Romney's travel guy tells reporters to shove it–abc-news-politics.html

Read the whole link. The first paragraphs (the part that most people actually read) is all mew mew mew, poor reporters… And then read the rest of it, where you can see the reporters were being their normal douchey selves and Romney’s guy told them to kiss his ass.

I don’t know who this Gorka guy is, but promote him. He simply said to them what most Americans would like to say to members of the press.

No time to fisk the whole thing, but the level of bias and snide insinuation is hilarious. But the press totally isn’t biased. Not at all. Michelle Obama was wearing a $6,000 shirt at the olympics so the press oohed and aaahed and Ann Romney wore a $600 shirt and they had a freak out about how out of touch those rich bastards are.

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26 thoughts on “Romney's travel guy tells reporters to shove it”

  1. As usual, yahoo have removed the article. Can’t any anti-Obama articles out there can we! Fisk them and Fish yahoo

    1. Yep. And I believe Teresa Heinz Kerry did something similar to what Gorka did. But, you see, they are from zee correct party.

      1. Okay, I looked it up. “Shove it” is exactly what she said. Here’s an article from MSNBC. There are lots of articles about it, but I chose the most leftist site I could find at a glance so there’s no mistaking … she said it:

        They finish it up with a reminder that Dick Cheney used a dirty word. That it was in a personal one-on-one conversation with a senator who had falsely accused the Bush administration of all manner of misdeeds doesn’t quite make the final edit, of course.

  2. I love that they think that his statement re: the difference is culture is a gaffe and… well…I’m praising it for it…

  3. If I were Mitt, I’d take Mr. Gorka aside and hand him a phone while explaining why he should apologize to the press. Then I’d give him a bonus check and the promise of 30% extra if he told the reporters that he was sorry that they were offended.

    1. One of my favorite B-5 scenes ever and the show is full of great scenes and lines. It’s why it’s my favorite TV show ever. Although at the moment Dr Who runs a damn close second.

  4. One could accuse the media of double standards, but that would be assuming that the media HAD any standards.

  5. I wonder if Yoshua, recently going bonkers on your FB, is equally incensed at the made-up-out-of-whole-cloth “gaffe” story about Romney? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    I don’t blame Gorka for being pissed off. Heck, I’m pissed off and I don’t even like Romney.

  6. Yeah, in this case I agree that the media seems to be dedicated to the narrative that Romney has a gaffe in every country. He was a bit of a dick in England but his press secretary was right on telling those reporters to shut up. In Israel, meanwhile, people seem pretty dedicated to construing his comments about culture to being an insult to Palestine (made up country) instead of a complement to Israel. None of this really matters scince he’s running for office in the US and diplomatic ability will always come a distant second to domestic issues for American voters especially during a recession. Still voting Obama though.

    1. I don’t see how he was a “dick” in England. He’s not only a presidential candidate visiting the Olympics, he’s an expert at organizing them. His comments aren’t just off-the-cuff “the police acted stupidly” bullshit, they’re an honest assessment. He was also referring to things that have recently been reported throughout the mainstream media, so it’s not like he made it up.

      And guess what they’ve been reporting this week? Problems at the Olympics. Shoot the man for telling the truth.

      1. True, he didn’t even say that much. I suppose that it’s just my opponion that the possible (hopefully not) future president didn’t need to say anything. That is just my opinion and its not worth very much that’s why I said “a bit”. The PM’s response was amusing though and explains why the press got so attached to the narrative of Romney gaffes in another country. Explains, not excuses.

  7. And “disconcerting” regarding the security debacle in the UK, probably counts as a “diplomatic understatement of the year” candidate.

    Gaffe? I think not. Heck even a notorious bed wetter like Piers Morgan defended Romney on that.

  8. I came here to praise a book of yours and check on release dates, but I can see that’s not what this site is for.
    I suppose you can keep up the left-bashing, but it wouldn’t hurt to remember that a sizable chunk of your fans would be dems.

    1. Given that his books tend to be heavy with guns and against big government, I don’t think he worries too much about the Democratic demographic.

      1. Yes, in his books Republicans are often right. There are also werewolves, vampires and Old Ones. I like urban fantasy because sometimes the more ridiculous the premise, the more fun they can be.

    2. Oh, I do remember. I also remember that I know a ton of conservative writers and artists, but that most of them keep their mouths shut out of fear of being blacklisted while those on the left are actually allowed to have an opinion. I also remember that for every potential fan that I’ve offended for daring to have an opinion, I’ve gained two or three others who are really happy to not have their fiction preach at them over dying polar bears or whatever the annoying liberal cause de jour is.

