40 thoughts on “Cover of the Monster Hunters omnibus edition”

  1. Julie keeps wearing less and less on each subsequent cover… Maybe if she would put her glasses on she would realize this…

    1. I guess the law of fantasy female armor also applies to Monster Hunter armor. (The less it covers the better it protects)

      1. In the books the armor is bulky and all covering. However, that’s why I’m a writer and not a marketing guy. 🙂

      2. Heh. I was just thinking that the armor had a few strategic weak points. Looks nice, though!

      1. I see two M-4s and what looks like a chinese QZ whatever bullpup rifle..but nothing that remotely resembles a P-90 or an RFB. Weapon ID FAIL.

  2. That cover is… terrible. What exactly the problem is, I can’t put my finger on it. Well, maybe it’s the turtle-esque expression on his face, and the “Just popping my head out from my comfy shell” neck angle. Maybe it’s how he has the all-encompassing body armor and she’s wearing an up-armored brassier. Maybe it’s her “Look at TEH BOOBIES” pose while she shoots two battle rifles.

    Could be anything. I mean, the artwork is quite nice in it’s use of color and detail, but…. yeah. The toothy elder-god thing in the background is cool.

    I guess you really shouldn’t judge this omnibus by the cover.

    1. While the image is completely not congruent with the details of the content, I can’t say it’s not aligned with the spirit of the target audience, i.e., raging heterosexual B-movie viewers (raises hand)

  3. I have to agree with Kresh, it’s missing the mark somewhere. I think it’s either the armpit-less body glove, or the way Pitt is intently studying something in obviously small print just off-cover.

  4. So… When does Uncle Hugo’s start getting them?

    …And I would like to thank you for giving me the excuse of “But honey, it’s canon” when she finds out what her costume for the next convention is…

  5. I don’t care for it either. The bullpup is the wrong weapon, I don’t like the pose of either figure. For me it really misses the mark.

    I’d much rather see it in leatherbound.

  6. Come on guys, you know you don’t read these books for the hulking gun-nut / accountant / “I beat the monster in the FIST with my FACE because I’M JUST THAT TOUGH!” protagonist. You read it for the hawt, lightly armored chicks. Go ahead, admit it.

  7. I’d request a redo on that cover. I want more focus on the guns and armor in my gun porn. Much as I like to look at sexy women and love the look of bullpups (despite being a southpaw) I’d take a blank cover over that. I’ll probably re-cover mine if it stays.

    Either way, I need to buy it with or without a better cover because I have shared my copies out and I need something to keep on my shelf. It’s not bad enough to make me NOT buy it and I do understand that most authors have almost no control over cover art, so you may be stuck with it.

    Do keep up the excellent writing, it’s what keeps me buying them 🙂

  8. Regrettably, I have to concur. It’s not a good cover. The two-fisted shooting-random-offscreen-staring-straight-ahead-fetish-armor plus random guy crossing in front of the viewer… It’s stupid. I love the books, and it’s a nice painting, but the composition is stupid.

  9. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people complaining about the cover? I think it personifies the awesomeness that is Monster Hunter International. It is a throwback to the awesome pulp covers of yesterday. Instead of being happy for having a hardcover collected edition of the first three novels(which may mean hardcover editions of the next novels) you want to complain about how the female on the cover is not clothed enough.

    Has the world gone crazy? So what if Owen is not holding Abomination, or Julie is wearing glasses. That is not the point of the cover. It is to catch the eye, make someone pick it up off the bookshelf and say, “This looks interesting, I think I will buy it.” Since the target audience is males, heterosexual for the most part, the cover does exactly that.

    I for one cannot wait to receive my copy and eagerly await Monster Hunter Legion.

    1. I tend to agree with you. I am thrilled to see a hardback for my collection. The female armor stuff is just snarky (but fun!). We can joke all we want about Owen’s face and Julie’s bust, but the truth is that this cover *will* have people picking it up to look.

      1. Exactly. I don’t know how many times I’ve been wondering through a bookstore looking for something new to read and the cover of a book caught my eye, causing me to pick it up and read the summary on the back, which in turn usually meant that I bought the book.

        Hell, that is why I bought Monster Hunter International in the first place. Cool cover, awesome name and I read the first couple of sentences and I was hooked.

  10. My problem with the cover is that it basically screams “get your awesomecool mindless action porn here!” Because while MHI is awesomecool action porn, it is anything but mindless. It is well-plotted finely crafted action porn.

    This cover does not belong on MHI, it belongs on something which is similar but a whole lot simpler.

    I’m not going to complain about the details because cover art always gets that wrong, but the whole tone of this cover doesn’t really fit the novel very well, like a shoe that’s just half a size too small. You can wear, but with some discomfort.

  11. That book has to be at least 6 inches thick to accommodate all three novels, or else use tiny single-spaced print type. Cover doesn’t do much for me; too many chinks in Julie’s armor suit, Owen looks ghey, and the monster is inadequately detailed. Bottom line, it doesn’t match the awesomeness of the written word inside.

  12. Naturally, I learn about this after buying the first two individually. *sigh* I suppose I will have to make the sacrifice and buy this one too.

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