75 thoughts on “In honor of this week's blog comments, I give you CONCERN TROLL”

    1. That’s a troll? It kind of looks like that last woman I went out with before I met my wife.

      I support Obama and Larry just doesn’t understand how his policies have helped make America great again!

      Am I joking? Even I don’t know any more.:(

    1. You know I never understood that, Evolution is okay when it comes to how we got where we are but to apply it to society now they change the term. They call it social evolution and then call it a bad thing.

      I’m not here to argue for or against evolution, but since our society in part believes in it shouldn’t we apply it’s principles. After all there is no “end goal” of evolution only temporary pit stops until the next thing comes along. Humans were never the goal of evolution, we are just another pit stop.

      Don’t get me wrong, I believe in charity. It gives me the warm fuzzies when I can help someone else. That doesn’t mean I should be forced to help someone else though.

      Charitable donations go down the more entitlement spending goes up. There are countless studies that show this. Why would anyone trust a faceless government bureaucrat to decide who gets helped and who doesn’t all while taking a cut of the funds in the form of their pay check, and program operating costs. I should be able to decide which charities are helped based on what I value.

      I’m not saying the poor problem could be fixed tomorrow if each citizen were given back their taxes and told give to charities you feel are important. I am certain of one thing, more money would get to the actual needy instead of being consumed by the government system.

    2. Hard but fair. This is why I read your books Micheal, because you aren’t afraid to kill people. Sometimes billions of people! Awesomesauce.

  1. But Michael, the more we “get rid of” the poor (like by supporting them), the more we raise the standard of poverty. I heard a commercial the other day for a government program for free cell phones plus 250 minutes a month “for emergencies.” How many emergencies do people have in one month–and why does it take 250 minutes to call 911 (or your mom and give her the address to come get you?)

    Even though we can afford cell phones, it was a long time before the kids got them–and one is still being shared. My thought: There are phones in schools, in stores, in churches and hospitals. Plenty of ways to call in an emergency. Apparently, the government disagrees.

    1. the more we “get rid of” the poor (like by supporting them), the more we raise the standard of poverty.

      That’s because they redefined “poverty”. What people call poverty these days is relative poverty, not absolute poverty.

      I had a discussion last year with a couple of Brazilian academics which wandered into the subject of poverty. Before they got started, I asked them what they meant by poverty. Their reply: “Oh, not what you Europeans call poverty. I mean not having a roof over your head or having enough food to eat.”

      1. no…a grinder for the teeth and a sander for the skin problem…it’s the only way with something THAT big, tough and ucking fugly!

  2. Larry, I have been a long time Republican but I just can’t stick with them since they’ve let the crazy fringe take over. All the Tea Party talk of “taxed enough already” and “forcing our children into debt”. I mean, what’s wrong with compromise? This bombastic behavior from the crazies has really put me off. Fox News, Breitbart, Instapundit, Michelle Malkin … if those crazy fascists can be shut down, maybe I’ll come back to the Republican party … that I’ve been with for so long … but until then, I’m just going to have to vote for Democrats across the ticket.

    How was that? Did I hit the right notes? Was I concerned enough? I so want to be a concern troll!

    1. PDG, dude. If you could’ve slipped in a Sarah Palin reference, you could’ve scored on the Malkin/Breitbart/Palin Triple Play… but as is, you got at least a 8.5/10.

    2. Spoken like a true McCain supporter… I guess you believe we should tax people more. It isn’t enough that almost half of US households get a pass on Federal income tax, we should raise that to 70%+ and just tax those evil rich people who would certainly be dumb enough to sit around and pay rather than leave if they are rich enough. Likewise just tax companies more, that wouldn’t drive more out or raise prices because they support reducing their profits along with their stocks and dividends which then go back into 401ks and expanded employment…

      If you really do not think we are digging a hole of debt for our children then explain Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal to me… France and the UK are not that far behind either.

      1. See, Ken, this is just what I’m talking about. All these numbers. They’re so uncivil. And at least Spain and Italy and all those other continents have FREE healthcare!

        You’re all being like that mean old b*tch Sarah Palin (thanks for the reminder DaveP). She knows there are no Death Panels in the ACA. Those words do not appear together at any point in the entire bill. Not right after each other. Not without a period in between. That nasty c*nt is the very essence of incivility. She got Gabby Giffords shot, for goodness sakes, and she has absolutely no remorse!

