I'm on a roll with this whole writer thing

So last week I saw on Facebook that Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files and all around super star writer, posted about how he loved Monster Hunter International.  Today, I’m google searching my name and I find:  http://www.charlaineharris.com/bb/bb_current.html  Where Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Sackhouse books that HBO’s True Blood is based on, picked MHI as one of her books of the week.

Two awesome writers saying they like my stuff in two weeks. Not too shabby.

So… Let’s see, Jim Butcher had a TV show, Charlaine Harris has a TV show…. They both like MHI. I’ve sold the rights but haven’t heard anything lately… Come on MHI TV show!  You know it would be awesome.

As a writer, it is pretty darn cool when you find out that writer’s who you enjoy/respect really like your work. I had a major geek out when Tracy Hickman told me he loved Hard Magic. (too late for Spellbound, but he’s blurbing Book 3: Warbound). Hard Magic is also Dan Well’s favorite of my books. The two of us were invited to the Novell Brain Share event/party last night, as special guests, where we sold and autographed a gigantic pile of books (and right after that he went home and his wife had a baby, congrats to the Wells family).

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23 thoughts on “I'm on a roll with this whole writer thing”

      1. Yeah dammit. Git ta work you slacker! Those monsters ain’t gonna wait on ya…Don’t you want to pay off your manse in the hills? Maybe mamma needs new shoes!

  1. I thought you were stunned and delighted when I told you I loved your work. But then….there…was just….silence.

    1. Dammit! Don’t swell his ugly head any more! Git ta work! Someone sicc his publshers on him!
      Damn, that won’t work…he’d just have em come over and eat bbq. 🙂

  2. Very cool indeed dude that Butcher and Harris like your work. I’m a huge fan of Butcher’s Harry Dresden novels but the last book in the series was not very good. In fact it’s kind of a mess.

    The True Blood series is too much of a vampire porn soap opera for my tastes. And the way they butcher southern accents is like fingernails across a blackboard.

    The Dresden Files was crapped on by the Syfy Channel by changing way too much from the books. If they get the MHI tv show on the air hopefully they’ll get it right.

  3. I wasn’t a huge fan of the latest Dresden either. I mean, Changes was so awesome that it would would have been hard to top, but turning Harry into a ghost who can’t shoot fireballs or throw up shields agains machine gun fire is lame.

    1. I bought his last dresden book (hardcover)…for closure…
      and only the last story was a continuation and disapointed me.
      I hope he wraps it up and gives us some closure!

  4. Just got done reading Spellbound, and I do think you are on a roll with this whole ‘writer thing’.

    Keep up the good work, please!

    P.S. Will you be at DragonCon 2012?

  5. Since you mentioned his name, I want to say thanks for suggesting your readers check out Dan Wells’ books. The guy really is a fantastic writer, but I probably would not have read him without your repeated mentions.

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