BOOK BOMB! IRON DRAGON series by Paul Genesse

Here we go again.  This book bomb is for my friend Paul Genesse, who is releasing the 3rd book in his Iron Dragon series of epic fantasy novels.

For those of you who don’t know about Book Bombs, I pick a book or an author that I really like, or who I think is really deserving of a boost, and then I tell you guys about it, and encourage you to all buy it on the same day, and also to tell your friends about it. This does a couple of things. It helps the writer move up in the stats on Amazon, which gets them more attention, which gets them more sales, and more potential fans. And hopefully, you will share this on your blog, facebook, and tell your friends, which will build up even more momentum. If we can get them onto a top 100 or top 20 list, then they will be seen by lots of potential readers.

Plus, it helps the writer make his house payments.

Our Book Bomb this time is for Book 3 of the Iron Dragon series, the Secret Empire. If you haven’t read book 1 and 2, I would really recommend picking those up also. The eBooks are very affordable. I believe Paul set it up so that you can jump right in on this one if you haven’t read the first. There are also hard copies available of all three.

I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. They are straight up, epic fantasy goodness. I let my older kids read them as there wasn’t anything too awful or nasty or anything like that, but I believe these were intended for adults.

Besides really liking the story, and being friends with Paul, the main reason I wanted to promote his work is because Paul is the perfect example of a good author that has been shafted by the publishing business.

Paul has published a ton of short stories. He’s edited anthologies of short stories. He’s probably one of the hardest working and sharpest marketers I’ve met in this business. My first ever panel at a Con was because I talked to Paul right before it started, and he found out that I was about to be published by Baen so he drug me up on stage. Paul’s a sharp guy who always goes out of his way to help aspiring writers, but despite all of that he got screwed.

He sold his Iron Dragon series to a small publishing house, which released book 1 and 2, which were by far the best selling fantasy books that house had. But before book 3 could come out, the publisher ran into financial trouble.

That is a writer’s nightmare. 

So Paul was stuck with a floundering publisher, and even though his books were some of their bestsellers, they couldn’t get their crap together enough to release the next one. I don’t really know the details. Time passed. Paul tried to get his rights back and he did, finally, but only after the momentum from the first two books had tapered off. Aspiring writers, you think it is hard to sell a book? Try selling a book that is #3 in a series when a different publishing house already put out the first two.

So now Paul is doing it himself. You can grab his eBooks on Amazon today, or if you are registered over on CreateSpace you can get them there for a little cheaper. (full disclosure, I believe Paul actually makes more off of CreateSpace, but I love seeing the stat boost on Amazon because it is bigger, most of you already shop there anyway, and when you order anything through the links on my webpage, I get a percentage of the sales to immediately blow on Hordes miniatures on Amazon) 🙂

As of right now:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #23,384 Paid in Kindle Store

And we will check back through the day.

EDIT:  Another fun fact about Paul Genesse. He’s a cardiac nurse. Which means he routinely deals with life or death freak outs and dying people while holding human organs in his hands, so he’s actually pretty chill on the whole publishing thing. The dude can handle stress.

EDIT 2:  Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #17,376 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store

More Paul Genesse Fun Facts. Paul and I once had a conversation with a ghost in an abandoned cemetary. It was very Scooby Doo of us.

EDIT 3:  Now that’s what I’m talking about:  Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,912 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Is there a lawyer in the house?
Book Bomb Tomorrow

19 thoughts on “BOOK BOMB! IRON DRAGON series by Paul Genesse”

    1. While I was busy writing up the cure to all your problems (with typos)and asking silly questions in the warning from yesterday you posted this entry answering the question.
      Whole trilogy bought in the UK if that makes a difference

  1. I like what you are doing Larry, but since I am a “nook” nut, need a link to Paul’s in house e publishing so I can get it for Nook.

    1. It might make sense in MHI context.

      Although it would be fun (in a painful way) to shoot, it seems a little . . . impractical … in a real world setting.

      Reminds me if a Guns and Ammo article I saw 20-30 years back about a WW1 anti-tank Mauser rifle. It wasn’t quite this extreme a rifle, but it was considerably lighter too (15-20 lbs, as I recall).
      Apparently, the proper way to fire it required you to brace the stock against a tree or a sandbag, since it had a high probability of breaking your shoulder if you fired it conventionally. And having your back against a wall and shouldering it was a *very* bad idea.

  2. Just bought all 3!
    And, as a side note, two of those aspiring writers Paul has helped out are my sisters-in-law. My best friend and her little sister age 15. Paul really is an awesome guy and author!


  3. Another book that looks interesting is The Witch Watch, by Shamus Young. Videogamers may recognize him as the guy behind, and tabletop gamers may recognize him as the genius behind DM of the Rings. Regardless, one of the protagonists is accidentally undead, and there’s a bit of steampunk and fantasy…

    DM of the Rings:

    I’m a fan of his, and we bought two of his wife’s watercolors for our house; she did the illustrations for the book.

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