Why you should need an ID to vote

The same dude that got us the awesome hooker-ACORN-sex slave videos votes as Eric Holder. This proves the point in a fairly awesome manner.


The whole thing about disenfranchising the poor is a bunch of bunk. If the democrats were actually that worried about the five people who are currently existing in America without ID who are eligible to vote and actually want to, they could just pay for IDs for them. But they don’t. The whole thing is a smoke screen.  If we had to present ID in order to vote, then what good would it do to bus in all those hobos?

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31 thoughts on “Why you should need an ID to vote”

  1. You need a proper ID to go into Justice Department to see Eric Holder. You won’t need an ID to vote as Eric Holder.

  2. But requiring ID would infringe upon the great Democratic tradition of voting early and often. Seriously though, how do they justify not requiring ID?

  3. Apparently it’s cheaper for them to fight ID requirements in court than to print up the IDs they’ll need for all the fake registrations.

  4. I’m gonna be weird here, and say that I think that for once the Intellectual Twit Left is acting from principle. I’ve talked to a fair number of people from that side of the field and they seem to genuinely believe that illegal immigrants and felons should be able to vote. So they are actually trying to protect a way that the system is being made to work the way they think it should, rather than acting out of pure opportunism.

    If only they were as interested in listening to the Common Man’s wants when they were planning his life out for him….

  5. You need an ID for food stamps or welfare. So there is no such thing as a disenfranchised person with no ID.

    And being a right wing asshole: If you’re so worthless you don’t even have food stamps or welfare, then what you think doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t vote anyway.

    1. Heh. Real communist countries would ship people who refused to work for a living off to Siberian work camps, let alone worry about crap like ID’s for food stamps.

  6. I live in a state (Alaska) where photo ID is required to vote. I’ve shown ID in every election I’ve voted in, starting at age 18. I’m 52 now. I can’t, for the life of me, understand what ANY of the fuss is about. Please explain to me how anybody, not homeless, can exsist without photo ID?
    I couldn’t cash a cheque in Seattle because I only had ONE ID.

  7. Of course, this is also an argument against universal absentee/vote by mail balloting.

    If the ballot is just being mailed somewhere, it’s impossible to check who’s voting, or if that voter is even a person, or that one real person isn’t receiving multiple ballots.

    1. Of course, this is also an argument against universal absentee/vote by mail balloting.
      Having been forced by Washington State–IOW, by the Soviet of Seattle–to vote absentee or not at all, I can assure you that ease of fraud is the point. There always seems to be another box of ballots being found in a closet…

  8. As our gracious host points out, the 5 people without ID who care to vote could EASILY be handled by cheap and easy government program (I’d even pay for the Limo to come pick them up and get them ID’d), which I’m 100% sure we could get the republicans on board for in report for Voter ID req’s.

    This ” they seem to genuinely believe that illegal immigrants and felons should be able to vote” is the root of the problem.

  9. There is a lot of crap that happens just because conservatives/ libertarians tend to be very, very serious about the whole “rule of law” thing.
    If the Right was to go for voter fraud with the same gusto as the Left, the Left would be demanding a commerical avaiation level of Voter ID checking.

  10. The correct response to the bleeding hearts is to then make sure that there are incredibly severe penalties for those engaging in voting fraud. After all if people think it is so important that some idiot without an ID should have the vote, the corollorary is that voting is very important and engaging in fraud should result in long prison terms. Anyone found to have systematically aided in such drauf such as driving them to the pollng station would suffer far harsher penalties.

    A few spot checks and problem solved.

    But, if you believe the prisons are overcrowded, perhaps you should just agree to ID for voting?

  11. You know, I’d actually be ok with allowing no-ID voting, as long as in order to do it, someone had to take a digital photo of you, as well as your thumbprint, and that and your signed affidavit was available for citizens to double-check. As long as getting caught committing fraud was a felony involving hard time.

    Reasonable compromise?

  12. Having been reading around the interweb on this, I’m astonished to discover that according to the Brennan Centre, 11% of US citizens do not have the right form of ID and that according to the Center for American Progress 25% of Blacks do not not have the required documentation.

    Is it too much to expect people to have a basic form of ID before voting?

    Otherwise they should agree to a thumbprint, photo and affidavit as Skip suggests. With heavy penalties for voter fraud and for those organising voter fraud.

