How YOU can make a difference (getting me nominated for a Hugo)

Queue plaintive sad background music:

Hello. I’m Larry Correia, and I need your help. You too can tell stuffy literati types to go screw themselves.

Only you can make a real difference in the life of a pulp novelist. Every day, over a thousand writers of explody, action-adventure, gun-nut, monster-killin’, novels are maligned on the internet by stuffy literati critics for not being “real” novelists who write ham-fisted, navel gazing, message-fic about starving polar bears or some crap.  

How can you make a difference? By nominating Larry Correia’s Hard Magic for the Hugo award for best novel.   

Anyone who attended last year’s WorldCon or who is registered for the next can nominate works, You can make your voice heard by nominating what you think are the best books, TV shows, movies, and related works of the year. Make a critic’s head explode by nominating something awesome today.

I’m Larry Correia, and I approve this message.

Insert incredibly sad photo of Larry Correia here.  


Awwww... they done ate up all the jelly filled...

Okay, it is that time again. If you attended WorldCon last year, or are registered or a supporting guest for the next, you need to get your Hugo nominations in before the 11th of March. I didn’t realize that you needed to purchase your membership before January 31st, so if you haven’t bought a membership already then I believe it is too late to still do so and nominate.

But if you are part of that tiny group of a couple hundred voters out of several million readers that gets to tell the rest of us what is good or not, I’d like for you to consider my novel Hard Magic.

My biggest regret about being nominated for the Campbell last year was that Hard Magic wasn’t eligible as it wasn’t published until my 3rd year of eligibility. Hard Magic is still my favorite book that I’ve written. Hard Magic is original, different, well researched, yet still filled with teleporting magic ninja fights on top of flaming pirate dirigibles. (but don’t worry, you can nominate up to 5 works for each category, which means you can throw Monster Hunter Alpha in there too if you are feeling generous).

My other best novel noms are going to I Don’t Want To Kill You by Dan Wells, and then I’m torn on the other two and still trying to decide, because I read a lot of good books last year.

For novelettes, I had Tanya, Princess of the Elves, and Detroit Christmas published by Baen, and Son of Fire, Son of Thunder in the Crimson Pact anthology written with Steve Diamond.  

For best editor, long form, I think Toni Weisskopf and Jim Minz are deserving, since they are both great editors who take care of huge, wildly diverse stables of talent.

For best editor, short form, I’m nominating Paul Genesse. He is really good.

For the other categories, I am going to nominate Elitist Book Reviews and Writing Excuses for Best Related Work.  Elitist Book Reviews really does deserve a nod because I think they are the best review site on the internet, and they deserve some respect. Seriously, take a look at EBR and compare it to the review places that normally win. EBR has more, better reviews, and doesn’t limit themselves nearly as much as some of the “prestigious” (i.e. snooty) places. Meanwhile, the Writing Excuses is the best writing related podcast there is.

For best graphic novel I’m nominating Schlock Mercenary. Schlock has been nominated repeatedly, but has lost to the juggernaut of Girl Genius. Schlock has a decade of continuous, daily, better and better sci-fi and deserves a win.

For the Campbell for best new author, I’d like to suggest Brad Torgersen. Brad is known for his short fiction, and was just nominated for the Nebula award for best novelette for Ray of Light. Brad was also the Analog people’s choice (or whatever that is called) winner for last year. The dude is GOOD. And most importantly, I’d vote for him mostly because since Brad is also a Warrant Officer in the US Army, he’d accept the award in his uniform, which means that he’d refuse to wear that stupid Campbell tiara.

There are also sections for best dramatic presentation, short and long form, as in movies and TV shows, but I really haven’t watched much over the last year.


The Burning Throne, Episode 16: Old Crab, New Tricks
MHI and Hard Magic both up for Audie awards.