        I just wish we could all get along. Until the Republicans … the party I have belonged to for sooo many years … can learn to compromise instead of selfishly stonewalling everything any non-Republican comes up with, I will just have to vote for the Democrats who are so much more reasonable.

        I’m just so concerned about all this, I can’t help expressing it. No H8!

        ** Since I seem to be really good at this concern troll stuff, I feel the need to point out I’m being facetious, sarcastic, and generally obnoxious for the fun of it. I only wish I could get paid for it.

  3. I’m still waiting for somebody to point out the obvious fact that health insurance does not equal healthcare.

    It would also be nice to see something about how (at least until Obamacare really kicks in and we’re all screwed) most people get health insurance from being employed as part of their compensation so reducing the number of unemployed would reduce the number of uninsured and not at tax payer expense. (Especially since the number of uninsured matches pretty closely with the number of people that are unemployed).

    That isn’t even getting into how badly the government ‘manages’ existing programs.

    ‘sides, I don’t want them to die, I just want them all to go to Europe and not come back until they realize how bad of an idea this really is.

  4. But AdamPM, everybody who lives in Europe/moves to Europe LOVES them some free health care! They all gush about how wonderful it is that it is so affordable! We poor benighted non-Progressive ‘Mericans just don’t know how good it is over there! Why, even in Canada that free health care is so good that anybody who can afford to comes to America to…umm…never mind that, poor people don’t die of lack of health care in Can….umm…never mind.

    1. Yah, I think Moore got a video of Cubans saying how great their healthcare is too.

      We’ve got a guy in the office who is a big believer in the power of government. It just boggles my brain that he thinks the government taking over industries is a good thing. For the most part he’s a smart guy but for some reason he trusts politicians more than corporations. I keep trying to point out if i don’t like the job google/microsoft/ford is doing I can fire them and go find someone who will do it to my satisfaction. Once the government gets involved the options list gets really short.

      1. @AdamPM You wouldn’t happen to actually have some evidence that BHO is “a smart guy” would you? Perhaps some intelligent speech when off teleprompter? Perhaps a deep understanding of economics? Maybe his admitting the Laffer curve should dictate policy, rather than ‘stick it to the rich’?

        Anything at all? Anything besides the newsies braying “he’s so smart that I pee down my leg”. Face it, they’ve lied about everything else about him.

        Even George Stephanopolis had to cover him in a televised interview when he slipped and said “In accordance with my Muslim beliefs”. Rev Wright mentioned the same thing, btw.

      2. Steve,
        I wasn’t talking about Obama in the last paragraph. I was talking about the guy that I work with being a mostly smart guy except for being a liberal.

    2. I don’t understand this… Europe is better, Cuba is better, Mexico is better this and that is better. We should make America just like them. If these countries are so much freaking better why are so many people literally risking their lives to come here. The math doesn’t add up either where they come from is better or where they are going is better.
      Then again math is based in logic and logic escapes most liberals.

    1. Nope because there are still administrators that need to stay around in the IRS and other places sucking up government money that still doesn’t exist.
      Just because no one is “using” the law doesn’t mean that the office that administers it would shut down.

    2. Naw, “poor” is the bottom income category. That’s why our “poor” have obesity problems, as well as difficulty keeping track of their Xboxes and new cars. And their gov’t paid ‘free’ cell phones, too.

    3. I meant to say “the poor” is just the bottom income bracket. If they all died instantly for some reason, the bottom earners of the survivors would become “the poor” even if they all cleared $200K/yr.

      That’s how the gov’t defines it. We can never escape having a bottom percentile of earners. It’s statistically impossible.

    1. Marinade them overnight, then grill over medium flame about 8 minutes a side(depending on weight), and they’re delicious!

      Why’s everybody looking at me weird?

      1. because it will take one heck of a lot longer than 8 minutes per side.

        As if you didn’t already know…

    1. I would pay to see that movie, and the sequel, and the prequel. Oh heck, I wanna marry that picture and raise kids with it and grow old then kill it and still collect it’s pension and social security checks.
      I carried that too far on purpose because the picture is so awesome!

  5. Americans always make me laugh, you guys really dont know whats good for you. And lets face it probably none of you are ritch enought to even be thinking to vote republican. And no being millions in personal debt dont make you ritch.

