My first 1 star review of Hard Magic

This is perhaps the greatest book review ever written. I simply had to share it with you guys.
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1.0 out of 5 stars bad book,March 9, 2012

it had a bad word in the begining amnd all through it and i did not like the consept very much

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Are you sure it had a bad word? Can you read good enough to tell?  Maybe I was just trying to spell Duck. Stupid autocorrect. That’s what I get for typing novels on my iPhone. 🙂
Look what I got...
A caricature of me by Howard Tayler

27 thoughts on “My first 1 star review of Hard Magic”

  1. Wow… just… wow.

    I may have to reevaluate my 5-star review of Hard Magic… after I finish re-reading M.H.I. for the third tome. 😛

  2. Perhaps it was someone using Holly’s usually literate reputation to tarnish Larry’s outstanding works of literature.

    “Holly, show the court where Mr. Correia used his bad words on you… show us using this doll.”

    1. rofl. I was trying to read through this thread on the sly during a meeting at work until I came accross this and laughed out loud. Since the game was up I shared your post and the context with the other Firefighters. We are still laughing.

    1. I thought that was obvious from the highly literate nature of the post. No, I don’t believe that person read one of Larry’s books. I’m impressed they could figure out how to post a review of it. lol

  3. Was going to put off this one for a bit. Should put this one off for a bit. I have way too much to read and the last thing I need right now it to start another set, but this may have put me over the edge. I think I have to buy this one now. The entertainment value of this nonsense is just priceless.

  4. Dang. Somebody doesn’t get out on the playground much at recess. Based on “Holly”‘s review of the movie “Passchendaele” (which was a great movie, BTW), I’m assuming someone’s near-illiterate overly-pious second-cousin (from parents related prior to marriage) got ahold of “Holly”‘s keyboard. Or there was an unfortunate accident in the lobotomy lab between the two reviews…

  5. I don’t care what holly says, Joe Biden’s review said the book contained the most audacious military strike in 500 years.

    Talk about a raving review.

  6. Actually, I have to say that David Hines’ review of the first three “Paladin of Shadows” novels – which gave birth to the “OH JOHN RINGO NO” internet meme – probably qualifies as the best book review ever written. But Holly’s “Hard Magic” review might be a close second….

    …And Paul, you’re a better man than I: I couldn’t bring myself to read the rest of Holly’s reviews. But the comments accompanying her “Hard Magic” review were priceless.

  7. It’s too bad everyone here wants to jump on the bandwagon here and make fun of Holly. By doing so I think you miss the whole consept of her review.

  8. Either Holly does not have English as a first language or second and has trouble with the book or Holly is reading above her elementary school grade level (I’d guess 3rd grade).

  9. Mr. Correia, forget about poor Holly. The legit appearing blurb from is the real crime. I just finished “Hard Magic” on Audible, and find I completely missed the part where Jake is a hardboiled d?ck!

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