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On the Buy Stuff tab, just to clarify, the CafePress site with my logo stuff usually ships fairly quickly. The autographed books and patches come from me directly, and I’m a one man operation, so don’t expect it to go fast. I will usually make it to the post office every 2-3 weeks. That’s if everything is going smoothly and I’m not swamped by some deadline or problem.

Well, I can’t say one man operation, since I do get my daughters to address envelopes, but since they can’t drive, you’re still stuck waiting on me to get to the post office.

All of my books are available autographed and personalized if you want it, but I usually wait a little while before selling the newest books directly. The reason being is that I would prefer for you guys to buy them from stores when they first come out instead. The reason being that I get the stat boost for the bestseller lists that way. So if you want an autographed copy of The Monster Hunters which is coming out next week, your best bet is to order it from Uncle Hugos.

In fact, if you want an autographed book to give as a gift for something like a birthday that is less than a month away, try them, as they will actually ship it quickly, and have quite a few of my autographed books in stock.


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2 thoughts on “Note on the Buy Stuff tab”

  1. My email to you (ordering patches for my deployed son) came back!
    Please verify your email/ordering address ( didn’t work for me…is there a better one?)

  2. DUH! I just went back, read your instructions, and tried the email again at the correct email address. Sorry to be such a dufus!

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