Book Signing this Saturday 

I’m posting about this again. Since this is Mike’s first ever book signing I really want a lot of people to come. A good signing is a good motivator, and he’s working on Swords of Exodus now.

My first book signing, I think I sold 12 books. Which is actually really good for a first signing… However, I think most of those were to people from my neighborhood.

Preorders for Signed MHL and The Monster Hunters omnibus
The Burning Throne, Episode 21: Arguing with Dragons

5 thoughts on “Book Signing this Saturday”

  1. 1. Not in town.
    2. Never bought anything physical from you. All e-books.
    3. Hope you get a good turn out.

  2. Man I’d love to get to one of your signings, but 8 hours to drive (i’m in Denver) for one is a bit much =)

    That’s just icing on the cake that it is both you and Mike there.

    Heck the only one I’ve made it to ever, was for David Weber, when he was doing his tour for “Out of the Dark.” And that was fantastic frankly.

  3. Yes, but If I had known what I know now about the Monster Hunter series, the Hard Magic series, and the Dead Six series and the great writer Larry C. and the immerging great writer Mike K. I would have bought everybook at the book signing and then get my friends, neighbors and complete strangers to do the same. And when I got old, I would tell my grandchildren about the time I got to meet Larry Correia and also Mike Kupari.

  4. You guys gotta come out to the East Coast. It would be awesome to have you guys out to Otakon or Baltimore Comic Con. You gotta kidnap Mr. Taylor and drag him along too. I would personaly help lead the Utah invasion of the heathen city of Baltimore.

  5. There in spirit if not in body–you should winter next year on the Gulf of Mexico–lots of readers, veterans and B&Ns

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