    1. You really don’t know squat about America or our political system if you thing choosing a political party is based on wealth. Do us all a favor and if you don’t know what your talking about keep quiet. I’ll let others on here lecture you if they choose it’s not worth my time to say more than: learn about something before you go mouthing off.

      1. “being millions in debt don’t [sic] make you rich”

        Sure it does. Owe the bank ten thousand dollars, and the bank owns you. Owe the bank a hundred million dollars, and you own the bank.

        No, seriously: either way, the borrower is a liability to the lender, but the lender doesn’t mind treating the low-level borrower like dirt because the lender can suck up the small loss. The big loan is an existential risk if that relationship sours. No bank is going to collapse if someone defaults on a car loan. Any bank can implode if enough mortgages or business loans fall through. Besides which, if you borrowed big, that means someone thought it was worth the risk to lend big to you; this kind of assumes the borrower is not going to be in debt forever, and is capable of paying off the loan. That assumption implies the borrower has wealth, and the ability to create it.

        Note that this is the underlying theory. It can easily be derailed by a Smartest-Guy-In-The-Room-in-Chief deciding he can do a better job of investing than thousands of experienced professionals and industry experts. It breaks down when he drives a dump truck full of taxpayer dollars out to trendy wannabe-industrialists like Solyndra, or for agenda science fair projects like the Volt. It also breaks down when lenders are forced to make loans they know are terrible and not in line with the risks, like the CRA. That was a bad idea under Clinton, it stayed a bad idea under Bush, and it’s still a bad idea under Obama. Not that knowing that, or even seeing the disastrous consequences, has actually done anything to fix it.

        TL, DR: there’s nothing wrong with borrowing money if you know what you’re doing. But that can be a huge ‘if’.

        Still, I’m always happy when someone gives me a good laugh, so right back at you, Jorge. I for one am glad we could brighten your day.

    2. Dipshits always make me laugh, especially when they talk knowingly about stuff they obviously don’t understand, and then go on to demonstrate it by contradicting themselves in their own message. i.e. making fun of republicans (the side that is currently fighting the debt spending) while talking about how being in debt doesn’t make you rich. 🙂

      Also, that you have to be rich to be republican, since the country is divided roughly in half and the democrat president’s #2 biggest fund raising group is Wall Street and he does Hollywood funding dinners with George Clooney.

      So Jorge, what country are you from, what is that nation’s debt to GDP ratio, and what’s the unemployment rate? Odds are that unless Jorge is a German name, here’s your nice warm cup of shut the hell up. 🙂

      1. Dear Larry be polite im a big fan of your books but to answer your question im born and raised in sweden (yes socialist hell) happen to have a spanish mother so hence the spanish name. Our economy is doing ok thank you for asking could be better but i suppose it always could be.

        And well i am kinda in to american politics since well american politics are interesting. And ofc you dont have to be rich to be a republican but then again not all can afford to be republican unless you think your presonal economy is not important to you. And the entire obamacare problem is that ill cost taxmoney and nobody likes taxes i can totally agree on that. hell i pay almost 50% in taxes everymonth i should know. If the problem aint that it cost taxmoney what is it then? Half the comment here say to get rid of the poor that in itself kinds shows that not everyone is suited to live a repbulican lifestyle or is that a wrong assumption of me?

        I dont see universal healthcare as a bad thing so ive always wanted to ask real ppl ie you guys why you hate it so much from in my pov healthcare and education should be free and available to everyone those two things among others make for a stronger population.

        If you dont have a problem with it costing taxmoney what is the problem i would love if you could explain it to me. because lets face it obamacare is shit compared to the healthcare system we have here and most other western countrys.

        And just to give you a little idea of the political situation here, our most right winged partys are what you would consider center right liberals our most left winged partys are digusting commiefemenists with no clue on whats going on in the real world.

        And Jake there is never any good reason to loan money, less bad resons yes but the fact you consider to get a loan to buy something shoud tell you that you really cant afford it to begin with.

    3. And exactly what third world or eurotard socialist shithole do you come from, Jorge?

      What would really be good for us would be to actually act like the nasty greedy bully that we are accused of being, and use our extreme military superiority to force two bit countries like yours to send us tribute in the form of wealth and slaves, or face nuclear annihilation.

      Instead of defending countries from terrorism and nasty regimes, we should just throw in the towel, and start using terror ourselves.

      I’m sure we can find a post for someone of your mental calibre … put you in a shock collar and put you to work sweeping streets or picking up trash.

