Look what I got…

The Hard Magic mass market paperback is coming out in April.


You guys should totally buy all of them. Tell your friends. Harrass your friends. Annoy your friends. Ignore those restraining orders! Spread the word. Grow a big scraggly beard and stand on the corner with a cardboard sign loudly proclaiming that Hard Magic is coming. (don’t forget to leave out a cup for people to leave money in, then take that money and buy more copies of Hard Magic for yourself).

Also, I’ve got a book¬†signing on April 7th at the Sugerhouse B&N with Mike Kupari (our first one together).

Booksigning, Sugerhouse B&N April 7th (1st time with Mike Kupari)
My first 1 star review of Hard Magic

7 thoughts on “Look what I got…”

  1. YAY A SIG–

    Oh, wait. I’m going to be in Moab for the Jeep Safari that day. *cries*

    I also take it that you’re not coming to World Horror this weekend. *cries more*

  2. Thank God! I’ve been wanting to read that for months, but I’m way too OCD to have mis-matched books on the bookshelf.

  3. Oh crap, I just realized that’s just the first one even smaller. Gah. Still no Spellbound for me then. With my luck, they’ll skip right past the large soft-cover to a small one.

  4. Have mercy! I’ve gone through 8 copies of MHI, 6 copies of MHV, 4 copies each of Alpha and Dead Six, and two each of Hard Magic and Spellbound. At this rate, I’m going to run out of money for reloading supplies!!!! This madness has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

    I kid! Keep up the good work, and please hurry on the sequel to Dead Six.

  5. Congratulations, sir! BTW, if you don’t already know the Edward Gorey’s MR. EARBRASS WRITES A NOVEL, may I recommend that you take a look? The few authors I know have all said that while it is absurd overall there are details that really strike home.

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