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  1. Courtesy of google automatic translation.

    Excerpts from books

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    Larry Correia: Monster Hunters Ltd. (Monster Hunter)
    Written by: Larry Correia

    It turns out that all the monsters of myths, legends and B-movies are a real, lurking in the shadows, but are officially secret. Some are bad, some just hungry … On the other hand, there are people who hunt them alive. In the first place of business are hunters and monsters Ltd. Owen Zastava Pitt is their newest recruit. It was the ordinary guy, a caretaker Owen zero, but one evening, unable to convert from your boss in the fourteenth floor window. Five days later, she wakes up in hospital with scarred faces, incredible memory and a new job offer. Thanks to her soon finds himself among the crowds of undead minions, rozpoutávajících fight in the name of an ancient vengeance, and belligerent federal agents. One mistake can cause Armageddon … Welcome to Monster Hunter Ltd.

    This book originally we were going to place the slogan “If George Kulhanek was born in the U.S., named by Larry Correia.” In the end, but we said that we can not wait for some slogans, we will not ride on the Master’s name and let it “speak” the book itself. So have fun …

    For starters, a couple of messages:

    The team was rookies in overcrowded Suburban crowded in the rear. Holly began to tell us the rainbow coalition, because we had a white woman in the team, Blacks, Asians and half-breeds. To meet all liberals wet dream we had just missed a lesbian and a guy in a wheelchair.

    Sam spat on the ground sežvýkaného wad of tobacco. “Susan, you were alive damn great woman, but rather to let a bunch of horny ass vyšuká syfilitickejch porcupines before I joined the hippie fucking undead These your family, you greased a skinny vampire whore.”

    “Well, my mother ošoustals dead girlfriend? ‘
    “When you say it like that, it sounds disgusting.” There was no point denying it. “I was on second base and then I realized that nedejchá,” I mumbled I was quite ashamed of it.
    “Thou hast well play it, boy.” Sam popped into my shoulder. “If you were a little dumber, you could have vampires move pricking the princess into an entirely new dimension.”

  2. I loved the video, even if a Dead6 badge got in there. Their hearts are in the right place. However, I see Owen as looking more like Larry…

  3. Wow, the trailer has an awesomeness that is worthy of the book it’s for. Thank you for posting this. And yes, the “Dead 6” badge was a superb touch. The Czechs really know how to do it up brown.

  4. “Susan, you were alive damn great woman, but rather to let a bunch of horny ass vyšuká syfilitickejch porcupines before I joined the hippie fucking undead These your family, you greased a skinny vampire whore.”
    LOL That needs to be on a t-shirt or something…

  5. Nice video, but not seeing how it relates to MHI. I know its a sales pitch, and I have no ear for how things play in the Czech republic.

  6. I think that cover needs to be reprinted on a US version, or on a poster or something. That Owen is freaking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, in one of the books (can’t remember if it’s International or Vendetta) Owen gets a CZ97 out of the MHI armory. I’ve got one and they’re big beautiful guns with a slide-to-frame fit that feels like it’s been buttered. I thanked Larry at a signing for putting it in the book since it’s a nice .45 that gets little press anywhere even within the gun culture. He said that he’s had more than one person bring their CZ97 owner’s manual to a signing to get him to autograph it.

  7. I think my brain melted due to the sheer awesomeness! I want a MHI graphic novel and movie now please =P

  8. Apologies respectfully tendered for an off-topic post, but there seems to be no e-mail facility to you on this site. To my business, then:

    As described and pictured, Mr. Pitt’s Saiga shotgun, the Abomination, lacks a deverter. Now I am curious about this appliance, and I believe you could discuss this knowledgeably. Does it improve a shotgun’s performance in a situation of confronting multiple assailants? Does it, rather, impede a shotgun’s performance with heavier shot like 00 and ooo? It is obvious to me that a shotgun equipped with a deverter could not safely handle slugs or other solid-projectile munitions.

    1. When you say deverter, I’m assuming you mean the thing we called a duckbill? So it squishes down the pattern and spreads the shot out laterally? Stupid idea that you’ll notice nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, does anymore, and for good reason. A shotgun still needs to be aimed. It isn’t a room clearing boulder of death. The pattern at the furthest shot across a really big house is going to be about the size of a basketball, and in most houses, about the size of a softball. So you need to aim.

      A duckbill took that pattern and spread it out into a line, the idea being that it would hit more targets that way, which it did, including all the things you didn’t mean to hit. Plus, it was dumb because a shotgun’s effectiveness (with shot) is all about putting a whole mess of projectiles into the target as rapidly as possible. A round of 12 gauge 00 buck at close range is like getting hit with 9-12 .380s at the same time. It is overwhelming. The duckbill made you get hit with 1-2 and all the others sprayed around the room hitting all the things you didn’t want to hit.

      And you lose the ability to use slugs, and slugs are awesome. 🙂

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