Hate mail time!

Hooray for hate mail!

As you guys know, I get a lot of hate mail, especially when I post anything that goes against the liberal groupthink. Last week I posted pictures of the Occupies’ May Day party.  http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/a-legitimate-political-movement/

I didn’t even comment much. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. It is a bunch of hoodlums throwing a temper tantrum and wrecking other people’s stuff, but check them out if you haven’t already.

However even posting unflattering pictures will rile up the stupid, and Hanna is pretty damn stupid. If you want to read the original exchange it is in the comments of the other thread, but I decided that she was entertaining enough (though she certainly is no nickwolf!) that she still deserved her own post. Her comments are in bold, my responses in the thread are in italics.

Perhaps they should act more like the teabaggers, and actually start stomping on people smaller than themselves?  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/10/rand-paul-supporter-stomps-on-woman.html 

So the Occupies attempted to blow up a bridge, mailed fake anthrax, and committed several thousand property crimes last week, and Hanna’s response to show that the Tea Party was morally equivalent was how one protestor got shoved down at something that wasn’t a Tea Party event two years ago (when the Occupies were busy raping, overdosing, and shooting at the Whitehouse).

Wow. Pwned.

The left loves to play the moral equivalence card. That’s why their standard answer for every horrible thing Obama has done is “but George Bush did blah blah blah!” Yep. Gotcha. Heard you the first 8,000 times. Didn’t really like him either. It is never about something being right or wrong, just that your own wrong things are of similar wrongness to the other guy.

When they don’t have moral equivalence they try to manufacture some.

Uh-huh. And do you apply that same level of whiny self-justification to the OWS incidents you cite?

I’ve pointed this out before, but my hate mailers always call any disagreement “whiny”. Because of course the entire OWS movement is based upon being mad because somebody else has more stuff than you do, crying about fairness, throwing tantrums in the street, and demanding that you get free stuff. Obviously that’s not whiney at all.

On the other hand, wanting to keep your own stuff makes you a whiney little bitch.

I responded, and one of the things I said was this: Now here is the thing. My side gets accused of violence all the time. Ironically enough, we’re the side with the guns and the knowledge of how to use them. When we do get uppity, trust me, you’ll know.

But, Larry, every time your side has tried, you failed. Such as when your side attempted to evade taxing the rich in France in the 1780s, or when your side declared war on the United States in 1861 so you could continue to keep slaves, or when your side invaded Poland in 1939.

Heh. You mean when the populists started running people through the guillotine, when the Democrats fought to keep slaves, or when the National Socialists invaded Poland? Your grasp of political philosophy is apparently as good as your grasp on history.

Each and every time, right-wingers who thought they had the monopoly on violence and could use it to defend their privilege over others turned out to be dead, dead wrong.

Oh, I have no delusion that the right have a monopoly on violence. After all, it was the left that managed to murder over 100,000,000 of their own citizens in the last 100 years… But I’m sure it’ll be different this time.

And your guns and your knowledge of how to use them isn’t going to help you when you start something this time and get stomped, either.

Start something what? Are we going to round up undesirables and put them in camps? Oh… wait, when that happened in America it was done by your side.

You know, come to think of it, there have been other instances where underemployed young men were used as useful idiots to smash a bunch of windows and bully people. Last time they called it Kristallnacht.

Riiiight – you think the National Socia1ists were leftist because they used the word “Socia1ist” – and you accuse others of having a poor grasp of social philosophy?

No. I’m sorry, the name Nazi actually translates as Fluffy Puppy Rabbit Happy Fun Time Hug Party, but my German is rusty. Yes, dumbass, they were socialists. But they were only runners up compared to the commies. Now those assholes mechanized murder into something like farming.

But what do I know about the history and social movements of the 1930s? (regular readers are laughing at you right now, Hanna, not with you).

The national socialists—shockingly enough—were socialists. The main reason that era originally fascinated me is because it was a war of ideologies between the state owned individual and the individual owned state.

I find it highly ironic that the side that wants to grow a government enormous enough to take care of everything, control everything, regulate everything, provide everything, and crush everything thinks of themselves as freedom fighters, while they say the side that wants to make government smaller and less capable are dangerous statists… But I suppose that’s why people came up the term “useful idiot.”

