BOOK BOMB this Thursday, April 26th.

My next book bomb is going to be for Dave Butler, and it is going to be this Thursday. Dave actually had his real book bomb with lots of people helping him a couple of weeks ago, but I totally dogged him because that was Kidney Stone week from hell. So I told Dave that I would still jump in, just late. 🙂

I’ve known Dave Butler for a couple of years now. The reason we hit it off was because, like me, he likes to write manly, two fisted, unapologetic pulp. I think that people who are fans of Monster Hunter will enjoy his stuff. The series I’m going to be book bombing is his Rock Band vs. Evil, and the title is pretty much self explanatory.

Dave is a high powered attorney turned musician turned novelist, and even wrote an Ode to Owen Pitt folk song, plus he is the only writer taller than me, and therefore totally deserves a book bomb.

For those of you unfamiliar with how a Book Bomb works, basically we all try to buy somebody’s book on the same day. The more we buy, the higher it goes in the rankings. The higher it goes in the rankings, the more attention it gets. The more attention it gets, the more books it sells, the more new fans that author gets. Amazon’s sales rankings are calculated on this weird hourly rolling average. If enough of us buy a book on the same day, then it will start to show up on some best seller lists, which really gives an author a boost. We’ve done a few on here that have been epic huge.

So the date is this Thursday. I’ll put up a post then with more information.

Here is a review of the first one in the series.

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Hard Magic mass market paperback out today

2 thoughts on “BOOK BOMB this Thursday, April 26th.”

  1. Looks cool, and there are already 4 in the series, cause I hate waiting for the next installment (hint,hint Larry). Sorry about the stone, never had one but I hear they are major bad.

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