15 thoughts on “Yep, chapter 3 is missing”

    1. Neither did I, I just assumed I’d missed something about Sully making a call on a special phone.

      In other news, I think gearpunk robots mixed with kanji magic might just be too awesome for this world…

  1. Audible has the file in several formats. This happened in the past download one of the other formats, the chapter might be there.

  2. It’s not the only 3 thats missing.. wheres the third book already? I think you’re going to need to clone yourself a couple of times. Ideally I want to see the Grimnoir series coming out as fast as I can read it, or listen to it on audio in any case.. maybe we will have to clone Bronson as well.
    This is starting to sound like an expensive scientific project but it’ll be worth the price.
    Hey! We could also use a few more you’s to make an RPG, a comic book/anime and perhaps a video game as well.

    1. no no no no…
      We all know what happens when you multi clone some one You wind up with 950 million Gav’s. Now imagine 950 million Larrys.

      Glock would have to move production to the Moon and invent nanofabricators, to keep up production not to mention ammo costs would sky rocket. Coke would exclusively make Coke Zero as that would be most profitable for them. and Dunkin Donuts would be more profitable than Heroin and Cocaine combined.

      Not to mention the lack of women folk cause we know those swarthy types like Larry steal all the white women…

      On the other hand an army of combat accountants would ruin the day of any country on earth. First they audti you then they round you up and shoot you.


      I’ll be at BWI to make it convinient for Larry so he can get off the plane kick my ass and get back on his next flight.

  3. If you’re curious what happened in Chapter 3, go on to Amazon and read the review by Arthur Jordin. Pretty sure all the information, almost word for word, of the first third of the book is in his craptastic “review.”

    1. Is that A-hole still mistaking his Wikipedia entries for Amazon reviews? I hate that guy. He spoiled three chapters of Dead Six for me before I even knew what I was doing.

    2. Wow I never read the reviews for Larry’s books, but that guy gave away major spoilers including the identity of the Spellbound. That’s not what I’d call a review.

  4. I’m a Brit and new to audio books and if I’m honest bought Hard Magic on a whim having heard nothing about. I commute four hours by train each day for work and I knew I was hooked when I started missing trains on purpose, just to hear a bit more.
    But all good things come to an end and I finished Hard Magic. My delight knew no bounds when I realised I could also get the second book in audio format with the same excellent narrator.
    So you can imagine my crushing dismay when I hit the ‘missing chapter three’ bug. Audible.co.uk have refunded my money but they reckon it won’t be fixed for weeks!!!!
    The torture of having the rest of the book downloaded but not daring to listen to it in case I’ve missed a key plot point. Arrrrrrgh!
    I simply can’t wait weeks, please, please post a text extract of the missing chapter so I can continue with the book.
    Yours hopefully
    Adrian D

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