Afterwards one of my regular posters put up the original Nazi party platform, which, minus the German specific stuff and some weird Aryan race garbage, sounds sort of familiar, including the state providing for everyone, getting rid of debt, taking the profits from different industries, communalization, national education, and national healthcare… Now where have I heard this stuff before?

The only thing more retarded than Jonah Goldberg’s bleatings are the morons who take him seriously.

I have never read a Jonah Goldberg book, however if I ever meet him, I will gladly buy him a drink, because anyone that causes lefties like you so much consternation deserves my thanks.

You’re just another right-wing apologist and dupe for elites who think they can continue to use violence to keep everyone else in line while they loot countries and exploit others. Same as the Blackshrts, same as the Confederates, same as the French Ancien Regime.

Dupe for the elites? Man, I’m going down on the liberal hate scale. Last year when I complained about paying 40 grand in taxes all you little wingbats were calling me “the elite” and snarling at me that I should be happy to pay my “fair share”.

As for your grasp of right vs. left, apparently anybody who is mean = right, and anybody you like = left. It is really interesting when you bring in political movements that predate the current right vs. left paradigm, and use that as some sort of justification. Yes, Hanna, the conquistadors and Genghis Khan were on my side too.

And just like them, you masturbate over fantasies of violence. And, just like them, you turn out to be no match for a democratic people.

I can’t say I masturbate over fantasies of violence, though I did spend a decade learning how to get really good at it. (violence, not masturbating, my gosh just imagine the chafing!)… Seriously lady, if my side was 1/10th as blood thirsty as you make us out to be, all of you fuckers would be dead before breakfast. But you’re not.

Meanwhile to justify your side’s childish temper tantrums you come up with one incident of assault from 2 years ago, which looks pretty insignificant when compared to the couple thousand felonies your side committed last week. Same reason that the media likes to assign us dochebags like Loughner and McVeigh, even when they don’t have anything to do with us. Because when you don’t have reality, run with narrative.

The American nazis and the communists have backed Occupy rather the Tea Party for a reason. You guys are fellow travelling useful idiots.

But wait! There’s more. Before Hanna showed up I had Rev. Bob try to throw down.

I hope you’re going to apply the same standards to the “pro-life” movement and the Tea Party. Stalking and killing abortion doctors, taking guns to political rallies, advocating the violent overthrow of an elected government…

So I responded to him too: Ahh, the good old moral equivalence argument. But the other kids were being bad too!

Stalk somebody, get prosecuted. Murder somebody, get prosecuted. Sounds simple.

Taking guns to political rallies? Not breaking any law. Newsflash. If you go to a political rally in a place like Utah or Texas, and it is a right wing rally, 1/2 of the audience are carrying firearms. What you and the media are calling advocating the violent overthrow of the elected government is probably what most of us refer to as the 2nd amendment. However, if somebody had actually committed conspiracy to commit violent acts against government officials, then bring charges and prosecute. Since this hasn’t happened… Huh… I wonder why. The only people I’ve seen talking about violence against the authority are the OWS types talking about killing the police. Go figure.

Jack Franz said: No one tried to blow up a bridge. FBI paid conspirators were successful in convincing a group of inbred ohioans to place packages of play-do on a bridge. Slight difference, and I never understand why the ridiculous parts of propaganda are sited as legitimate when they colour people who don’t agree with you.

No. They did try to blow up a bridge. They just sucked at it.

Hate Mail Response to my Hate Mail! (and I Godwin the hell out of this post)
The Burning Throne, Episode 26: Lessons From the Dojo of the Crab

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    1. So true. We laughed at their stupidity and how thoroughly you trounced them. Thanks Larry!

  1. Ok. You are all nuts. Right-wingers and left wingers so far to the left and right the line begins to blur. Both extremes suck. OWS original purpose has been lost in the actions of a bunch of idiots whose only goal is to sow discord. I guess that’s why they refer to themselves as Anarchists. Tea-Party has been also been colored by the actions of a few. Enough. The actions of those mentioned here the Nazis, the pro-slavers, commies and them French dudes all were vile individuals who couched their depravity in a political movement only so they could wield power. Quit tryIng to compare what was to what is now. Enough of this blame game crap and let’s talk about how to make things better. We live in a changing world and we need to adapt to those changes. Left-right wing crap is archiac. New ideas need to brought forth. There is a place for all. We need to figure out a way so we can make sure everything is equitable. Paraphrasing the words of John Locke (the English philosopher dude whom the founders and framers really liked) “my freedom to swing my arm ends at the tip of your nose.” Invest in education (not just spend money), keep the right to bare arms ( though in Larry’s case would that be “bear arms”), the right to bitch about taxes, etc. etc. Tired of people telling me what the right way to live is. Find a better way. Dumbasses.

