The Howard Leap Year Birthday Sale

I’ve been a fan of Schlock Mercenary for many years. Though we are friends now, I was a fan long before I ever met Howard. I even snuck a flamethrower with an ominous hum into MHI.

I ate dinner with Howard last night. (Rodizo’s all you can eat Brazillian steak house, for the win!) Today is his birthday and he is having a big sale over on his page.

So being his once-every-4-years birthday, I told him I’d stick up a link. You should check out his books. And if you aren’t following his comic, you should. It is awesome.

Partials Book Bomb tomorrow!
Yep, chapter 3 is missing

One thought on “The Howard Leap Year Birthday Sale”

  1. Oooohhh! I see!
    An all you an eat ‘Brazilian Steak House Buffet’ and ‘Whammo!’ a shameless plug!

    Brilliant stratagem, Mr. Correia!
    I applaud your efforts!


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