Fun with Pictures Time!

I love when people send me stuff:

First up, a young man that dressed up as Owen Zastava Pitt for Halloween:

With his own Abomination

And that is about proportionate for a Ganga Ram
And check out this Cold Steel kukri that someone worked over:



From a rail speeder:

Completely unrelated, but just because every time I see this picture I laugh and laugh:

And these pics are from Sinistral Rifleman and his annual Halloween shotgun match


Ready to intimidate witnesses


Keeping an eye on a dangerous beast while trick r treating
And I got a ton of these this year:


The Burning Throne Episode 3: The Ballad of Ide Todo
Review of Spellbound from Elitist Book Reviews

14 thoughts on “Fun with Pictures Time!”

  1. Love young “Z” and the Monster Control Bureau mixing it up with the fiends on Halloween… but where did you get a picture of my dog?

      1. I just spent about 30 minutes looking at custom stuff to get off of this website – thanks for the good look!

  2. Two things:

    1. MHI windbreakers?

    2. I notice also that Z’s trigger discipline is excellent. *Seriously* good job. (applauds)

  3. I want one of those kukuris, and the rest of those pics are great. Some people take advantage of Halloween way more than I do. I love Sinistral’s own personal Abomination.

  4. Thanks, Larry, for posting the Halloween pics. I am the Halloween Owen’s Dad and I can tell you that he went to bed with a big grin on his face tonight. twombstone, the scar was a key part of the costume–the “born-again” Owen wasn’t ever an option for him. MHI doesn’t wear windbreakers, Geoffrey Kid, too conformist…maybe motorcycle jackets. Excalibur, the grenade launcher is a standard-issue Pringles can. Cheers, all, looking forward to the next book! 😉

  5. Those are some of the coolest halloween costumes ever! I immediately noticed young Zs werewolf scar, it’s the little touches that make a great costume. That and a big grenade launcher. And I have to chime in that it’d be so fun to have an MCB windbreaker.

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