So according to WordPress, this is the 1,000th post on Monster Hunter Nation.

I was thinking about doing something special, but this has been the week from hell. My wife came down with a kidney stone, and when she got a CAT scan they discovered that there were at least ten of them, and the one that was messing her up was 9mm in diameter. So she was given Lortab and an appointment for a sonic blast a day later. That night, Correia 2.1 started barfing. So it was wife out on painkillers and a flu taking down the others. Add a two month old Correia 2.4 into the mix, and it got a little chaotic.

So Mrs. Correia got put under yesterday and kidney punched with a sonic disruptor, so that was taken care of. I stayed home keeping an eye on her, just in case her reaction to Lortab is similar to mine and she decided to warm the baby up in the oven or something, (hey, it made sense at the time), but she was fine. However, because I didn’t get on the internet much yesterday, that also meant that I dogged Dave Butler, because I was scheduled to book bomb him yesterday. So, heads up, upcoming book bomb for Dave Butler… Details coming soon.

Also, I’ve got a new short story out in the Crimson Pact volume 3, more on that later. Oh, and I do have the patch contest winners and they are all plugged into the final edit of MHL, which went out the door last week. I’ll post those too. And don’t forget to buy a copy of the paperback Hard Magic at the end of April!  (dang, need to post about that too).  

So happy, 1,000th post day!

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10 thoughts on “ONE THOUSAND POSTS”

  1. You are a good dad. I am proud of you for staying home and caring for kids and wife. So many would not have done that. I have the paper back hard magic on pre order. Hope everybody gets well soon.

  2. Dear Larry – I am 20 pages away from finishing Hard Magic (paperback) and Amazon should deliver Spellbound (hardcover) tomorrow. Am only 4-5 chapters away from finishing MH Alpha (audible version). Although I have listened to the MHI books on Audible (the narrator for these books is ROCKING!), I have purchased all three because… well, because I have to have them. Don’t want you to feel any pressure, since you obviously have a busy life but I NEED MORE.
    With admiration, respect, awe (and the hard cash to back it up)…
    Best Wishes,

  3. Hey Larry,

    Sending this as a virtual get well card for your wife and kids. Not an easy situation, but glad you were able to be there for them.


  4. 9mm? are you missing a round of ammo somewhere?

    Seriously give her a hug. those things hurt beyond all rational reason.

  5. Congratulations! And we’re sorry to hear about your family illnesses. Hopefully they will all be better very soon.

  6. Your wife has my sympathies. I started a thread over on WTA last year about my experiences with the horrible little buggers; I don’t want to take the liberty of cross-posting it, but maybe she’d find it entertaining/educational.

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