Crimson Pact 4 is out

The fourth installment of the anthology is out now. I had an excerpt from Hard Magic in #1, and had a short story in #2 and #3.

This time I wasn’t availalbe to get one done in time, but Steve Diamond, the guy that I cowrote Son of Fire, Son of Thunder and Best Lies with has another Tombs & Santos story. So you should totally snag it.

Pat Tracy has the cover story, which is a sort of supernatural demonic western, and Pat is a great writer. Paul Genesse is the editor. Pat, Paul, and Steve are all in my Writer Nerd Game Night.

So if you are looking for an anthology to grab, check this out. You don’t need to have read the first ones, though you should, because I have some awesome stories in them. 🙂


Press release about the RPG
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10 thoughts on “Crimson Pact 4 is out”

  1. Does this version have the author commentary, like #3, or is that going to come out in a special edition like in #1 and #2?

    ’cause I really enjoy the author commentary…

  2. Best Lies was excellent, Steve. You did a great job running the story on your own this time. Tombs is an awesome character, and I enjoyed that story thoroughly.

    Looking forward to the next Crimson Pact installment.

    1. Thanks! This one (like all of the prior stories) was a complete blast to write. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Now you can tell all your friends that I don’t suck!

  3. Quick question…is this series going to be available in any format other than Kindle? I have an Android phone that reads PDF’s really well, and a Nook that my wife isn’t using much anymore. I like the price tag on the Kindle version, but am not sure if either of my devices would read it…and really don’t have the extra bucks for the paperback version.

      1. Kewl, thanks for the info! I’ve got several hundred titles from already in PDF format, though, so just to be picky I was wanting to keep them in the same format. The book comes in a .zip format with .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats, and there’s a blurb on the purchase page with an email if you need a specific format emailed directly to you. Gotta love great service that recognizes the multitudes of different format possibilities and doesn’t lock customers into using only one or two formats (or worse…a proprietary format)!

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