to bringing the world of MHI to roleplaying gamers,” said  Jason Walters, General Manager of Hero. “The book’s going to be a fantastic,  full-color resource about the world of MHI.”
“The MHIEHRPG will have a lot to offer any MHI fan, even if he’s not a  roleplaying gamer,” said Long. “It’s going to include information on how MHI  trains its agents and carries out its missions, how the PUFF bounty system  works, background information on major characters, and much more. If you like  the MHI novels, you’re going to want the Employee’s Handbook.”
Best of all for MHI fans, the MHIEHRPG will include all-new MHI fiction  written by Larry Correia! Each chapter of the book begins with a piece of short  MHI fiction that Correia will write especially for the MHIEHRPG.
Correia and Hero plan to fund the work through a Kickstarter project  scheduled to begin October 1, 2012. “We think Kickstarter is the perfect way to  bring this book to life,” said Walters. “It gives the fans a chance to learn  more about the book, show their support, and earn some great rewards in the  process. We’re still deciding on some of the rewards, but we know the highest  support tiers will include the chance to appear as a character in a future MHI  novel.”
To learn more about Larry Correia and Monster Hunter International, please  visit Correia’s blog at  To learn more about Hero Games and the HERO System, please visit >>
Forum for questions about the MHI RPG
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  1. Thanx for the kind words, folx! We’re definitely looking forward to tackling this project. We already have lots of ideas, but we’re always happy to hear more if you want to shout ’em out, either here or on the message boards at

    Speaking of the latter, we plan to set up a special MHI RPG forum, but it’s going to take a little while because our web guy is currently out of the country and we’ve got GenCon next week. In the meantime feel free to post in HERO System Discussion, or anywhere else you have a relevant question. 😉

  2. Awesome! BUT – will Franks have a background bio too? *I* think he’s a major character.

    PS: What happened to Friday’s chapter?

  3. When I saw the email notification, I was thinking a review of Holly Newcastle’s favorite monster eliminator.

    Didn’t even occur to me that RPG stood for Role Playing Game until I looked at the comments.

    Anyhow, it’s a game where I’ll buy all the books and probably never play.

    Until the video game. That will rock.

  4. EVERYBODY: As you play, PLEASE keep a journal. Weird, unexpected things tend to happen often in RPG’s. They will make great seeds for storylines.

    I have it from a fairly reliable source that this was the genesis of a lot of the Dragonlance series.

    We could set up a Wiki, and drop in the good bits. God I love the MHI universe.

  5. Fantastic news I was wondering when we’d get to hear more info about this. Glad to hear that it’s not just going to be geared toward the avid RPG player and that it’ll include brand new fiction.

  6. Ok, I just choked on my favorite caffeinated beverage of choice with joy. Not to play the MHI RPG per se, but to buy THAT Handbook!

    *Quivers for Joy!*

  7. Hero system? Better start working on my math degree….Call of Cthulhu system would have been better and compatible with Laundry RPG….oh well…I’ll probably get one anyway…OMG I remember buying the Champions boxed set when I was a kid!

  8. Is it too much to hope that the HERO system was chosen so that, assuming MHIEHRPG sales meet expectations, we will see a Hard Magic RPG as well?

    Larry, can I just set up a direct deposit into your bank account? It would really save time for me and we can skip the middle men.

  9. Sounds like it would be awesome. I hope you find or create a suitable system. (Unlike the horrible mismatch of Bureau 13 system to its tone.) As an Indie game writer myself, good luck! I’m looking forward to it.

  10. *slobbering in anticipation* Any plans for an autographed edition? This is gonna ROCK… even though I’m not an RPG’er. 😀

    1. We do plan to offer copies of the book with a bookplate signed by Larry and myself for some of the reward tiers for the Kickstarter. For geographic reasons we have to use the bookplate method, but of course if you catch up to Larry or myself at a con or other event we’ll be glad to sign your book again if you like. 😉

  11. Can’t wait till this comes out. Currently my group is winging it using Shadowrun rules… minus most of the cybertech. Another group I know uses a modified D20 Modern ruleset. I hope some of the RPG retailers in my country (Malaysia) will stock this. If not, there’s also ordering via the internet 🙂

  12. I always thought MHI would be great in GURPS as all you would need would be GURPS Tactical Shooting and GURPS Monster Hunters. However at least it’s in HERO, cousin of GURPS, and not D20 *shudder*.

    I will be waiting for this book as a resource for any GURPS MHI games that I run.

  13. I’m a gamer going back to the early days of D&D, NWO, GURPS, and Car Wars. Yes, I even play chess. 😉 This is gonna be fun… 😉

  14. Reblogged this on …Geoffrie, A Work In Progress and commented:
    I haven’t used the Hero Games system in years, but this could well make me trot out my core book and refresh my mind on the system. Really looking forward to this project becoming a reality, and really hoping that I will be able to kick in some funds to the Kickstarter campaign once it starts.

  15. Erhmergerd. Eh lerv MHIEHRPG.

    After close to 24 years in hobby gaming (I started with white box D&D at age seven) this is the first thing that has ever made me consider pickign up a HERO System game.

  16. Reblogged this on Mininerd and commented:
    After close to 24 years in hobby gaming (I started with white box D&D at age seven) this is the first thing that has ever made me consider pickign up a HERO System game.

  17. Steven,
    Hope to see modifiers to create orcs, elves, and gnomes as PCs as well! And maybe some sort of small starter adventure to get the party together. If it’s kosher with Larry I was thinking you could replicate the first chapter of MHI in having the players working in the office together after hours when their boss turns into a werewolf forcing them to work as a team to take him down.
    And good luck and have fun at GenCon!

  18. I have grown up with RPG (Roleplaying Games-not the rocket propelled grenades, but that would have made growing up more fun) and Champion game system rocks! I played the 3rd edition and way out of touch with all the new stuff they come out with, but if it is as good as I remember, this should rock!

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