14 thoughts on “I forgot Earth Day!?!”

  1. sometimes it goes from cold to hot in one day in spring so i keep my furnace and my a/c on just so the house doesn’t fall out of my 2 degree comfort zone.

  2. Excuse me for not joining those Watermelon Commie Bastards in celebrating Lenin’s Birthday… I cranked all the computers up to full power, AND left the lights on.

  3. I had my pastor and his four teenage sons over for a good bit of Environmentally Friendly Fun! We buried a good bit of lead* in a dirt berm, recycled a large number of plastic bottles**, and released a few substances into the atmosphere that are good for plants***. And I was able to educate younger folks- a great day!

    *12 ga, .22lr, 5.56nato, 9mm, .38 spc
    **by grabbing them from behind the berm and shooting them over the berm again
    ***gunsmoke has ammonia in it… that’s good for plants, right?

  4. The Humano-Centric ecology (The Mantric) is Mother Nature’s greatest achievement. Any species that can find an ecological niche in the Mantric, as thousands of species have, is guaranteed to survive as long as the Mantric does. The Mantric is very inclusive, and even if some species is extinct or goes extinct, the Mantric wants to archive its unique genetic makeup in case of future need. On the other hand, Environmentalists hate the Mantric, and want to destroy it, as the following video explains.

  5. No biggie forgetting about Earth Day. But if you miss Bettie Page’s birthday again we’re going to have to review your qualifications for your All American Male card.

  6. Man, I’m a liberal and an environmentalist, about as left as you can go without joining the communist party and giving up gun rights, and those loons make me embarrased to be anywhere near them in the political spectrum. Don’t hate on me though, I still love your books! 😉

    1. If you like Larry’s books, you are obviously intelligent, discerning, wise, good hearted and probably conservative at heart.

      Maybe you’re an old definition liberal, which nowadays is a small “L” libertarian.

      The old liberals believed government should have barely enough power to do it’s job, and no more. And it’s job was:
      Protecting the borders
      Keeping the peace
      enforce contracts
      Staying the hell out of citizen’s private matters.

      The new liberals believe government should:
      Open the borders to all unregistered democrat voters
      Enforce laws so long as the correct party benefits
      enforce contracts to the advantage of Democrat donors/voters.
      micromanage everyone’s lives.

      The vast majority of Republicans are really conservatives who hate the Republican party, but see it as the (usually somewhat) lesser of the two evils.

      99% of the other conservatives I’ve met couldn’t care less what you do in private with other consenting adults of any color, gender or religion. So long as your religion isn’t harming others, who cares? Catholic, Zuni, Athiest, Mormon, whatever. Contraceptives? Feel free. Congress should have to live under the same laws they inflict upon everyone else.

      Donations to the poor should NOT be collected at gunpoint, which taxes are. Using tax money to buy votes should be illegal. A crime is a crime, no matter what color, flavor, or fetish of the perpetrator/victim have.

      See? You’re probably conservative, and just didn’t know it.

      The big “L” libertarians are jaded cynics who believe they have no chance of winning or changing anything politically. They regularly nominate whack-job lunatics for sheer amusement and deniability of whichever crook gets elected. The democrat party contributes heavily to the Libertarian party.

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