  2. Hanna has a cranial rectal inversion problem!!! Dear God! Where do these people crawl out of! Well said on EVERY point Larry!!!

  3. Damn. I wish I got entertaining hate mail.
    I didn’t carry a gun to the last Tea Party Rally I went to. I carry a gun. I just happened to also attend a rally while doing it.

  4. “No. They did try to blow up a bridge. They just sucked at it.”

    Even if we allow the claim of agents provocateur this wonderful line from Barrayar by Lois McMaster Bujold applies: “If you had not gone down that road, you would not have encountered that trap.”

    1. I still regret not crossing majors and taking MY 484 and MY 485 as a companion to my metallurgy classes as a summer school session. Practical blasting and advanced blasting as a lab course taught at an active open pit iron mine would have been a lot of fun. I believe the final exam is a practical exam, lay out a blasting pattern, install it, and detonate it. If it works as intended you pass.

  5. I don’t get hate mail, Larry. I get mildly displeased mail.

    I know, right? I’m such a failure to the Iberian Peninsula- oh wait! We can talk about the populist regime that killed my entire family (except for my grandfather) and subsequently chased us to America… and that will get me hate mail!

  6. Ahhh…I’d missed the original post so went back and re read it. Highly entertaining. I expect the replies of Hanna, the Rev and Jack to be just as entertaining and ill informed as their original commentary.

  7. Last time I checked Tea Partiers were best know for leaving their event areas cleaner then than were when the event started. Some Union types actually complained about it!

  8. @Hanna:

    National Socia1ists were leftist because they used the word “Socia1ist”

    Actually, we tend to spell it will all letters, like “socialist”.

    Incredible that you were obviously able to read Jeff Goldberg’s book and not understand a word of it.

    Larry, thanks for posting this. It’s good to keep reviewing what to scream back at the forces of lazy ignorance.

    Brietbart lives.

    1. Using the number 1 for the “L” in socialist is exactly like some people writing “G-d” instead of “God”. It’s a religious affectation, IMO.

  9. Its weird, usually they last more than four or five posts before they whip out the name-calling strategy. Standards must be dropping (well…in the case of a negative, it would be increasing, right?).

  10. OMG why do liberals not know anything about the history of what they speak. It is like the Mexican illegals here in AZ and CA waiving signs with Cesar Chavez’s name. They do not even get that HE WAS AGAINST illegal Immigrants!

    1. If they knew the history, they wouldn’t be liberal. They might be libertarians, but they wouldn’t be liberals.

  11. What’s truly terrifying is there’s probably a college education behind those ignorant comments by Hanna and the Rev. I can laugh at them, but I also shudder at the educational corruption on display.

  12. “You guys are fellow travelling useful idiots”

    Larry, you and I, how shall I say this, differ on a number of views about society and politics. Heck, I live in a different country. Down here we do things differently to you up there. Don’t have a problem with that.

    And for the record, I was brought up by parents that were, to use the European definition, Social Democrats, which is probably now a template for my default politics. I have attended protests in the past, and some of them have turned violent. Which really cuts to the issue, as to tactically what do you when an approach is not achieving the result you had hoped for.

    SO, that footage just turned my guts. I liked the initial media message from OWS, namely the “1:99” thang. But anyone that did not understand that an amorphous movement like OWS was just crying out for co-opting by the crazies, the self promoters and the cowardly that like to find safety in behind an earnest human shield, are just plain naive.

    I have seen it down here in Australia, where we managed to progress from engagement with society and the media to sabotage of the very same. Giving a vehicle for wankers that have issues with authority does actually strip a movement of any credibility it may* have had.

    As I read in the subtext of you comment that I started with, those that identify and participate in OWS have demonstrated that they are merely a human shield for those with whose agendas and motivations may be markedly different.

    And don’t even get me started on the Zeitgeisters…


    Luke Bunyip, waving from across the other side of the Pacific.


