DEAD SIX is out today!

Today is the offical release date for Dead Six. It will be in stores everywhere. So head down to your local bookmongery and pick it up.  This was my first foray into writing a military thriller, but it came out epic.

So please tell your friends!

The only autographed copies available are from Uncle Hugos (it is hard to do booksignings when your coauthor is in Afghanistan). Otherwise it should be available at most major bookstores, Amazon, or B&N.

So if you’re going to buy it, buy it this week. The more people who buy it the week it comes out, the better the stat boost. And as you guys know, I’m all about gaming the system.  If you like it, please post reviews. If you don’t like it… Well, nobody wants to hear your negativity. 🙂

I’ve read a lot of thrillers, but I don’t enjoy very many thrillers. The main character (Rick Slabarm or Dirk Hardcheese) is usually a former Navy SEAL-Astronaut-Secret Service Agent-Ninja, who kicks unbelievable butt, gets the hot chick(s), defeats the Belgian terrorists, and saves the president right from being fed into a vat of laser-sharks. Normally, most thrillers tend to tick me off for various reasons. If it is technically competant or realistic the characters are sometimes made of wood. If it is really technically competant, it can be like reading a physics lecture. If the characters are interesting, then it is usually less realistic than what I would put into a fantasy novel.

There are some notable exceptions. There are a few Stephen Hunter novels that I rank up there in the best books I’ve ever read.  

Mike and I wanted to have fun with Dead Six. The characters have flaws (other than the typical, I’m such a bad ass loner kung fu expert who is tormented because of the loss of my wife/children who were conveniently murdered by the same Belgian terrorists I get to fight in this novel). They aren’t perfect. They have to work with part of a team. But they are completely ruthless and they get the job done.

The plot is big. The action is big, but we kept it plausible. The tactics/equipment stuff is solid. One of my proof readers is a guy that Jack Bauer would hang out with. We did our homework. Considering that we wrote this years ago and put in the Arab Spring, a narcotrafficante revolution in Mexico, and stealth helicopters, none of which (we knew) existed at the time, I’d say we were at least semi-plausible in our brainstorming process. We took some liberties with reality, all authors do, but we tried not to make them stupid liberties. 🙂

So I hope you guys like it. Dead Six is pretty awesome.

And don’t take my word for it. Here are some reviews:

My Geeky Hobbies Part III
Son of Fire, Son of Thunder

28 thoughts on “DEAD SIX is out today!”

  1. This is also a great chance to get some of your holiday shopping out of the way- you know all those people on your list who are into military thrillers? Signed first editions make great gifts (I’m just saying…)
    OH! And this is Mike’s first published book so you’re also helping out one of our soldiers; It’d be practically unpatriotic NOT to buy it!
    But wait there’s more!! If we get them on to the NYT best sellers list again it will REALLY annoy some of the liberal literati who keep betting on Correia being a one hit wonder. (Ok, 2 hits)
    And finally- the book is just plain awesome. Seriously. Kupari easily holds his own against Correia- and that’s saying something!

    (And no, Larry and Mike are not paying me to say this. This is entirely unsolicited) ;D

  2. Uncle Hugo’s shipped my autographed copy, with which I intend to summon forth the dark elder gods (or at least read in my spare time).

    I know you’re already planning a sci-fi collaboration with another author, but I bet you and Mike could create a great sci-fi novel, too.

  3. Dead Six arrived this morning and I can’t wait to crack it open! First I gotta finish up Sanderson’s Mistborn and then I’ll go to town on this military thriller of awesomeness. Expect an Amazon review from me within the week.

  4. Yeah, what happens to the copies I got last week at Barnes and Noble? Will they count for the NYT best seller list?

    I want to help make Mike a best seller, too, then maybe he’ll write more good stuff for me to read, unlike that slacker Larry Correia who doesn’t write faster than I can read… Love you Larry, go hug the wife and kids, they need it…

  5. “The main character (Rick Slabarm or Dirk Hardcheese) is usually a former Navy SEAL-Astronaut-Secret Service Agent-Ninja, who kicks unbelievable butt, gets the hot chick(s), defeats the Belgian terrorists, and saves the president right from being fed into a vat of laser-sharks”

    Ah, you’ve read Ghost then, have you? ((grin))

    I pre-ordered it months ago on Amazon – best of luck with the stat boost!

  6. Just finished MHA at around 0300 this morning (I’m a new Correia fanboy, but that doesn’t make me any less dedicated) and picked up my preordered copy of Dead Six from my local Tooele, UT used bookstore at 1700. What great timing! I didn’t have to start something else in between. Too bad Spellbound doesn’t come out until November…. I guess I’ll have to fit Atlas Shrugged in between these two. I’ll be sure to post favorable reviews of MHA and Dead Six on and continue to pimp your great books to everyone I know. I even think my wife is ready to pick up Hard Magic or MHI and she ONLY reads slut novels.

  7. Will the copy that I bought on Sunday at B&N count as a first week sale? I bought it as soon as I saw it on the shelf and had assumed that it would count. If I had known they were shelving it early I would have waited until the official release to make sure it counted! It would have been hard, but I would have made myself do it.

    I like when my favorite authors make the best seller list. It makes me feel all elite and snooty. Goddess knows nothing else could do that. It’s such an odd feeling, kind of like having my balls carressed lovingly by a yack I imagine.


  8. Nearly through Dead Six, I love the epic feel. I like the way that the two writing styles work together. I can’t wait to see how it ends! I almost took today off from work just to finish it. Last night I stood up some friends because I wanted to read more than I wanted to sit in a bar, drinking, looking at hot chicks. Ok, so it was a stinky red-neck bar where the closest thing to a hot chick was probably a slightly overweight, middle aged woman with huge boobs bulging out of a “red-neck slut” outfit, drinking beer, cussing, chain smoking, and probably missing a few teeth just to make it that much more awesome… I mean, who would want to miss that? But I did… just because Dead Six is so awesome that I couldn’t put it down.


  9. Downloaded from Baen last night. Military thrillers have never been my thing (more of a sci-fi/fantasy gal), but I’m looking forward to this one. The sneak peeks have been very interesting, and it never hurts to try something new. Especially something that supports one of my fav authors and a promising new author!

  10. Purchased it from Baen as an eBook, and loved it. Somehow I doubt this will be one for my wife to read in a paper edition though. (My wife does enjoy the Monster Hunter books).

    Well done.

  11. Damn you Baen!!!! Finished reading the e-book about a week ago…

    Actually, I enjoyed it! I want to know if you have a sequel planned? Kinda left things open for Valentine, there….

    You guys rocked it, could *sometimes* tell who wrote a particular part, but overall it was a great job, kudos to Mike Kupari for an excellent freshman effort (and you, of course, Larry!)

  12. My copy arrived yesterday and so far I’m really enjoying the ride you guys are taking with it. The urge to break out a modern-day wargame is on the rise again.Good luck with this week’s sales!

  13. Larry, as usual, you came put with something that cannot be put down. And Mike Kupari keeps pace with you, word for word.

    Alas… now I’ve finished it already.

    I can haz more?

  14. Larry

    I was surfing tonight on a Gamer site and found something that might be interesting for Mike and yourself.

    Its about a new TV show that G4 is producing called Bomb Patrol

    Its a TV show that cover’s EOD teams in Afghanistan. I know the shoot vs air dates of these shows is way off but they might be interested in Mike’s story. It would be pretty cool (and great publicity for everyone) if they did a story on the EOD tech by day and published author by night

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