Planning my book tour

Okay, so I asked about Ft. Belvoir, but I also need to add Ft. Meade to that. I’ll be doing events at the base exchange during the day, but many of you won’t be able to make it, so I’d like to do something in the evenings in that same general area.

So, folks that live close to Ft. Belvoir or Ft. Meade, are there bookstores in that neck of the woods that you think I should contact?

Right now it is looking like:

Sep 4 – Layton UT

Sep 5 – Albany NY

Sep 6 – Burlington, MA

Sep 7 – (waiting for confirmation)

Sep 8 – Hicksville, NY

Sep 9 – Calre Place NY

Sep 10 – personal touristy business. πŸ™‚

Sep 11 – Willow Grove, PA

Sep 12 – Mercerville, NJ

Sep 13 – Ellicott City, MD

Sep 14- Bethesda, MD

Sep 15 – Ft. Belvoir, VA

Sep 16, Ft.Meade MD

Sep 17 – travel

Sep 18 – Minneapolis, MN

In honor of this week's blog comments, I give you CONCERN TROLL
Shut up and eat your poop cake.

86 thoughts on “Planning my book tour”

  1. If you’re going to be in Albany NY, you should go see the Watervleit Arsenal Museum down the road a coupla miles. Also, Bannerman Castle.

    1. Word. ESPECIALLY because MHI opens in Dallas! Not that you need to go to Dallas, because, well, it sucks, but Houston is a GREAT place to visit!! It does not get any more red state than Deepinnahearta – your home away from home!!

      We could have a book signing at a gun range… yeah… party on!

  2. Larry, any chance you’ll make it to Southern California (San Diego is really nice – hint, hint)? You’ve got fans here too!

  3. Awful lot of red states in that book tour…. Seriously, I’d love for you to come to Nashville, Tennessee.

  4. There is a decided lack of love for the Midwest there. MN is just a little to far for a road trip.

    1. Depends on where you are, he’ll be roughly 2 hrs away from me. I just might have to take the night off!


  5. Still wondering when you are going to make it down to the sweaty armpit of Texas, I mean Houston.

  6. If you need a break on the 10th-11th-12th I can get you into an indoor pistol range in south jersey day or evening and supply you with plenty of guns to shoot πŸ™‚

  7. I used to live near Fort Belvoir and I used to live ON base at Willow Grove. You’re taking a tour of my history, but not my present. πŸ™

    Los Angeles … c’mon! We’re not all crazy! πŸ˜‰

  8. Yay. Finally some East Coast dates. Just remember; when visiting NY, do NOT go up to a police officer to check your piece, regardless of what the signs say…

    Hopefully see you in the NJ stop. Barnes and Nobles rules around here. For your Boston stop,
    try bookstores in Harvard Square (Cambridge MA). I think there is still a SF bookstore up there….


    1. Sweet, NY signings!!! I will be there; please elaborate on location and time.

      Remember, NY requires a permit to TOUCH a handgun and honor NO out of state permits. We also still have an AWB in effect at the state level. BRING NOTHING.

      Having some 1911 grips with the MHI logo signed might be cool… perhaps I can get some made in time!

  9. There is a Barnes and Noble near Springfield Mall in Springfield, VA. It’s about 15 minutes from Belvoir.

    My personal favorite bookstore is Between Books in Claymont, DE. It’s about 5 minutes from Interstate 95. Specializes in roleplaying games and sci-fi/fantasy.

  10. Hi Larry,

    I grew up in Northern Va but live in Sw Va now. Maybe the B&N in Tyson’s Corner would be good. Just thinking of the folks in that area. Watch I66 during rush hour and avoid I395 like the plague. We are planning a family trip up to see family sometime this Fall, hopefully we can make it that weekend.


    Ken Marshall

  11. Don’t forget the promised land to the north (Idaho, Idaho falls in particular) I have been working hard to convert my friends and family to Correians.

  12. You people have NO idea of the exhausting work it is to be a NYTBSA. (Well, neither do I, but that’s not the point.)

    Every day he spends traveling to a podunk type town like NxC, or the vast wasteland of (hack/spit) Txxxs, or even the backwater-ville known as Moscow of the West (yes, SanFran, I’m looking at you!), he’s not writing!

    Regardless of where you do end up, Mr. C, know that we denizens of The Land Of The Dry Heat (Arizona) will appreciate it every time you wander by. (And it’s only 600 teeny weeny little miles away!) πŸ™‚

  13. Please come to Florida! Please please please?! I’d love to meet you and have you sign my books! My boyfriend is a huge fan and will talk your ear off about guns.

  14. Oh yeah, come to Omaha you will need a good steak to keep you energy up. Think of it as a chance to relax and recover. Good food, good shooting all around good time.

  15. Larry, I work at Ft. Meade and, while I don’t really go to the bookstores in the area (I buy a lot of e-books from Baen, you see…) there are Books-a-Million stores at Arundel Mills Mall (just north of Meade in Hanover, MD) and also in Columbia, MD (about 10–15 minutes west of Meade). Columbia is pretty much equidistant from Ft. Meade and Ellicott City.