  13. Larry, please don’t take offense, but I LOVE IT when you get hate mail. More precisely, I love your responses to their “researched and logical” arguments.

    For people that love quoting historical events, your detractors seem a little lacking in actual historical knowledge.

    MZW’s reply, “BTW, once again, I’m an immigrant, I’m pro-free speech, pro-gay, anti-corporate bailout, anti-religion, have no objection to people burning a flag they pay for, refuse to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance,” and support the legalization of recreational drugs and prostitution. In what crack-smoking world am I “right wing”?” Really made me laugh out loud.

    Great stuff. Shame it’s wasted on people who, like Hanna, fail to learn from their mistakes…even when their noses are rubbed in them.

  14. That little lefty who got stomped on deliberately threw herself at Rand Paul’s group. She wanted a violent confrontation, with herself as the victim.

    The person in question erred in lack of training. A properly trained security person would have used non-lethal force ( a stun gun or pepper spray ) to subdue the nutter, and then would have cuffed her and called the police.

    Most of us, when confronted by a lunatic throwing themselves at a group will throw a punch or a kick, which is why a politician who knows he will be a target for such attacks really does need professional security.

  15. Larry, thanks to you for once again trying to make a liberal see the light pouring in thru the holes in their arguments. Yes, we all know it’s a futile effort, but I for one wish to commend you on your patience and perseverance… because I have lost all of mine. The funniest thing is realizing that the next time one of the OWSers has some crack head threaten/stab/shoot them, the same cops they have said need to be shot will be the ones responding to their cries for help.

  16. You can give all of these Left Wing dullards mind enemas and they will still fill up with the same shit. You will always fail to educate them. Truth is not a part of their agenda.
    Back in the ’60s while I was studying Art, wore my hair long and in a pony tail, I loved girls like Hanna. They’d all go down so easy…..

  17. Oh, and Larry ..

    You might want to read The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler’s Germany, 1944-1945, by Ian Kershaw.

    One paragraph recounts Goebbels, responding to the finance ministry complaints about printing fiat money to cover debts, criticizing the German Finance Minister for trying to balance the budget with user and sales taxes instead of a more socialist progressive tax on income of the rich.

    They were all contemplating suicide or last stands at that point, but still made time to bitch about the failure of their underlings to enact properly Progressive taxes on those folks who were having their homes firebombed down around them.

    Of course, by the time Goebbels sent that memo, it was kinda hard to forward, as Zhukov had Berlin surrounded at that point …

  18. Oh Larry, Larry, Larry…. Please don’t waste time getting drawn into pointless debates. (Pointless because you will not change her mind– not because the issues are unimportant.) Instead, I propose that you write more genius stories. Thank you. 🙂

      1. I loved the movie, but man when it got to that scene it drove me nuts. All it needed was a really big space eyeball. Not saying that Joss Whedon copied the ends of MHI and MHV, more like that was simply too awesome not to do, and somebody else probably did it before I did. Still kind of sucks though. 🙂

        Same thing happened with Inception’s gravity shifting hotel fight. I’ve still got people saying that Hard Magic ripped off Christopher Nolan, even though the ARC and sample chapters were out months before Ineception came out.

      1. I have a theory that since Larry is so busy writing and working his day job he doesn’t get to go shooting as much as he should. Relieving stress by answering hate mail is a poor (though entertaining) second choice.

  19. Hi.

    Lefty Wingnut here.

    At first OWS was something I could take pride in. We were coming together, we were exchanging ideas, we even whittled all this down to a specific, widely recognizable concept of the problem: Neoliberal Economic policies have gone too far, and our system does too little to check conflicts of interest.

    Through Reagan-Revolution tax breaks and handouts for the wealthy, we have accomplished what small-government conservatives wanted for years – we have “Starved the Beast,” like conservatives of the 1960s and 1970s wanted. Just one problem – we were still spending money no matter who we voted to put in office.

    That’s not to say that some of this wasn’t worthwhile spending. I, for one, enjoy having DARPA-net’s descendant network in my life.

    Here’s where Occupy went wrong for me:

    The “leaderless movement” idea is great for remaining faceless, but it doesn’t give you the ability to police *what your freaking movement is about, or what can and cannot take place therein.*

    That’s fine, if you’re an Anonymous hacker group that wants to route internet into Egypt during the blackout, or fax relevant wikileaks cables to every fax machine in Egypt. But anonymity doesn’t work well when its time to legitimately hold institutions and leaders accountable.