      1. In fact, that would make a great SF novel … the entire American public, sick to death or eurotard whining, just decides collectively to follow Jaynes’ advice: “Cool, Let’s be bad guys!”

      2. Last i checked you aint defending us from anything matter in fact thanks to your war we get shitloads of raghead “refugees” stealing my taxmoney, we should really send you the bill but hey you would not afford to pay it anyways.

      3. Seriously … your women are getting raped by islamic animals, and your government does nothing about it.

        How is this a problem Americans can fix, or are somehow responsible for?

        We should not go to war against our attackers, because some European governments are too spineless to deport assholes?

    4. Jorge I tried to ignore you lack of knowledge but I can’t.
      Why don’t most Americans like Universal Healthcare?
      1. The government can not run anything efficiently. They have to deal with tons of paperwork just to approve paperwork. They don’t stop fraud which causes waste. They don’t have the knowledge to run what they try to regulate. The adage of those who can do, those who can’t teach applies only those who can’t go into politics or bureaucracy.
      2. Universal health care which Obama care isn’t by the way but that’s another issue. Universal health care means we all pay for each others health care. Once that happens we then have a stake in each others lives. Meaning if you are over weight, or smoke you will cost more in taxes. So to save money regulations are eventually passed regulating what you can do with your body. It’s not your body anymore since I’m paying for it. This removes the freedom that Americans hold so dear.
      3. No matter what there will alwayse be limited resources, that’s a fact of life. In Universal health care someone will have to go without medicine so someone else can have it. In the UK over 100k senior citizens are euthanized or denied service and let die every year because there aren’t enough beds. I’ll make this personal, I was in a motorcycle crash they tried to get my mom to sign away my organs, fortunately I stabilized on my own without care. All they did was put sand bags on my chest to keep me alive long enough to get the papers signed. In Universal health care they wouldn’t waste time with the sand bags as I was considered a lost case. I would have died under Universal health care which is rationed out.
      4. It’s not just about taxes, it’s about freedom, Universal health care costs lots of money but at the same time limits our freedoms.

      I could go on and on, but there are others more articulate than I.

      As for your response to Jake saying there is never a good reason to borrow money. That shows a complete lack of any education on the economy. There is “good” and “bad” debt. Good debt is debt acquired towards an item that will appreciate such as a house, or an item that allows you to increase your earning potential such as a vehicle that lets you travel to work on any time schedule. Personally I don’t like debt for a car, but if its to get you to work which earns you money it’s good debt. For housing, you could either pay 1200.00 a month in rent that you will never see, or you can pay 1500.00 in a mortgage that will allow you to eventually own the home which increases your net value. Should everyone mortgage a house? No not if they can’t afford it. If they can though, it’s actually a waste of money to rent as that money is not being invested in your future. Next version of good debt is debt to start a business, again that increases your value and earning potential.

      Bad debt would be for things like a TV, a car that is more luxurious than you need, vacations, entertainment.
      If you have no idea that there is good and bad debt you don’t even have a 6th grade level understanding of economics.

      Again I restate my plea, educate yourself before you go mouthing off. You just embarrass yourself.

      Lastly as for asking Larry to “be polite”, he doesn’t have to this is his blog. You came on hear spouting ignorance and he doesn’t owe you civility. No one owes you anything in life, if you want civility try not mouthing off about things you don’t have a clue about.

  6. We don’t even have to ‘Be bad guys’. All we need to do is withdraw. Stop giving all these countries money we don’t have in the first place and focus on internal problems for a year or so.

    I’m guessing all these countries that hate us so much will be begging for us to stop minding our own business in 6 months or less.

    1. My guess is that all the countrys your in will get fucked over any how as soon as you do pull out and extremist regimes will take over just have a look at whats happened in egypt now.

      1. We weren’t “In” Egypt. Although Obama did clearly bungle whatever we could have done about it and now he’s sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood extremists. But, yeah, we didn’t “withdraw” from Egypt because we weren’t there. Except as tourists, of course, but that’s mostly over now. We still give them 2 billion a year. Wish we would withdraw that instead of threatening to.

        And you don’t have to be rich to be a Republican. That doesn’t even make any sense. What do you even mean by that? It’s complete blather. You don’t have to be rich to be a Democrat either. You have absolutely no understanding of our political system (no matter how “interested” you are in it) whatsoever. Which is why your smug approach is really pathetic.