    (I can also hook you up with a local pistol match that weekend!)

  16. Aw, Nevada got left out. We’d love you over in Reno! Guns, gun lovers, casinos…what more could you want? πŸ™‚

  17. Larry,

    There is a Books A Million in Arundel Mills Mall right next to Fort Meade; less than five miles away. Either way I’m looking forward to the tour, we’ll have our books ready here for your pen!

  18. Please, please, please say you are also taking some time while in VA and MD to go to the NRA Range! Plus the Barnes and Noble in Fairfax VA is about 5 min from the NRA (45 min from Ft. Belvior if there is no traffic, up to 1.5 hrs if there is) Someone mentioned the B&N in Springfield – the Springfield Mall has one of the highest crime rates in Fairfax County.

  19. There’s a Barnes & Noble 20 – 30 min. South of Ft. Meade in Annapolis, the State capital (aka heart of Mordor), whitch is the oldest working state capital (Mordor part) annnd the oldest wooden domed bldg. in U.S.(kinda cool toursty part) Gen. Washington surrenderd his commision as army Commander to Congress at that State House, IIRC.

  20. Excited to see a Massachusetts stop on this tour! I’ll see you on the 6th. I assume you’ll be at the Barnes and Noble near the mall?

  21. What? No stop in Alafrickenbama? Geez, set a whole book series here, think it would get one stop on the tour.

  22. Holy Mary, mother of G-d.

    “Sep 6 – Burlington, MA”

    Larry, this is like a half hour from me. Let me know if you need me to scare up a crew to take you out to dinner…

    Will be there. GUARANTEED.

  23. What is the matter? You don’t like the mid-west Larry? Kind of the heavy on the east coast. We at least allow people to CCW. That is OK… my son and I still love you!

    1. Kent,

      Obviously Larry is just trying to spread the wealth of gun-toting, monster-killin’, non-PC goodness to those states that need it most…


  24. Any chance to make it to El Gora, Egypt? πŸ˜€

    Hope I can get my brother to make it to the Minneapolis signing.

  25. Larry, you should pay a visit to at least ONE fan in Oklahoma! πŸ˜€ Seriously man, if you ever get close down this way, I’ll be in that line! Enjoy the signing!

    1. I can guarantee at least a dozen more in Oklahoma as well. You would be surprised. We would love to see you here.

  26. Crap! I’m in Oregon and I see you nowhere near here.

    Larry, add a stop in Oregon or I’ll vote for Obama.

    Okay, yeah, I can’t even say that with a straight face.

  27. Upside: Larry has discovered the east bank of the Mississippi…

    Downside: …but he’s still not coming within a day’s drive of Indy.

  28. If you’re in Ft. Belvoir, Quantico is only 20 min. away. It would be criminal if you don’t visit the Marine Corps Heritage Museum while you are that close.

    The museum isn’t on base, and has a gift shop. I know that they have had authors there for book signings before, and I’m sure you have a lot of fans nearby.

  29. larry hope to see you in burlington a long drive from the south shore but worth it sy book store in gone plush you would not like the peoples rrepuvlic of cambridge

  30. Larry, we’ll be more than happy to host you for dinner on the 15th up in Northern VA, and if you want to shoot, we can go to the NRA! Bout damn time you got to OUR part of the country… πŸ™‚

  31. Did you know there’s a blogger shoot being planned for September in Dallas?
    Great opportunity for a day off!

  32. Larry,
    Even better than a bookstore, how about a book-signing at the National Crypto Museum. Right there, just outside the No Such Agency headquarters, open to the public.
    Or maybe stop at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, south side of DC, on the way to Belvior. Just inside the Beltway.

  33. Oh, and if you want to see something neat as a side-trip, there’s a few experimental aircraft just outside NAS Patuxent River, MD. Holler and I can hook you up.

  34. please keep us update on the book tour. I live in the middle of Missouri, but I’m seriously considering flying to one of these locations to meet you have you sign my stack books.

    1. You are loud and clear.

      ( note: Larry doesn’t ban people if he disagrees with them … he sets them on fire and roast weenies in the blaze. )

      1. > Larry doesn’t ban people if he disagrees with them

        I’m not too worried that Larry and I disagree on much. πŸ˜‰

        I posted the test bc the first comment above didn’t go through. Turns out that it was held in moderation because of the two links, but later got approved.

  35. For Fort Belvoir, I would love it if you chose the Barnes and Noble in Reston, but the best choice for you is either the Barnes and Noble in Tyson’s Corner (longer drive for you but larger bookstore/clientele) or Books A Million in Old Gowned Alexandria (smaller store but just a short ways north on Route 1 from Ft. Belvoir.

    Be sure to post which store you will be using, I just got my wife hooked on Monster Hunter and we’re both excited to meet you.

  36. I see that you have the cities listed, do you have any idea what stores you will be at yet? Or will you release more info closer to the tour?

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