12 thoughts on “Uncle Hugo's is shipping autographed SPELLBOUNDs NOW!”

  1. Awesome. Ordered one a couple weeks ago, looking forward to reading it. I’m a little worried, though… I also ordered a copy of Dead Six with a signed bookplate, and its still hasn’t shown up. I’d hate to think my orders got lost or something.

  2. I liked Faye in Hard Magic and am wondering what her travel limits are. Reading Dead Six now and looking forward to Spellbound.

  3. I went ahead and ordered my copy last week when you posted about the early shipment. I’m so psyched to get killed off and read about it a month early! >:)

    Being the greedy guy that I am, I’m wondering what books you’ll be putting out for next year…

  4. Read the eARC when it came out. Totally loved it, especially the part when *SPOILER REMOVED* and the bit where Francis *SPOILER REMOVED* and then Sullivan *SPOILER REMOVED* giant demon *SPOILER REMOVED* Roosevelt *SPOILER REMOVED* government agency *SPOILER REMOVED* Herbert Hoover *SPOILER REMOVED*.

    I don’t want to spoil the ending, but Snape kills Dumbledore. lol

  5. Went to the one and only cowboy shoot we attended this year over the past weekend. A favorite annual match that draws a large contingent of friends from around the country.

    The box with the autographed bookplate/Dead Six AND autographed Spellbound was waiting in the mailbox when we got home Sunday (10/9) night!

    Trying to ration them out to make it last longer with about the degree of sucess one would expect…

  6. “And if you liked Hard Magic, well, Faye kills lots more people and things”

    This is why you are currently my most favorite author.

  7. Just got MHA, Dead 6 and Spellbound today. Having a hard time deciding where to start, and concerned that I may neglect other duties (work, family, bathing) once I get going.

  8. I got my copies of Dead Six and Spellbound earlier this week. Cheers to Uncle Hugo’s for wrapping my order in plastic!

    The postman left it on my stoop in the rain. The box was soggy, but the books were good.

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