    It limits your ability to participate in the existing political system. No, rehashing hippy communes isn’t going to solve anything. These political problems aren’t going away because you mistake an oppressive government for some kind of disposable commodity which is easily tossed out and replaced.

    No, OWSies, you’ve painted yourself into a corner. Rather than actually participate in politics, you’d rather go after banks?

    Rather than gaining credibility by enlisting everyone to root out genuine conflicts of interest inside our regulatory system, which feed the problems we all see, you’d rather go after the under-regulated banks which legally owe you nothing? Instead of, I dunno, dealing with a government that is *YOURS* – you freaking OWN the government.

    I get it- workers strikes are awesome, they flex our muscle as a collective. Protesting is preferable to silence.

    But when a growing international movement can’t settle on a few, plainly common sense ideas to address these problems, I don’t see where this is supposed to go. I don’t see a freaking goal, or a trajectory for actual change.

    For every example of non-violent protest changing the game, we have another example where such a movement did not reach the critical mass to be anything but a nuisance and/or cannon fodder.

    In order to diversify tactics, we’ll have to actually make decisions about how to address the problems. Responsibility might be scary, but not nearly as scary as if we leave it in the hands of Neoliberals like Romney or even weak leaders like Obama.

    Maybe if we got notable movement members on Congressional Ballots and kept them accountable in office, we could get somewhere. That’s really worked wonders for the Tea Party, and with the right ideas and presentation, you can absorb quite a bit of them too.

    But no, we can’t impose our will on the whole movement. Guess what? We ARE the whole movement, and this is going nowhere but embarrassment.

    1. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you present a coherent, intelligent, argument. Thank you.

    2. Yup. I talked to a friend from Oz about both the OWS and the TEA Party protests.

      Exactly one thing stood out to him:

      The TEA Party folks were always on message, and went to great lengths to exclude nutters and provocateurs from their group, even assigning people to follow them with signs denouncing their attempts to barge in.

      The OWS people tried to accommodate any lunatic that showed up and allowed anyone a chance to try to speak for the group … they absolutely could not stay on message ( or even have a message ).

      The other obvious thing that stood out to him was that the TEA Party people had absolutely zero tolerance for lawbreakers in their group, while the OWS folks tried to make up excuses for them.

  20. No. I’m sorry, the name Nazi actually translates as Fluffy Puppy Rabbit Happy Fun Time Hug Party, but my German is rusty. Yes, dumbass, they were socialists. But they were only runners up compared to the commies. Now those assholes mechanized murder into something like farming.

    But what do I know about the history and social movements of the 1930s? (regular readers are laughing at you right now, Hanna, not with you).



    At the beginning of 1933, when the worst periods of crisis were already abating, members of the right-wing camp reckoned on being able to use the extremely anti-democratic Adolf Hitler for their own ends by transferring the office of chancellor to him. As a result of the economic crisis, his National Socialist movement had become the strongest political force in Germany, without however enjoying majority support neither among the population nor in Parliament.


    National Socialism (common short form Nazism, German: Nationalsozialismus) was the ideology practiced by the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany, derivatives of it in other countries.[1][2][3][4] It is a unique variety of fascism that incorporates biological racism and antisemitism.[5] Nazism was founded out of elements of the far-right racist völkisch German nationalist movement and the violent anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture that fought against the uprisings of communist revolutionaries in post-World War I Germany.[6] The ideology was developed first by Anton Drexler and then Adolf Hitler as a means to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism.[7]

    And you wonder why people laugh at you wingnut idiots? I bet you clowns think North Korea is a Republic belonging to the People too.

    It’s not hate mail – we don’t hate people who are so deluded. We have contempt for you when we’re not laughing at your stupidity.

    1. hana hana bo bana

      LOOK at the policies that put the Nazi regime in power.
      I posted it ( I pulled out the nationalistic and racist bits) directly from wiki
      It is almost verbatim what the democratic/OWS platform is.

    2. So somebody called them far right on the internet, ergo they are far right. Of course, that requires you to ignore everything that their party legislated and campaigned for. They wanted nationalized everything, bigger government, confiscation of wealth, confiscation of assets, and redistribution of wealth. Like most political movements based upon manipulating masses of angry fools, it was all about using greed, jealousy, and hatred to gain power.

