DEAD SIX is out today!

Today is the offical release date for Dead Six. It will be in stores everywhere. So head down to your local bookmongery and pick it up.  This was my first foray into writing a military thriller, but it came out epic.

So please tell your friends!

The only autographed copies available are from Uncle Hugos (it is hard to do booksignings when your coauthor is in Afghanistan). Otherwise it should be available at most major bookstores, Amazon, or B&N.

So if you’re going to buy it, buy it this week. The more people who buy it the week it comes out, the better the stat boost. And as you guys know, I’m all about gaming the system.  If you like it, please post reviews. If you don’t like it… Well, nobody wants to hear your negativity. 🙂

I’ve read a lot of thrillers, but I don’t enjoy very many thrillers. The main character (Rick Slabarm or Dirk Hardcheese) is usually a former Navy SEAL-Astronaut-Secret Service Agent-Ninja, who kicks unbelievable butt, gets the hot chick(s), defeats the Belgian terrorists, and saves the president right from being fed into a vat of laser-sharks. Normally, most thrillers tend to tick me off for various reasons. If it is technically competant or realistic the characters are sometimes made of wood. If it is really technically competant, it can be like reading a physics lecture. If the characters are interesting, then it is usually less realistic than what I would put into a fantasy novel.

There are some notable exceptions. There are a few Stephen Hunter novels that I rank up there in the best books I’ve ever read.  

Mike and I wanted to have fun with Dead Six. The characters have flaws (other than the typical, I’m such a bad ass loner kung fu expert who is tormented because of the loss of my wife/children who were conveniently murdered by the same Belgian terrorists I get to fight in this novel). They aren’t perfect. They have to work with part of a team. But they are completely ruthless and they get the job done.

The plot is big. The action is big, but we kept it plausible. The tactics/equipment stuff is solid. One of my proof readers is a guy that Jack Bauer would hang out with. We did our homework. Considering that we wrote this years ago and put in the Arab Spring, a narcotrafficante revolution in Mexico, and stealth helicopters, none of which (we knew) existed at the time, I’d say we were at least semi-plausible in our brainstorming process. We took some liberties with reality, all authors do, but we tried not to make them stupid liberties. 🙂

So I hope you guys like it. Dead Six is pretty awesome.

And don’t take my word for it. Here are some reviews:

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