More Geeky Hobbies

Earlier this year I decided I needed a hobby where I could unplug my brain and destress once in awhile. So I took up painting miniatures. I’ve been getting better at it. I did this one tonight for one of my daughter’s L5R characters. As usual the iPhone really doesn’t do it justice, especially for the shading or color detail. I’m going to build a light box, borrow my wife’s really nice camera and take all new photos before too long, but I was really pleased with this one and wanted to show it off.

I still need to base it. (using fake grass and gravel) and clear coat.

If you are curious, the character originated during this game:  And I’ve since gone on to run a campaign for my kids. I’d already made one for this particualr daughter, but that was when I was first learning, and her sister’s Moshi shugenja was way prettier, a situation which I was informed was completely unacceptable.

The mini is from Anima Tactics, but I had to make the ono (big ax) myself.




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