      If you are familiar with the history of the Weimar Republic, you wouldn’t be so quick to auto-assume that Freikorps is in any way equivelent to an American political movement today. First and foremost, the parties labeled as conservative during the period after WWI were in favor of monarchy, not any sort of American republicanism. The Germans never had an equivelent political movement to American republicanism. The only way you could label them right wing was if that bucket got anybody that was anti-communist. You’d be pretty hard pressed to find an American republican that wants a return of the Kaiser.

      Keep in mind that you are talking about a political entity that ended its fiscal crisis by confiscating private assets and land and using that as backing for a new currency. FDR was originally a fan of the national socialists.

      You using Korea is an example of reductio ad absurdum, a typical tactic of my liberal hate mailers. You are comparing a dictatorship where the people have zero say, against a self applied label, used by a political party that was ELECTED. And the German people weren’t stupid. In the early part of the century Germany was one of the most culturally, artistically, and scientifically advanced countries on the planet. The called themselves socialists and ran on socialism in the land where socialism as a philosophy originated. Dur.

      Their electorate was no stupider than ours today, which just goes to show how something like OWS can continue to exist.

      So you can cite Wikipedia all you want. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. And so if it looks like socialism, proudly calls itself socialist, acts like socialism, has a party platform that is socialist, passes socialist laws and policies, then I’m going to go out on a limb and call the national socialists, socialists. 🙂

      Part of the main issue here is one of terminology. Modern political science courses are mostly bullshit. The problem is that you can’t chart every single political movement in human history as right or left. There isn’t just a Y axis, there is an X axis, and that is freedom vs. control. Sadly, most of the modern left is all about control, and so is far too much of the right. Meanwhile you got the Hannas, who don’t have a coherent philosophy of their own, and thus you end up with her defending masked scumbags out wrecking innocent people’s property, because she lacks the ability to think in any terms greater than Us vs. Them.

      1. Thanks Larry, put like that it answers a lot of questions I’ve always had about the National Socialist Part being “right wing”. Very well said, very easy to understand. Now if only my history professors had been half so knowledgable…

    3. Please explain why Goebbels were still pushing Progressive tax schemes and wealth redistribution right up until he poisoned himself and his family in that Berlin bunker.

      Or why Mussolini was considered such a socialist darling by FDR’s kitchen cabinet, right up until he had the bad grace to declare war on the US. FDR’s National Recover Act was a carbon copy of the Fascist economic program.

      George Orwell got it right … “Fascism” has been dumbed down to mean “anything I don’t like”. ( It took a Stalinist thug botching an attempt to execute him in Spain for him finally to wise up … )

    1. How does one know their one-cylinder intellect is misfiring?

      When said person can’t articulate a line of reasoning and resorts to throwing out appeals to bs authority…So goes the ‘Progressive’ juggernaut.

      Do you even know the slightest thing about the historic underpinnings of the American ‘Progressive’ movement? And more pointedly, do you really believe you are going to win over the hearts and minds of people who actually do know a thing or two – from primary sources not filtered through a sieve of re-branded self-aggrandizing gibberish?

      …Or is it just an honor of the troll thing?

  21. If I was in your shoes sir my response would always be the same. “This is my website, so I win” or “why are you whining to me? I do NOT care, I’m to busy writing damn fine books!”

    But then I guess that’s why your the author and I’m just the guy who reads the books. 🙂

    1. LOL.

      My granpappy once told me; Never pick a virtual fight with someone who buys bits by the terabyte and sells ink by the barrel.

  22. Back in the ’60s while I was studying Art, wore my hair long and in a pony tail, I loved girls like Hanna. They’d all go down so easy…..

    And isn’t it interesting how wingnuts automatically turn to sexually demeaning a woman in response to criticism from her?

    That speaks volumes about where you people are coming from…

    1. Hanna, while I await Larry’s continuing skewering of you, you’ve proven that you’re not worth my time to read. Not because of your politics, but because you’ve pretty much proven that you can’t have a civil conversation with people who disagree with you.

      You are not adding anything to this discourse except name calling and the smugness that comes from your attempts to prove that you are smarter than your opponents. Come back when you are ready to give an honest debate instead of scoring points.