        Since I’m working on my Concern Troll credentials I’ll just switch gears a little bit here to tell you and everyone else that I wish we could get along and that I’m very concerned about how the Swedish people view us here in the States. Very concerned. I’ll have to vote for Democrats now because I’m so concerned about how the Swedes view us. They’ll surely like us more if we all vote for Democrats. They certainly won’t think we’re stupid anymore because they really know a lot about us and our political system and it’s just embarrassing how they don’t respect us.

      2. Fine. Don’t fuck with us or we will nuke you into ash.

        Which should have been the proper response to 9-11, instead of a four trillion dollar war.

        We were far too nice to Dar Al Islam.

      3. Jorge,

        My guess is that all the countrys your in will get fucked over any how as soon as you do pull out and extremist regimes will take over

        This is why I worry about us pulling our troops out of Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, the UK, Turkey…

        But, y’know, sometimes you just gotta rip the band-aid off and get it over with.

  7. Larry, how is MHI going to cope with the new Obamacare requirements? Obviously they have a “Cadillac” health plan, would you fight werewolves without one! They are going to get some serious tax hits. What about the Orcs? Do they have to sign up for healthcare? DO they have to pay a tax, penalty or such to not be coverred? Are orc shammans licensed service providers?

    I think Owen just got a bushel of more paperwork to handle.

    1. I think it’s safe to say with the amount of money MHI racks up from PUFF bounties, they were able to get an exemption to the mandate and extend it to Skippy’s tribe as well.

      1. I think it would be hilarious if they get screwed by more paperwork, but I think it would detract from a novel as a whole. Just because it would seem like filler.
        Now in a short story could work. Owen is trying to due the new paperwork and the defecation hits the oscillator in or around the compound to distract him. He stops doing paperwork to fight and then dead tired and covered in slim he tries to pass out and someone tells him the paperwork for an exemption is due by 8am tomorrow. He looks at his watch and it’s 60 min away. Insert quip about rather fighting two of what just took all night to fight.

  8. No you arent in egypt what i was pointing out was that egypt went from a stable country in to revolt en got more or less an extremest goverment over a night if that can happen there then what you think is going to happen in afganistan and irak once you pull out.

    If you dont know what i mean with the bush tax cuts for example then read up on them its an interesting read on how the money is divided.
    And ofc you dont need to be rich but youll benefit a lot more if you are.
    And yes if you have alot of conservative views then you will like em to but in the end most ppl vote for their own good dont they? And if you do not belong to the elite you most likley will benefit less from a republican goverment tha you do from a democrat.

    And thank you its nice to hear that you have changed your mind, not only the swedish will think higher of you but most likely the rest of europe too!

    1. Europe can go and bugger itself. The fact that most of us (or our ancestors) have moved away from Europe (or other parts of the world) to the USA should give you an idea of just what Europe’s opinion is worth.

    2. Oh please. The Bush tax cuts keep getting renewed because they saved our economy — or would have if the Democrats had allowed cuts in spending. As it was, we got through a pretty bad recession (thanks to the dot com bubble that Clinton skated on) and had growth through the early part of the century.

      You know nothing about our system. I should “read up”? Gimme a break. You act like you have some knowledge but you’re just flappin’. Have you read the Federalist Papers? Or are you Zinn-ucated like all our other poor recent college graduates. The unemployed ones with the huge student loan debt they want me to pay off.

      So, yeah, Europeans may like us more if we all vote for Democrats but when has Europe every had the best interests of the US at heart? It’s all what we can do for her. And guess what. We can do a heck of a lot less for you guys these days since Democrats have been in control of our economy for the last few decades and basically destroyed it. Just like Socialists have destroyed the European economy. Only Europeans seem a little too stupid to realize it. I pity the realists who have to suffer their shenanigans. I do know how they feel since I live in the Socialist Republic of California.

      You have no idea what you’re talking about as far as the US is concerned, so mind your own business, Jorge. Your style is not nearly as awesome as your forefather’s:


    3. I will state Mea Culpa in response to Egypt.

      54% of the American public elected a Chicago corrupticrat, the useless off spring of a Ditzy white hippie chick, and a failed Kenyan communist revolutionary … so completely stupid diplomatic fails like Egypt will continue until we can get rid of this idiot.

