Mike Kupari finally gets to see a real copy of his first novel

My thriller novel, Dead Six, cowritten with Mike Kupari, has been out for a couple of months. This was Mike’s first published novel. However he has only recently been able to see one in person for the very first time.

Mike is currently stationed in southern Afghanistan. He was already deployed when the book came out. He is an EOD tech, as in one of those guys that goes out looking for IEDs.  That there is thriller writer street cred. 🙂

Dead Six would make an awesome Christmas present for anybody you know that likes military thrillers. There is a link over to the right where you can pick it up, or Uncle Hugos bookstore still has copies autographed by both of us. (we signed a bunch of bookplate stickers before he left)

Dead Six just got reviewed on Big Hollywood
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7 thoughts on “Mike Kupari finally gets to see a real copy of his first novel”

  1. Awesome book. I can’t believe it took that long to get him one. He deserves all of the goodness that comes with getting this book published.

  2. Hope he stays safe. I did my Afghan tour in RC-East, and I know RC-South is NO JOKE.

    You guys did an awesome job with the book. I picked it up and finished it in four days. Looking forward to another one!

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