Spellbound audiobook coming soon

The audiobook for Spellbound will be available from Audible.com on February 21st, read by Bronson Pinchot.


It is kind of surprising to me how well my books have done as audiobooks. For example, MHI is still in their top 20 bestsellers even after all this time:


So it is me, Stephen King and Steve Jobs, just kind of hanging out. Honestly, I blame the MH novels audio success on Oliver Wyman’s amazing narration. If you haven’t checked them out you really should. They are awesome.

Chroniques Du Grimnoir: Magie Brute

11 thoughts on “Spellbound audiobook coming soon”

  1. My introduction to MHN was via Oliver Wyman..The MHI audio book is fantastic, He’s become one of my favorite narrators.

    However I listen to alot of audio books if the book isn’t any good there’s only so much a narrator can do 🙂 so you have to take some of the blame as well Larry.

    My mind was blown when I realized Hard magic’s narrator Was Balki from Perfect Strangers! LOL he does a great job can’t wait to buy this on the 21st and SK’s new version of The Stand Uncut.

  2. Mr. Correia, as much as I love your books you’ve truly been lucky to secure two great readers in Mr. Wyman and Mr. Pinochet. I’d by them through Audible anyway but it’s great to listen to those two.

  3. I agree, the monster hunter narrorator is awesome. Bronson’s accent he used for several of the characters grated on my nerves for the first half of the book, then I got used to it. Still good book though 😉 will be first in line for the next one.

  4. That’s awesome I can’t wait to hear it. I started listening to your books and became hooked immediately. I got hooked to audio books as well, thanks to Oliver Wyman and as a result compare all other audiobooks to MHI. I couldn’t wait for Spellbound so I bought the dead tree version. Won’t stop me from getting the audiobook thought, lol.

  5. I had listened to the MHI books first, and liked Wyman, but Bronson Pinchot was GREAT!!! I was so disappointed when a few weeks ago I went to Audible to get more, and Spellbound wasn’t there! I really enjoy when a narrator can do different voices for teh charaters so you can tell exactly who is speaking, since often writers don’t put in “Jake said” because it breaks up the flow of the conversation. Can’t wait for more of both series.

  6. I spend at least 2 hours in the car and have been DYING for Spellbound to come to audible. I listen to several books/month and occasionally hang out on THR as well. Bring on Balki!

  7. Grimnoir is next up for my husband’s commute listening. He likes to listen to a series straight through without taking a break between installments so I’m thrilled Spellbound will be available by the time he’s finished with Hard Magic. 🙂

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