  13. So, according to the lefties, when I was asked to show my Driver’s License when I voted last, I should have been offended? This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot believe what a bunch of yellow-bellied, whining morons the United States has become. If someone does not have a valid I.D. in this day and age, they don’t deserve to vote anyway. Hell, even the illegals can get their hands on a Driver’s License. Honestly, watching the news on TV or reading the newspaper anymore just makes me sick to my stomach. We need to start voting for regular people with common sense instead of the career politicians that are on BOTH sides.

  14. Someone on another blog suggested this:

    If you believe that 15 to 25% of the voters would be disenfranchised because they do not have the proper ID then you should support the election commission in each voting district going around to the registered address of each voter and verifying that they have proper identification.

    If a otherwise qualified voter is found to not have proper ID the voter canvasser can take a digital picture and print them out a special Voter ID on the spot free of charge.

    Of course if a registered voter cannot be found at his/her address of record then his/her name can be flagged to be removed from the voter rolls.

    Simple; two problems solved.


  15. Here in NYS (I hate myself too, don’t pile on) Your benefit card is considered valid ID. That wraps up most of their constituency in this state.

  16. Out here it is a bit crazy, in that you do not have to have an I.D. to vote in national or some state elections. However, you must present I.D. for local elections because of bond and school-district issues! So, if you have a combined election, you show ID but it only applies to your local vote. *shrug*

    1. The little linky thing I was trying to do didn’t work right, well, scratch that, I copied the wrong one apparently (and now I can’t seem to find the right video again). Sorry, my inner blonde is rearing its ugly head today. So, for your viewing pleasure, is the exact same video that Larry posted to begin with. I’m going to go take my meds now. lol.

  17. Last time I voted here in AZ I was required to show ID. The mailer for the election even said that I had to bring an ID.

  18. But voting is a CIVIL RIGHT, unlike every other thing we require ID for in this country.

    Personally i think felons should be able to vote, though. Not because they’ll make good decisions, but because really bad things happen when you have groups that are completely disenfranchised.

    In any case, the problem can be solved by giving out free ID’s when you apply for food stamps.

    1. Felons are barred from voting by laws dating back to the birth of this country, over two hundred years ago. Those laws are based on English common law many times older than that. When, pray, are these “bad things” going to start?

      Also, trying to use extortion to secure the vote for felons? Total win.

    2. Felons don’t have the right to keep and bear arms, Mike. Neither do the insane. Denying habitual outlaws and nutters full civil rights has been allowed by the SCOTUS.

      Felons already do bad things. I could care less if they are butthurt about not being allowed to vote.

      If people do bad things, then the proper response is to step on them, and not try to appease them like some worthless leftist hippie freak.

      1. Yes I’m sorry, but being alive is also a right, as in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you took away someone else’s right to live, such as Richard Ramirez aka the Nightstalker who’s lived on the taxpayers dime in prison for the last 20 years, then you’ve forfited your life to live let alone the right to vote. Call me crazy but murders, rapists, child abusers, etc., don’t deserve to get a say in who runs the country. Sorry.

  19. One problem is that you do not need to be a citizen to get food stamps or welfare. Those benefits are determined by the citizenship of your children.
    It makes me decidedly uneasy that I have never been asked for ID in order to vote. I have no idea if there is actually a voter fraud problem in this country, however with something as important as the vote one should avoid even the possibility of impropriety.

  20. I think voter ID is the right thing to do, but, failing that, instead of requireing ID, can’t we just dip each voter’s right fore finger in cup of indelible purple ink?

  21. Things for which I may be asked to show some sort of ID:
    -Buy alcohol, cigarettes, firearms, ammunition, emergency road flares, Rated-M video games (Target store policy), Rated-R movie tickets, airline tickets, OTC cold medicine;
    -Drive a car;
    -Enter university library (student ID);
    -Park in university lot (student ID again);
    -Cash a check (two IDs and right thumb-print if I don’t bank there);
    -Enter county courthouse to pay traffic fines;
    -Enter most Federal buildings and military bases;
    -Enter many state government buildings;
    -Enter nightclub;
    -Donate blood;
    -Go to the gym;
    -Be given mixed drinks at wedding reception with an open bar.

    …Yeah, I can see how having to show some sort of ID to vote is an egregious intrusion on my civil rights, totally without precedent in everyday life, and clearly aimed at preventing minorities from voting.

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