    2. Actually, Hanna, it speaks volumes of where I was coming from in the ’60s. I speak for no one else. I was also a member of SDS. We made Marx look like a Republican. Simple-minded girls like yourself found the trappings alluring. You probably still do…..

    3. Isn’t it interesting that out of the dozens of rebuttals against every single thing you wrote, you only respond to the one where you can turn yourself into the victim?

      Actually I think he’s just saying that in his old left wing college days he nailed a lot of idealistic hippie chicks. You can get offended by that, but then again, so did Barack Obama.

    4. I’m sure that if you wanted to have an honest discussion here, you’d find people wiling. You might even learn something. Maybe they would too. BUT since you came to sneer and attempt to act superior, you can’t be surprised when Larry shreds you and his very, very loyal followers want to nip, too.

      And as far as demeaning – you went pretty far with that “you masturbate over fantasies of violence” comment. That was really uncalled for.

    5. About as interesting as when liberals do it. So when some liberal like David Letterman gets all down on Palin’s vagina do you think it speaks volumes about we liberals like you come from …

      Personally I think that your obvious bigotry in labeling an entire group of people based on a remark by one speaks volumes about where you come from …

      [Not sure what the “…” means in this instance but I’m fairly certain I have deduced correctly that it should apply to you.]

    6. Actually, Hanna, I’d say it’s just you, if you’re detecting a pattern. I disagree with “wingnuts” plenty of times, and I don’t ever suffer the same kind of response. Disrespect is usually met with disrespect. Think about it.

  23. Hannah…
    The main part of what the totalitarians of the past preached is that the interest of the Individual is to be subject to the interest of the State. Nazi, fascist, socialist, communist, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot would and did all agree to this central premise. As history shows, you cannot have slaughter on an industrial scale without a powerful and efficient state to carry it out.

    On the other hand, many of us on the Libertarian side see the State as a necessary evil- and should be kept small and limited. Our philosophy is that the Individual should have primacy, and be allowed to flourish to the extent of their abilities, but without causing active harm to others.

    1. “but without causing active harm to others.”

      Like destroying their property and expecting to get a free pass to break various common laws whilst agitating for said government to seize the the fruits of other people’s labors to redistribute to unproductive dolts in politically expedient mobs.

  24. Larry, if you ever visit the Metromess (aka Owen’s old stomping grounds) I will get you a Shiner Black and cook up some really GOOD BBQ! I just love it when you rip “them” a new one! I so enjoy reading a well written response.

      1. while I agree artillery is an art. APG artillery museam is just that
        Home ton one or more examples of just about every piece of Slug throwing awesomeness larger than a 4 guage since Washingtons time.

        1. Different Group. No problem. Artist Preservation Group donates art and $$$ for the preservation of Civil War relics ( regimental flags, banners, uniforms etc, etc. ).

  25. (Cue: standing ovation from the entire household.)

    Well done, Larry. On all fronts.

    Some of these people who consistently whine and scream about the oppression by the elite really need to spend some serious time where real oppression actually exists. I’ve lived under martial law. I’ve lived where the rich control everything and the poor are truly down-trodden. Neither case looked anything like the America I know…at least until the last 3+ years.

  26. Larry, you get teh BEST Hate Mail I’ve seen. You also have the best fisking of their mail to you I’ve read.
    Like this snippit..
    “Ironically enough, we’re the side with the guns and the knowledge of how to use them. When we do get uppity, trust me, you’ll know.”

    I’m now trying to rinse out hot coffee out of my nostrils and keyboard thanks to you.

  27. Wow…just wow…and they keep coming back for more, because they love the beat-downs so much. So much mis-knowledge in the world, almost certainly a product of USA higher education…is it any wonder that Obama wants everybody to go to college?

  28. Can we get a book of these responses?

    Maybe have the viewpoint character saving the world by fighting memes given horrific form and trying to eat people’s brains? Violence doesn’t work, but reason can kill them?

    Maybe call it “The Pen is Mightier than the Shotgun”

    1. Spot on! I’d love to see MHI fight a legion of mimetic doom which feeds on other people’s capital, reanimated by the old ones and unleashed upon America by a cabal of German unicorn merchants and assorted continental rainbow warrior types to shamble mindlessly through our institutions; infecting, impoverishing, and destroying everything in their path.

      …Then again, there are zombies and vampires that fulfill that role nicely.

