Here is the part where I ask for help

As I’ve posted and explaned before, book sales during release week are super important: 

And Dead Six is out at the end of the month. Many of you have read the eARC, and if you did, and you liked it, please tell your friends about it, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, sky writing, performance art, interactive kubuki theater, however you communicate with your “peeps”, but word of mouth is the best thing ever for a writer.

Now my writing career is doing pretty good, so you might be saying to yourself, “That Correia doesn’t need my help. He is one of those fat cats that needs to feel the suffering of the common man! And he is stealing all the white women!” Okay, as we all know that part is true, but if you don’t want to do it for me, do it for this guy:


Yeah, this is way cooler than most novelist's "introspective writer guy" pose.


This is Mike’s first book, and it is a darn good one that deserves to be read. For those of you who don’t know, Mike is an EOD Technician, currently defusing roadside bombs in Afghanistan. He will still be in Afghanistan, risking his life and being awesome, when his first novel appears in stores. Places like NPR can talk about thriller writer street cred, but Mike plays high-explosive chess against terrorist IEDs before breakfast.  Most first time authors are super excited to do their first book signings, but Mike can’t because he’s deployed… Think about that for a second… He can’t do book signings for the really nifty book he wrote because he is too busy DEFUSING MURDER BOMBS.

For most authors, the most exciting part of our day is when we spill Coke Zero on our keyboard. EOD are complete lunatics that do something so absurdly dangerous that complete snake eating warriors look at them and say F’ that noise, let the dude in the big suit play with the booby trapped death machine.

Mike is humble. You probably won’t ever hear him talk about that kind of thing. Luckily for him, I’m not humble at all. 🙂 

Sometimes when somebody with that many points on his Man Card writes a thriller, the book tends to be mediocre (with a few notable exceptions) and the book was sold on the resume of the tough guy writing it rather than how good the actual fiction was.  However, Dead Six is excellent, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote half of it. Believe me, I’ve got plenty of paying projects that I could be working on at this point, but instead I liked this story so much that I twisted Mike’s arm into making this book, and I’m so eager to continue the story arc that my half of the sequel is already done.

There are a limited number of autographed (by both of us) copies here (and they’ve got autographed Spellbound to preorder too): 


eBook and free sample chapters:

The eBook for Dead Six is available now
Heroics in Logan

31 thoughts on “Here is the part where I ask for help”

  1. Already pre-ordered from Amazon. Did the same with MHA, which was shipped during release week. Shake Mike’s hand for me next time you see him, and tell him an old Navy guy says Thanks for all he does.

  2. I’ve already preordered two copies… one for me, and one to loan! I’ve been following this since the days of The High Road…

  3. Hey Larry, I buy most of my books through Baen’s webscription service. Does that count towards this too or do I have to buy through Amazon or a bookstore?

    1. I’m pretty sure that the NYT list is too archaic to include e-book sales of any stripe. To Be Certain, buy a dead tree version. (Then, you have a backup.) ((Two is one, one is none, right?))

  4. Look at it this way- for less than $10 you can tell a guy defusing bombs thanks (you’d buy him dinner if he were here, right? Dinner costs more than that!) PLUS as an added bonus you get an absolutely incredible thriller written by two world class authors quite unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Heck of a deal, huh?

  5. It will have to wait till Saturday evening. OR pay day which ever comes first but I WILL have a copy.

    As a former MOS 45c i can say EOD guys are bug house nucking futs and if Mike passes through BWI on the return trip a steak at Shula’s (or Fogo De Chao) is on me.

  6. Oh and I’ve ordered a signed copy, but I’ll have a different mailing address soon so I’ll have to pick up a copy in stores as well. Damn you capitalism 😉

  7. Larry, you are definitely short changing yourself by restricting your attentions to just white women. Expand your horizons, dude.
    Got the eARC, got the eBook, and will get the dead tree, done.
    So anyway, what exactly was that scarab thingie?

  8. BWAHAHAHAHA… When I pre-ordered D6, Barnes & Noble told me that “people who ordered the item in your cart also bought…” and the three books listed were “The Notebook” and two others by Nicholas Sparks… oh… my. Larry, bet you had NO IDEA you had such a cross over appeal… I know I always read chick lit while I clean my gun, and apparently some of your readers do too!! Laughing SO HARD. *snerk*

  9. According to Wikipedia the NY Times does have a list that includes ebook and print sales combined, but not for their main list.

  10. Sometimes even extraordinary people are dumbfounded at where ‘Awesomeness” is found. The innocence of a child handing you dandelions, the faithfulness of a dog, the singing of birds, and the humbleness in the souls of ‘Warriors’ who do the ‘Bat Crap’ crazy insane jobs that help keep other people safe.
    In my own service to my country I have seen devices that could annihilate whole countries. It is a feeling that cannot be described by words. I cannot imagine or fathom placing your hands daily on devices meant to kill ‘You’ specifically.

    S! Mike! Just come home safe, Ok Bro?


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