  9. You are wrong about europes economy being bad exept for a few nations like greece spain and italy but in their cases the ecoenomy collapsed or is on it way to do it because no body paid their taxes but anyways, i doubt you will change your mind or i mine but lets burry the hatchet NRK and let me ask you a question.
    What does it personally mean to you to be a republican what are the pros and con with it?

    1. I’m not speaking for NKR, but I wanted to reply. The difference between the left (e.g. Democrats aka Progressives) and the right (e.g. Conservatives) is that the left believes the government knows better than the individual, and should control their lives. The right believes in individual freedom, with as small a government as is necessary. The terms Democrat and Republican are simply political labels, that change over time. The Democrats have been taken over by the Socialists and Communists, and Democrats from 50 years ago would not recognize their party. Unfortunately, the Progressives have managed to also infiltrate the Republicans (e.g. McCain), which is why I refer to myself as a Conservative instead of a Republican. These days the Republican leadership is more center (left) than it is right. That’s why it’s so important to replace the long-time Progressive Republicans with new Conservatives, as well as removing Obama and his fellow Communists. We need Conservatives to force Romney to the right.

    2. What Gary Vandegrift said. I’m not a Republican. I’m not even registered Republican but I will defend the party when there are lies told about them. Or other bizarre utterances like “you have to be rich to be a Republican”. I’d love for the Republicans to embrace free-market capitalism again. i’d love for them to fight against the progressive machine. Things might turn around now since the Republican primaries have become vulnerable for the pandering incumbents. The Democrats do exactly what the party bosses tell them to. The voters as well as the pols. They just fall in line like a bunch of lemmings. I’ve never been like that and I never will be. I will always question.

      As for Europe not being in trouble economically? Okay. If you say so.



      This one’s interesting. It says problems in the eurozone are affecting Nordic economies. Sweden! How can that be when everything bad is the fault of the US?


      Oh no! Not the Netherlands too!


      Of the big EU economies only Germany is doing well at all, which skews the data and makes the puppets think everything is fine. It’s not. And Germany is fighting like heck to keep the rest of the EU from pulling it down as well.

      But, hey, that’s just the news media and I’m the first to say they’re a pack of prevaricators. I don’t live in Europe, so I definitely won’t act like I’m the expert. But I do live in a state that is extremely Socialist and we are dying. My house has lost nearly $100,000 in value. My kids schools are faltering (even though I live in one of the best school districts in the state) because of “social justice”-driven edicts from the state legislature. The unions in my state have negotiated the corrupt Democrats at the helm into state bankruptcy. And they just approved 8 billions dollars for the light rail boondoggle. This is the insanity of Socialism and I see the same activity reported about the countries in the EU.

      And don’t blame the “ragheads” in your midst (I can’t believe you actually called them that) on the “US wars”. That’s absurd. My brother lived in Norway in the late ’80’s through the 1990’s and bitching about the influx of Muslims was widespread then. You don’t like them, that’s your problem and it has been for decades.

      I know you won’t change your mind and you sure aren’t going to change my mind. But a bit of advice. Don’t come onto someone’s blog with that snarky, condescending attitude and then tell the blogger to “be nice”. You lose all credibility that way.

      BTW: since you’re such a big fan of Larry’s, which book is your favorite?

      1. NKR, you nail it here: “The Democrats do exactly what the party bosses tell them to.” That’s one of the big differences between the left and the right. Conservatives are trying to get rid of the Progressives in the Republican Party, while individual Democrats blithely ignore what’s happening in the Democrat Party and simply vote the way they are told.

        Jorge obviously believes what he’s told by the media, without bothering to find out the truth. Same thing as almost all democrat voters in the U.S. The Progressives have a 100-year headstart in their war against America, to turn it into a Socialist/Communist State, and they are currently winning 🙁 They’ve created a class of sheep, and Conservatives are hard-pressed to make the sheep understand what’s being done to them by their masters. It’s scary to think where we might be right now, without conservative talk radio and the Fox News Channel to get the truth out. We have a chance to turn things around in America, but it’s a slim chance, and it’s possible it won’t happen. If Obama is re-elected, we might as well put a fork in America, as it’s done for. Electing Romney would at least slow down the Progressive corruption of America, giving us more time to save it.

        P.S. I couldn’t believe it when I saw on the news that California had approved the high-speed rail, when they are already so far in debt. It boggles the mind.