      But a Spellbound Rudyard Kipling character imbued with the power of the Gods of the Copybook Headings, and equipped with the very latest steampunky gadgets with which to dispense poetic justice wholesale, would be cool as all get out.

      There could be intellectual machine-guns, real life logic bombs, smart gas, and wit-emitting lasers powered by shorted-out story arcs and such.

  29. Larry, I hate to say this, but you’re an idiot.

    I mean, seriously, calling the Nazis socialist is just dumb. There’s just so much evidence to the contrary it makes me think you’re actually not talking about history, just about what you’d like history to be.

    The fact is, a tiny number of people control a huge amount of american resources. Poverty kills more people, even in america, than any other cause. The statistical violence in this situation is obviously about wealth distribution. Politic how you like, but it’s a brute fact that 1.) Wealth is incredibly unequally distributed in America, leading to a rich nation with many poor citizens. 2) Through many vectors, poverty causes death and distress to all involved.

    Also I assume when you say “100,000,000”, you’re referring to Stalin’s regime, right? That’s usually how that figure is bandied around. It’s actually larger than the entire population of Russia was at the time, so it’s got an amusing dimension to it. Obviously, Stalin was not only killing all his own people including himself, but also some invented ones too.

    You know, it’s one thing to attribute every death that happened in the USSR over a given period to communists (that’s usually how you get these insane figures), but to add people to the population pool?

    Still, if you consider the distribution of wealth, and the consequences of poverty, capitalist nations outstrip any regime in terms of statistical suffering. Worldwide today, 9.7 milion children die every year. So, if we extrapolate that back, we can say that capitalism has killed more *children* in the last ten years than Stalin could have killed if he’d set out to murder every person in Russia.

    I know you believe it might economically go badly if you started doling out some of the money of the top 1%. But to be honest, I think it would be hard to do worse than nearly ten million kids dying of easily preventable causes every year.

    1. A lot of words and no data…..
      Please provide your references when going into a rant. Insinuating bald statements as fact is just another form of bullshit.

    2. Did you even read Larry’s post? They called themselves socialist, enacted socialist policies, and acted in a general socialist manner. In what way were they not socialist?

      Second, he didn’t say stalin killed a hundred million, you did. His statistic includes the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, North Korea, and every other socialist country that mass murders its citizens in the last hundred years. Care to check your math again?

      Finally, the Federal government is not a charity organization. It’s not its job to take care of the unfortunate. The fact that it does is proof of how far we’ve strayed from what the founding fathers created, and how close we are to repeating the fall of Rome.

    3. What evidence? That National Socialist hated and killed communists? Communist hated and kill other communists and they’re to the left of other socialists (while being socialists themselves). That National Socialists allowed industrialists to nominally own their factories? Social Democrats let industrialists have greater control over their factories than Nazis did. That National Socialists broke up private labor unions and replaced the with state run labor unions. Sounds exactly like what the communists did.

      When you classify things you have to do it using criteria that distinguish the things being classified. There is no criteria by which you can group Nazis with “the right” that can’t also be used to classify Social Democrats or Communists with “the right”. On the other hand it is quite easy to come up with criteria for classifying Nazis with “the left” and only with the left.

    4. “The fact is, a tiny number of people control a huge amount of american resources. ”

      In case you didn’t notice they use that control to produce goods and services that the other “99%” consume. If they didn’t they soon would find themselves not in control any more.

      Well except for those living off corporate welfare but I see that as more your fault than people who oppose big government.

    5. “Also I assume when you say “100,000,000″, you’re referring to Stalin’s regime, right? ”

      No. It’s an estimate from the little black book. It includes the atrocities committed by all the communist regimes.

      You are an economic ignoramus, andI like how you blame capitalists countries (which don’t have a problem with starvation except when democrats are in charge and forcing farmers to cull livestock to keep farm prices elevated) for the famines common in socialist nations around the world.

  30. At least you can give lefty twats credit for recycling…they have been recycling the same halfwit arguments and tired ad hominems for the last 30 years regardless of the topic. So lame and predictable. But I’m not sure what they fling at the right can be considered an argument. They are so engulfed by the narrative they push that most of their political talk is just whiny sloganeering. Dumb people need to have their political position reduced to slogans; for the really dumb, it helps to have a simpleminded phrase that rhymes (Bush lied, people died!).

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