My favorite short story of all time, FREE today. Tabloid Reporter to the Stars

I’ve read a lot of short fiction in my life. If you would ask me to pick my one absolute favorite, it would be Tabloid Reporter to the Stars by Nebula award winner Eric James Stone. I originally read it out of an Intergalactic Medicine Show anthology (if I recall correctly). I’d read it, thought it was awesome, and then wound up meeting Eric at a convention and didn’t realize he was the guy that had written it. 

Eric has since gone on to become like the baddest dude in short fiction. I believe I heard that Orson Scott Card said that Eric is the best short story writer out there. And like I said, he won the Nebula last year. (and then we both got our asses kicked at the Hugos).

But anyway, here it is. Seriously, it is a blast. I will not spoil it, but this story is great. And I just found out that today only it is FREE on the Kindle store.  You should really go snag it. It is free until midnight.

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10 thoughts on “My favorite short story of all time, FREE today. Tabloid Reporter to the Stars”

    1. I believe there is. I considered rooting my Nook to try running it, but I was afraid of tearing open an interdimensional rift that even Larry couldn’t write us out of.

  1. Got it, but won’t be able to read it until I have time to park myself in front of my PC. @#(^$(^ is DRMed and Calibre can’t convert it for my Sony.

    Reminds me of how much I love Baen and why I won’t be buying a Kindle when the Sony dies. That’s when I’ll probably get an Android tablet.

    1. Not to be too contrary but you can use Calibre Library to remove and convert the format into something a Sony E-Reader can use. If you are seriously interested in finding out, I’ll leave you to google Calibre Library and DRM.

  2. I just picked it up as it’s hard to turn down a free e-book, especially if it’s got a good recommendation.

    I won’t bother getting an actual Kindle but I do have the Android app on my tablet & phone.

    I’ve used Baen’s Free Library a bit even though it’s a little bit of a hassle as I have to manually transfer the files from pc to tablet.


    1. I’ve used the Free Library as well, in fact it’s spurred me on to buy material after reading part of a series, including the free book.

      When I get my e-reader, soon I think, I’ll be spending some serious time browsing the free section.

      As far as having to fiddle with downloading and transferring, the price tag makes up for a lot of effort, part of the reason I buy books at Goodwill too.

      I need to look into the webscription model more.If I understand it it’s $15-$20 for 4-8 books that are delivered electronically over a period of three months. What I don’t get at this point is if they are available as three parts forever, so if I buy an old month do I have to download three files or are they merged into one file as the new material is added. In any case, the price point at Baen is aggressive already on the ebooks, at the webscription price it seems stupid not to make the leap.

      Has anyone heard of anyone who sells a paper copy that includes a ebook with it? That would be something I’d like to see as well. Besides Bujold I guess, but that was a CD. Maybe a code in a paperback?

      1. There have actually been over 20 Baen books which included CDs with e-books; you can download them all (as ISOs or the individual books) at:

        I also have CDs that came with Vector Prime (a PDF copy) and one of Peter David’s Star Trek: New Frontier books; that one contained the entire series, but I can’t remember which format.

  3. Well, attention to detail got me; this was posted yesterday. Which I didn’t notice until after I bought the short. Ah well…I’ll enjoy it anyway on my Kindle for PC.

  4. Bloody shame it isn’t on Baen where you can get something other than the protectionist format from amazon.

    Nope, not never going to get a kindle, WAY too limited.

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