My favorite short story of all time, FREE today. Tabloid Reporter to the Stars

I’ve read a lot of short fiction in my life. If you would ask me to pick my one absolute favorite, it would be Tabloid Reporter to the Stars by Nebula award winner Eric James Stone. I originally read it out of an Intergalactic Medicine Show anthology (if I recall correctly). I’d read it, thought it was awesome, and then wound up meeting Eric at a convention and didn’t realize he was the guy that had written it. 

Eric has since gone on to become like the baddest dude in short fiction. I believe I heard that Orson Scott Card said that Eric is the best short story writer out there. And like I said, he won the Nebula last year. (and then we both got our asses kicked at the Hugos).

But anyway, here it is. Seriously, it is a blast. I will not spoil it, but this story is great. And I just found out that today only it is FREE on the Kindle store.  You should really go snag it. It is free until midnight.

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