One of my short stories reviewed  This is kind of awesome. Poor Steve.  😀 

For the record, when I first met Steve Diamond he had already reviewed some of my books on his book review page, Elitist Book Reviews, and enjoyed them. I’d bookmarked EBR and found that I agreed with them more often than not. The first time we met was at a Con when he interviewed me and John Brown for his webpage. 

It turned out that by day he was an accountant, so we did the secret accountant handshake and complained about auditors for the rest of the convention. At this point he could still get away with reviewing my books because we didn’t know each other that well. Then a year later I ended up joining his game group. (Writer Nerd Game Night, Steve is Ide Todo if you’ve been reading the Friday serials). Then for kicks we wrote the short story Son of Fire, Son of Thunder together for Paul Genesse (who I had known for a lot longer). 

The story turned out remarkably awesome. But at that point, Steve was pretty sure that he could no longer review any of my books fairly, and would have to turn over all future reviews to some of his minions.

Just recently my day job required a new accountant, and I happened to know a guy… So Steve, book reviewer/aspiring novelist/accountant was inducted into the Evil Military Industrial Complex-Finance Division. So now I’m actually his boss.

So now Steve is definitely no longer allowed to review my books.

But anyways, you should snag the Crimson Pact anthology. It is only $5 and it has a ton of stories in it. Paul gathered up writers ranging from experienced to total newbie, and basically told us to go nuts. So he came up with a huge variety of stories.

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I had enough fun with the character in the one that I wrote, Santos, that I’d like to revisit him someday with a bigger story. Plus, the nice thing for me about having so many military fans is that when I’m writing a Marine, all I’ve got to do is throw out a request on Facebook and I get 50 Marine proof readers looking over the rough draft in a matter of minutes… Because one thing I’ve learned, DO NOT screw up writing a Marine. You will never hear the end of it. (best advice I got? You really can’t put in too many ooh-rahs or F bombs)  🙂

My favorite short story of all time, FREE today. Tabloid Reporter to the Stars

3 thoughts on “One of my short stories reviewed”

  1. Larry,

    have you tried using tinyurl for the links? Finished Spellbound a couple days ago by the way. Loved it. Except the part where you ended in the middle of the story. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  2. Seriously? He critiques your book and you give him a job? I like this guys style!

    I’m going to start writing reviews of things in the hope of finding work, being currently unemployed and all, and I figure if I start with Wall Street I’m bound to get a big money offer!

    ‘Trading on Wall Street consists mainly of yelling at people until they give you money and pretending that you are the biggest a-hole in the place. I’ve never been to Wall Street but I hear that at night you can see the spirit of Charles H. Dow walking the floor and laughing maniacally. At one time Wall Street had the highest percentage of people to Lamborghini ratios outside of Italy.’

    Now all I need to do is sit back and let the job offers come flowing in!

  3. Well I certainly hope you revisit Santos because I need to know how this thing works out! Very good story except for the fact I was agitated about it the rest of the night.

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