24 thoughts on “How YOU can make a difference (getting me nominated for a Hugo)”

  1. YOU ARE SO GETTING NOMINATED, DUDE! And yes, in the event that I am on the Campbell shortlist, I will absolutely be appearing in Dress Blues, and AR 670-1 absolutely states that the tiara is *not* authorized. Apologies to Scalzi and the previous Campbell winners who have worn it.

  2. If I could I would, but alas I can’t, so I shant. I need to get on that list so I can tell others what to read.

    I would love to see the likes of the lately long-winded George R. R. Martin sit there aghast as someone who is so much his polar oppostie winds up on the same ballot as he. But not too aghast. I’d hate for his fat guy ticker to go bad before I find out if Jon and Daenerys really are siblings.

    And Larry, that picture broke my heart. As a fellow Big Guy, I know the pain of being shortchanged in the doughnut department.

  3. See, Larry always forgets that one of his fans bakes for a living and can deliver fresh bagel made every morning (and, because I believe in truth, justice and the American way, I’d throw in some bacon. LOTS of bacon).

  4. jelly Doughnuts n a Coke Zero.

    Wish i could nominate you now cause… that combo will either kill you or give you enough indigestion to make you wish you were.

    All kidding asside you deserve it for the reason tuco said (seriously Mr Martin get yourself a better editor Or study some flash fiction I like to read but 1000 page novels are Weapons NOT books). And so I could nominate Howard Taylor cause the Foglio’s have enough Hugos on thier mantle to cause structural problems. I like GG but I REALLY like Shlock.

    Have you considered Getting Mr Taylor to do a Comic Version of your MHI series? A full 60-80 Episodic Manga? (imagines Julie or Holly drawn as a manga and Earl Harbringer in werewolf form Chibi styled)

  5. Good luck, Larry!

    And I agree with you on Hard Magic. MHI is fun, but Hard Magic is the first of your books that I recommend to people who like fantasy/sci fi in general, rather than just to people who are going to recognize every gun you name. That does remind me… need to go order Spellbound.

  6. See that’s just so frustrating, us folks that can’t attend worldcon can’t vote, and I’d vote Hard Magic in a heartbeat, it was probably number 1 in my top 5 favorite books of 2011. And I’d honestly agree that it deserves the win. Well good luck with it Larry!

  7. Hard Magic is my favorite, too, which will sound like blasphemy to the gun nuts, but that’s just how I roll. I got some actual tears out of Hard Magic.

    (This is Don Gwinn . . . . I just registered a WordPress domain. I’m . . . . trying something out.)

  8. Are you sure you’re not related to James Gandolfini?

    I’d nominate ya, but I’m not much of a joiner, ‘cept for USPSA and only cuz they made me.

  9. Cue noir background music:
    Fade from black. A dimly lit PI’s office, with silhouetted figure in trenchcoat and fedora.

    “You’re looking for Big Larry. Yeah. You found him.
    “And I know why you’re here. You’re here to make heads explode. Stuffy literati heads.”
    “I can help with that.
    ” But it’s gonna cost you. You’re gonna have to vote for Hugo….”

    1. L, “I don’t need no stinking Luigi or Nunzio.
      I could look at you and make your eyes bleed because of your debilitating condition.”
      Dingleberry, “What condition is that?
      L, “Stupidity.”

  10. Hey Larry….

    Unhappy over the donuts? I love your books, but this time I have to say David Weber or John Ringo should get it. The “Troy Rising” series and the Honor Harrington series kick just as much ass:)
    Now if I could pick THREE for a Hugo then you would be on my list.
    Sorry Larry,,,,Please! don’t kick my lil 6,5 butt:)

  11. Larry…I have to say your first book deserves a Hugo. Now git back to your damn ‘puter and crank the next book out! I Want to know what happens to that redheaded cop the feds snatched for duty. Dammit!

  12. I’m not sure I believe a man with a name like “Brad R. Torgersen”, a sci-fi author no less, actually exists.

    That’s the kind of nom de plum a spinster aunt who “shant be associated with such things” named Miss Augustine Merrill would choose. “Torgersen” of course being the name of her favorite cat.

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