    3. Really, the Eurozone has gone to hell because nobody paid taxes??? That’s possibly the dumbest thing that’s been written on the internet today, and I’m including both sides of the international dateline. Possibly, the Eurozone went to hell because the EU member states were trying to be the total nanny state that Sweden is, and had to continually raise taxes on those few productive citizens left that their disposable income went to zero.

      As for what it means to be a Republican (although, I’ll bet you’d find that most of us here actually identify as conservative or libertarian rather than a specific party affiliation), I find that Republicans are generally for a smaller government that recognizes that the solution to almost all problems is let the free market sort it out. Democrats (liberals, progressives, etc) feel that the government knows best and that we should just shut up and eat our poop pie.

  10. Hi and let me begin with apology for any rude behavior we have different midsets to things.

    And thanks for the reply it makes for an interesting read, and yes i do follow with critisism ofc what i hear from the news and read in articles ect its the only way to be able to follow what happens over there.

    Ofc economic problems of the rest of europe effect us but since we are not part of the euro sweden is doing quite ok yes thing could be alot better unempolyment is high but the GDP has still gone up even with the current situantion in europe so sweden is doing well compared to the rest of the world.

    And the immigration problem we have you cant compare to norway and definitely not with immigration in the 80s up to then you had immigration that came here to work, from the 90s we had a lot of refugees from former juguslavia, 00s till now its just so called refugees from mainly Irak Afagnistan and somalia these ppl how ever do not come here to work they dont try to learn the language and generaly dont contribute to society. Ofc not all of them are like this but the majority are. Sweden has the lagerst immigration in europe per capita and this makes it a problem, just to give you a comparison Södertälje (pop 80k) in 2007 had more iraki refugees then then US that year.

    I cant find the original clip from fox news just this one just to give you a picture of how the problem is


    Riots in that part of malmö,gothenburg and stockholm for that matter are common.

    And you might have heard that the US send a jewish representative to malmö since the jews there are more or less persecuted by the muslims there. This is a fact and not at all exaggerated.

    The problem is so big that the goverment no matter if its right or left refuse to give any numbers of how much taxmoney goes to this. Uncionfirmed numbers say around 700 000 000USD and to give you something to compare with Sweden spends around 800 000 000USD to keeps its military running. And this with a population of 9 million.

    See i dont mind to spend taxmoney if ppl need help and try to be part of the community i understand that its hard to come to a new country and set down new roots. But if you come here and just live on benefits refuse to learn the language and in alot of cases turn to crime im my opinon these ppl are not welcome. Ofc there are ppl comming from SA and Asia and these ppl are not at all in the same situation.

    And my favorite books are the MHI series didnt enjoy Alpha as much as the two first ones and just started reading the frist book in the grimnoir chronicles.

    I have another question that you might or might not be able to answer.
    Why the fasination with guns, i understand that they are fun to shoot but you seem really protective of your right to have them and to be against any type of hard guncontrol.
    I read the second amendment what i got out of it is that you can have one to protect yourself and property but can you shoot some one without any legal consequences if they are on your property?

    And could you in theory under the second amendement create a militia and overthrow a goverment legally?

    1. For the gun rights discussion, I’ll refer you to 2 separate incidents in American history: theRevolutionary War and The War Between The States (commonly referred to as the Civil War, but inaccurately so-a discussion for another thread.)Both wars were to gain independence from a government that the rebels felt was tyrannical. The second amendment really says that you have the right to keep and carry arms for your defense and the defense of your liberties. As for if you can shoot someone without legal repercussions for merely being on your property, of course not. First they have to be a threat to your life or liberty (some states realize that liberty includes property rights) and deadly force has to be the only option scalable that will stop that threat. Then you have to prove to a jury of your”peers” that your interpretation of the situation was the correct one.

      I suppose that theoretically you could legally form a militia to overthrow a tyrannical government, but you better have parity of y technology, which is what doomed the last attempt to do so, see the aforementioned War Between The States.

      1. Also the Battle of Athens, Tennessee for some eleucidation on why widespread firearm ownership is a good thing.

    2. A big part of the “protectiveness” we have of the second amendment is due to the fact that there is a very vocal movement, particularly among American liberals, to neutralize or abolish entirely the protections guaranteed by the second amendment. They view guns as inherently dangerous, and feel that no one should be trusted with them. …Except for police, military, and federal agency personnel, of course.

