I'm judging a mini painting contest. You guys should totally enter.

I’m one of the judges for an upcoming miniature painting contest. I myself am a talentless hack, but I am capable of looking at the pretty colors! The other judges actually know how to paint. 🙂  The mini painters on here should totally enter.


I guess this one has “celebrity” judges, as in a bunch of writers and cartoonists like me, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Jordan Sanderson, and Rob Wells. Yes. I am a minor celebrity in some very small very nerdy circles, but mostly for being GI Joe’s accountant.

The contest is over on the Reaper Mini site. I love Reaper stuff.  I use their paints and brushes and have a bunch of their minis. Here is one of theirs that I’m working on now.

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4 thoughts on “I'm judging a mini painting contest. You guys should totally enter.”

  1. Nice job. I did the masters for a few figs for Reaper back in the early 90s. If life ever settles down I want to start sculpting again.

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