Another WordPress tech question

Okay, so I signed up for the Amazon Associates program, mostly because I’m always steering traffic through there anyway, and this way I can get a percentage back. Plus I’m getting over 50,000 hits a month on this blog, I figured I might make enough back in Amazon gift cards to download a song or something. 🙂

It gives you HTML to copy and paste, which is supposed to show up as a groovy little button.  Over on the left of this post you can see where I put in a text box and pasted in the HTML for links to all my novels.  However it just shows up as weird text, though if you click on it, it takes you to a page that shows the button, that you can then click on to go to Amazon. 

So how do I make it just show the nifty little buttons?

And yes, I am mostly computer illiterate. But I probably shoot better than you do so it evens out.  🙂

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