5 thoughts on “Found a Writing Excuses video of me”

  1. I agree about how jarring it is for blatant errors to jerk me out of my reading.

    For me, the worst are flagrant violations of the laws of physics. Mostly, about how super soldiers are running around with guns firing BB’s at near light speed.

    If you’re in a life and death, last stand situation, and you have guns that fire near C bullets, just point at the ground. The recoil will fly you out of danger, and into the next county.

    The Posleen stories are amusing, but the gun physics are entirely wrong. I also loved the Troy Rising series, but they extruded a lever inside the battle sphere to give more leverage for rotating the ball. A lever going toward the center of mass makes the rotation harder, not easier.

    Fortunately, Larry stayed awake through freshman physics.

    And the giant zombie slushie machine will live in our hearts forever.

  2. If you lose too much weight, how are the critics going to accuse you of writing Mary Sue’s all the time? Don’t lose too much, it makes it difficult for them to cut and paste.

  3. Off topic. I’m listening to Hard Magic. I’ve read it but I got the audio for my husband who listens to books on his long commute. Just traveled for vacation and decided to listen to HM. Fan-effing-tastic. I am so impressed with Bronson Pinchot’s skills as a reader and the story itself is just so good — even the second time around. Kudos all around.

    On topic. I really liked the video. I like the point that doing the research on weapons accuracy can actually help spur good ideas rather than being just a tedious obligation. 🙂

  4. I love the emphasis on “guns are loud”. I used to do a lot of hunting and trap & skeet shooting at a hunting preserve on the weekends, from about 8 to 14 yrs old. No one used hearing protection much in those days, and my ears would be ringing until Tuesday or Wednesday. Needless to say, I tested borderline deaf across a large part of the human vocal range, when I was 20.

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