      So thanks. Advice heeded and ignored. 🙂

      1. No, no no! Larry, whenever some sensitive little snowflake writes one of these waaaahIlikeyourbooksbuthateyourpoliticswaaah comments, you are not supposed to shrug it off. No, you’re supposed to piss yourself from fear that you may be losing that one little reader, and apologize and beg for their forgiveness.

        Because as everyone knows, Standing Up for Your Beliefs only counts when your beliefs are Liberal beliefs!

      2. Being a South-East Asian (Malaysian Chinese), I find it refreshing that you (in my opinion) write it as you see it without being pushy. I have read fiction from some conservative writers who are only interested in Dem or Liberal bashing or shoving their views down other’s throats. Those people, I stop reading in a hurry. As a consumer of fiction (esp science or fantasy), I want to be entertained. If I want a political treatise, I’ll go get a non-fiction book on politics. I understand a writer’s political or philosophical views will be reflected in their writing and I respect that. But some writers (both conservative and liberal) go waaay overboard. Please keep up the good work Mr Correia. I’m waiting for next MHI book. I recently got the EARC for MHI Legion and loved it.

      3. This is America and as such I believe that we may disagree with each other and should argue about the best way forward in a vigorous fashion. I also think that you are often extremely funny and that is why I read your blog. Sometimes you get all whiny about nonexistent persecution of your viewpoint though and that is pretty tiresome. I have no doubt that the publishing industry has more liberals than conservatives in it and that they will often grind political axes in their fields with recouse to examine the actual qualities of the work in question however, there are ample audiences for your work even among those who disagree with you. The conservative viewpoint has never been “black listed” so casually as you describe and the persecution of consevatives by the so called main stream media is nothing but a fiction of the CONSERVATIVE media which almost seems Orwellian to me in its lockstep march of ideology. I mainly consider you to be kind of a conservative counterpoint to Jon Stewart but you lack his virtue of being able to mock your own parties actions. This leads to the insanity of supporting an empty suit like Gov Romney or worse Newt Gingritch just because they are not Democrats. Maybe we should all just vote for Gov. Johnson even though the libertarian viewpoint seems a bit naive. At least a strong third party might break the log jam of us vs. them and allow the country to find a solution to its problems.

        1. In order.

          Me talking about the politics of a world that I know well, that you are not familiar with at all, disagrees with your predetermined worldview = me whining.

          No blacklisting of conservatives in entertainment? HA! Dude. Seriously. That’s rich. I’ll pass that along to Dan Simmons or Orson Scott Card or any of the other writers who won awards by the bucket until they came out of the closet. So casual? Have you ever been to a WorldCon? It has nothing to do with the conservative media, since I’ve seen it with my own eyes. My publishing house is notorious for the fact that our boss encourages our conservative authors to say what they want, and we catch a never ending ration of crap for our horrible bias for daring to publish me, Williamson, Ringo, or Kratman, even though we also publish a bunch of old hippies, liberals, and one of our bestsellers is an actual Trotskyite.

          The conservative media, all one of them, is in perfect lockstep. Unlike NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, every major newspaper in the country, and Hollywood, who are completely unbiased and don’t ever run with a predetermined narrative. 85% of journalists vote democrat, but they totally don’t let that cloud their vision. Oh… Does our domination of AM radio hurt your feelings?

          And I don’t mock the republicans? You must be new here. Don’t let the stuff that I’ve written since 2007 cloud your predetermined notions abotu anyone who disagrees with you. Especially since you mention Newt… You must have missed my article on him and his dumb view of FDR that got linked all over the internet. Your bias is showing.

          Romney, who successfully ran a multi billion dollar company, then ran a state, then ran the most profitable and successful olypmics in history = empty suit. And I was never a Romney fan, but at least he’s not a Marxist, so I’m a fan now. Meanwhile, I’m guessing Barack Obama, state legislator, junior senator for a couple of years, and community organizer = super dooper awesome statesman?

          And the only reason I’m not a libertarian is because they can’t get elected to dog catcher and their big tent is a little too big. But I can have good solid discussions with libertarians (and I’ve got a ton of them on here) without it devolving into them making dumbass assumptions about my beliefs.

  9. Help someone, the link on article is missing because of Yahoo. Love the “Rants” Larry, please keep it up!
    Luke Dedicated reader of rants and your books. Though I buy the books. (You are going to need something when the powers out.)

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