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  1. -Anna-
    We can get into education, economics and military prowess, but I believe we are out of time. That’s what this blinking red light means, right.
    Crap. How long has that been on?
    A while now.


    1. Read that one a few days ago. There is a reason the Chairman is the great great great great grandson of Iesayu Tokugawa. 🙂

  2. The ‘Roman’ simply ceased to exist. Those short, surly faced, bad-intentioned, single focus creatures disappeared as the Empire grew and families of Roman blood could not produce enough off-spring to deal with it as it could during the Republic and a short time later. One could easily believe they were aliens ( NOT the illegal type ) the way they could field another force of legions after a disaster
    ( read Cannae, Trasimene et al ) that would have crushed any other society.
    So Roman blood was thinned. And as it was thinned so was the single purpose that maintained greatness.
    Remember….Alaric was a ‘Roman’ General.
    Basically the Empire died because of societal-suicide via lack of population growth.
    This is what troubles me most about the U.S. Where long ago families produced multiple off-spring. I believe today the ration is 1.9 or 2. That means no growth in the population. It is static and stagnant. The largest ratio of off-spring ( I believe it is 4. + ) can be found in the Middle East. Guess where the extra kids are being sent……

  3. I love the way Zach is running this blog. MWH is one of my favorite blogs to read these days. I check it every day to see what new and wacky history stuff Zach’s decided to write about next.

    Keep up the good work, Zach.

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