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I like to alert you guys to books written by friends of mine, especially when they are interesting/fun/different, but I totally spaced mentioning Uprising when it first came out.

Man, this one is a doozy. George Hill did something original, and I’ve got to give him mad props for pulling it off.  🙂

This book (like Dead Six) started as an internet thread over on www.wethearmed.com. George began the story, writing about himself and his day to day life, only with the sudden onset of the zombie apocolypse. The characters were his friends and family, all real people, just shoved into a story where the dead came to life.

It was fun, it was cool. I read the posts, thought they were neat. It was gleefully over the top. Then other posters started jumping in, also writing about themselves and their surroundings and their situations. It grew. It got a little crazy. Suddenly there were like twenty authors, all telling different perspectives of the same zombie story. It was really popular.

Fast forward a bit and a publisher offered to buy it. 🙂 

So Uprising USA is the first volume of this epic tale of internet zombiegeddon first person shoot ’em up.

Just like when I posted a link to Night of Blacker Darkness, just because I think something is nifty doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. Uprising is crazy. It isn’t literature, nor does it ever try to be literature. It isn’t going to win any awards or please any critics, but it just goes for fun.

If you are easily offended and your English professor taught you to scream Mary Sue at the first sign of any authorial wish fulfilment in a novel, you are going to hate this book. George the writer is George the main character. George the character gets to do all sorts of cool/absurd stuff. He takes your charge of Mary Sue, punches you in the mouth, and then Sues twice as hard, and you can tell he loved every minute of it.  Good for him.

That was kind of the whole point.

So there is the link. If you’re looking for over the top, zombie shooting, gleeful gun-nut wish fulfillment, you should check it out and support a first time author.

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12 thoughts on “Uprising USA”

  1. I read this a couple of weeks ago. It’s an engaging read, but the zombie armageddon stuff ends quickly; it quickly becomes the background rather than the driving element of the story. Yes, the main character is the author, and, yes, the bulk of the book is fan service.

    But it was enjoyable, and that’s what I was looking for.

  2. Saw notes about it over on MadOgre, didn’t really know what was going. On with it, figured it was something way different. I’ll make sure it’s on the wish list, it sounds awesome!

  3. Thanks, Larry. Your posts about other authors you enjoy helps me fill my bad bibliophile habit of 1-2 books a night, when I can get them.

    I would prefer that you turn into a writing machine, but, until the happy day you can channel Issac Asimov, I’ll have to fill in the gaps with lesser works.

    Lesser works = anything not by Correia or Heinlein.

  4. In the matter of gun-nut wish-fulfillment, I would like half to suggest and half to request that you start a thread here, of My Dream gun. Premise simply this: “I do not own this weapon, but I want to own it sufficiently that, if it were lawful and within my means, I would grab it in a heartbeat.”

  5. The book is a wild ride,never tedious,never boring.The new chapters,taste of which are availible,offer furure treats.Larry should offer some goodies on this subject too.

  6. I bought the ebook and like the story, but there are a lot of formatting problems which really drag me out of the story and keep me from enjoying it.

  7. UPRISING UK is in the Publisher’s hands now and is going to be out – hopefully – before Thanksgiving. The Publisher is well aware of the issues in formatting and such. More attention to detail on that is paramount in UK.

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