The Grimnoir Chronicles: Spellbound. OUT THIS WEEK EVERYWHERE

Aaaaaand this is the part where I bug you guys to go purchase it. If this is something that you would purchase anyway, you should totally buy it this week.  Why? Because then I get the stat boost. Bestseller lists are all about velocity. It isn’t how many books you sell in total, it is how many books you sell in a week.

Why do we want a Grimnoir novel to get on the NYT? (I’ve already legally changed my name to New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Friggin’ Correia and they just can’t take that away) Because then it gets more attention. If it gets more attention, then more people will read it, if enough people read it, then I’ll sell the movie rights… Because, and this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING:  We need to get the movie made before Adam Baldwin becomes too old to play Jake Sullivan.

Firefly is gone. Chuck is in its last season… Adam Baldwin would be a perfect Jake. I want a movie. This story practically writes itself.  And if we hurry, Hit Girl is still young enough to play Faye!

So tell your friends. Heck, get your Christmas shopping done early!  If you go this week and buy a copy of Spellbound for every single person you know and then give them away at Christmas, I make piles of money you will be super popular. When you give a book to someone for Christmas, it is like you are saying, “I know that you are a highly intelligent and articulate person that appreciates intelligent things like books and stuff.”  and they think about you “Wow, he totally thinks I can read!”  See? Everyone wins.

So make this a very Adam Baldwin Christmas, and give the gift of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Spellbound.  You look smart, everyone will love you, and I will spend all the royalty money on stockpiling ammo and miniatures.

Plus, there are robots in it.

I have come to give you free tacos.

See? That robot practically screams Christmas.

And here is the Amazon link:

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EDIT 2: That was supposed to be a nice looking little button. But if you click on it, it takes you to the button, which you can then click on it, and when you do, I get a % from Amazon. 🙂  I need to fiddle with those.

Right now I’m at:  Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,224 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

    Which is cool and all, but not nearly cool enough. Have you seen the price of 10mm ammo lately? It is INSANE!
    Also, here is a contest to win free copies of all my eBooks:  Scroll about halfway down.

And if you really want to impress your friends at Christmas, here is where you can get autographed copies:

And here is where you can get eBook copies, and before anyone asks, no, this doesn’t count towards the bestseller list, but it does enable me to get money. Which I am also a huge fan of.   (and on the reviews, the one dude that said it was much shorter than the first one… Not according to my word count. Sheesh. Can’t please some people.)

EDIT:  Nice little bump today:

  Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #857 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

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40 thoughts on “The Grimnoir Chronicles: Spellbound. OUT THIS WEEK EVERYWHERE”

      1. HOLY FRIGGIN’ CRAP! I just realized that Grimnoir was narrated by Balki! Also, I just watched The Langoliers last night, so I take this as a sign. Of what, I don’t know, but it’s definitely a sign. O_o

      2. thanks for the heads up on that one, and great that they are choosing to stick with the same narrator, always bizarre when the voice of the characters changes suddenly… Ghost story, I’m looking at you….

  1. I just noticed that there’s a blurb from my review of Monster Hunter International on your pages. That is awesome. And of course I’m buying multiple copies of your book; I know what my family will be getting in their stockings.

    1. Yeah, was sad to see only a hardcover option. I’ve pre-ordered every book since MHV (MHI had already been out a while when I first discovered it), but I don’t do hardcover. I’ll order as soon as it’s available.

      1. I got “Hard Magic” in trade paperback (whatever the slightly-larger-than-regular-paperback-but-not-quite-hardcover books are called), and was at Barnes and Nobel yesterday after work looking for
        “Spellbound”….aaaaaaaalmost walked out of the store when I realized they only had hard cover, but used my trusty Droid3 to find out that Amazon only had hardcover as well, dangit…plus I would have had to order another book or pay shipping…it worked out about the same either way. So I went ahead and bought it, and faced the Wrath of Wife when I got home.

  2. You are crafty Correia. You sold me, I went to buy it and realized I didnt have the first book. So I ordered it too. While I was at it I ordered three copes of MHI as stocking stuffers for friends, and another buddy never returned my copy of Vendetta so I got one of those.

    Now I am out $50. I have 4, count them 4, 10mm handguns (including a S&W 610) to feed…do you know how expensive 10mm ammo is? If I hadnt ordered those books I could have bought at LEAST 50 rounds with that money. Maybe 75 rounds of reloading components.

    You are not to be trusted…

      1. Absolutely it was 😛 I got to beat up and then get killed by my third favorite character. Who else can say that?

  3. Hit girl as Faye? It could work, I suppose, but I think the chick that played Little Rock in Zombieland would be a better fit. I mean, Faye on the cover of Spellbound looks *exactly* like her, if you ask me.

  4. RUNRUNRUNRUN KILLER ROBOT IT…it has tacos? Oh, well that’s different…Welcome taco-bot… and the price for your tasty tacos? My eternal soul? How many tacos do I get for that?

  5. I got mine a short while back from Hugo’s (signed, of course) along with Dead Six (bookplate signed, of course) and I have to say both of those books are absolutely incredible. With Spellbound, just about the time you think it’s going to start winding down it ramps back up with a vengeance on speed and steroids. Just a great book.

  6. I got my copy with the signed endpage from Uncle Hugo’s already, but…Adam Baldwin as Jake…the Mrs wants to know: if I buy another copy now, does it come with a very cunning hat?

  7. Had to laugh last night, I was up late reading, and every time an Imperium goon would get killed, I’d find myself thinking “wonder what the PUFF on one of those is….” You know its time to go to bed when you start mixing worlds.

  8. I never thought I would find something as good as Dresden Files, but Grimnoir is absolutely amazing. Just finihsed listening to Spellbound. Bronson Pinchot is great. When is Book III coming out.

      1. Will Book III be the last one for a while, the last one period, or will this be a series that keeps going like MH?

  9. The new book is due when? I like the chronicle stories. They’re so good. I’m curious about the next chapter in all of their lives.

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