      One of the outcomes of that view is that it translates to a powerful government making decisions for you and me because it thinks we can’t be trusted to be responsible adults. It also engenders a deep suspicion of authority when that authority says it wants to forcibly take rights away from the citizenry, especially when it reserves those rights for itself.

      It also represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what the rights and protections in our constitution really are. The rights of the people it mentions are, contrary to what too many people think, not given by the constitution. Instead, those rights are inherent in every honest man, woman, and child. All the constitution does is say that our federal government recognizes those rights as inherent in everyone, and is bound to not take them away outside of very specific circumstances. A free people would have them anyway, constitution or no; but all too often, it becomes very easy for a powerful government to become oppressive and start taking those rights away.

      That is really all a government can do: take rights away, or not. It doesn’t invent them, produce them, or “give” them to anyone, because any right of the people that the government refers to is one that the people already have. How gracious of them, letting us keep what is supposed to be ours anyway.

      Those specific circumstances I mentioned are supposed to be unusual situations, like imprisoning criminals or some sort of public land-use project, and even then the constitution and its amendments define the specific ways the government can go about it. Legal and impartial due process is specifically demanded for criminal prosecutions, and any declaration of eminent domain (needing land for a highway project, for example) is supposed to involve fair compensation for the people whose property gets taken.

      Recently, both of those examples have been unfortunately undermined by supreme court decisions and congressional acts, meaning the government has decided to go ahead and take away some of the rights we’re supposed to have. There are now means by which any US citizen can be arrested and held, for any length of time, and never actually charge the person with any crime. There are means by which a citizen’s property can be confiscated for government use, with no compensation whatsoever, even if the “government use” is to immediately sell the property to someone else.

      We’re not at the point yet where this power being used to its full extent is an unfortunate fact of life like it is under truly totalitarian regimes, but you can see how we’d get mighty suspicious of a government that says it can toss you in prison for any reason including “it feels like it,” it can take your house and not pay you a dime for it, and now it wants to take your guns because you aren’t responsible enough to own one.

  11. Jorge, if you are really as interested as you say you are in American’s economic/political system I have some recommended reading for you. It’s all from the conservative side and I doubt that you’ve ever been exposed to these ideas before. You are no doubt being informed by leftists so your education is incomplete regarding the US.

    These are links to Amazon pages just for the sake of showing the book and giving you a place to start. I don’t know how you get your books, but this will at least give you some info.

    Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levin —

    The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay —

    The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek —

    These are all books that those of us on the right — the free-market, liberty-loving, capitalists — find inspiration in.

    As to your immigration problems, it’s still unfair to lay that at our feet. That seems to be a compulsion across the world. “If it weren’t for the US, this bad thing wouldn’t be happening!” The reason you’re having a problem with immigrants who won’t assimilate is because your country’s government won’t demand assimilation. They’ve embraced “multi-culturalism” and that’s, as you can see, a bad thing. We’ve been struggling with it for decades ourselves. But to blame us for those woes … please. Haven’t you ever noticed how the meme is always “It’s the US’s fault” when Socialist governments screw up? Every thought maybe they were deflecting blame they could put on themselves? I mean, we’ve taken in a hella lotta Somalians too and we aren’t fighting a war there (that we know of, Obama — one of Europe’s beloved Demcorats — pretty much sends our troops wherever he wants and never tells anyone about it in advance).

    The Second Amendment is a huge issue. Here’s another reading recommendation for you on what’s been going on regarding that debate. Again, I have no doubt your leftist news sources (not your fault, they’re just the most powerful and accessible) aren’t telling you the whole story.

    The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You’Ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong

    Okay, I’ve blathered enough. I’m engaging you in good faith, with the belief that you either really do want to know more about what liberty-minded Americans think. I hope you’ll read some of this material, because it often proves to be an eye-opener … which is why you’ll never hear about it in the mainstream media. 🙂

    1. Oh my Gooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhggggggg! Why did a link post those huge pictures? What happened? I’m sorry to take up so much space on your blog, Larry. Holy moly. *crawling away*

    2. Thanks for the replys and thanks for the book tips they are available here so ill have a look at them never read anything originating from the conservative side of things i think so that will be really interesting read

      1. Well you’ve read Larry’s works and you they are from the conservative side. I was shocked and thrilled to see the Feds portrayed the way they are in MHI and Grim Noir. The individualism is also amazing.
        You’re probably referring to non fiction though. Enjoy the books pointed out, they are quite good.

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