15 thoughts on “The Monster Hunters, in stores now”

    1. All the time. Heck, it is probably harder to find one of my books in Utah that hasn’t been autographed. 🙂

  1. That must be an amazing feeling to see your books in a book store! Congrats on the 4th installment of MH.

  2. I just wanted to say I’ve recently fell in love with the MH series. I’m currently on the second novel and loving it. Looking forward to jumping in to your other series. Also I didn’t know where to write this but I had problems going to you baen.com website to order your kindle books. For awhile I thought the website was down, but after a while (I’m slow. I’m from Indiana for god sakes.) I noticed the site reference on the left under MY NOVELS has four wwww. before baen instead of three.

  3. That is really awesome! But I’m a Franks girl – can we get anything on him right now? Like a bit of back story…. something ? Anything ?

  4. Just received my copies from Amazon. I’m assuming there will be another three-fer volume containing MH Legion, MH Nemesis, and whatever MH #6 is called. @Cathy… MH Nemesis is the Franks backstory.

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