Fun with Pictures Time!

I love when people send me stuff:

First up, a young man that dressed up as Owen Zastava Pitt for Halloween:

With his own Abomination

And that is about proportionate for a Ganga Ram
And check out this Cold Steel kukri that someone worked over:



From a rail speeder:

Completely unrelated, but just because every time I see this picture I laugh and laugh:

And these pics are from Sinistral Rifleman and his annual Halloween shotgun match


Ready to intimidate witnesses


Keeping an eye on a dangerous beast while trick r treating
And I got a ton of these this year:


The Burning Throne Episode 3: The Ballad of Ide Todo
Review of Spellbound from Elitist Book Reviews

0 thoughts on “Fun with Pictures Time!”

  1. Love young “Z” and the Monster Control Bureau mixing it up with the fiends on Halloween… but where did you get a picture of my dog?

  2. Two things:

    1. MHI windbreakers?

    2. I notice also that Z’s trigger discipline is excellent. *Seriously* good job. (applauds)

  3. I want one of those kukuris, and the rest of those pics are great. Some people take advantage of Halloween way more than I do. I love Sinistral’s own personal Abomination.

  4. Thanks, Larry, for posting the Halloween pics. I am the Halloween Owen’s Dad and I can tell you that he went to bed with a big grin on his face tonight. twombstone, the scar was a key part of the costume–the “born-again” Owen wasn’t ever an option for him. MHI doesn’t wear windbreakers, Geoffrey Kid, too conformist…maybe motorcycle jackets. Excalibur, the grenade launcher is a standard-issue Pringles can. Cheers, all, looking forward to the next book! 😉

  5. Those are some of the coolest halloween costumes ever! I immediately noticed young Zs werewolf scar, it’s the little touches that make a great costume. That and a big grenade launcher. And I have to chime in that it’d be so fun to have an MCB windbreaker.

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