13 thoughts on “Heroics in Logan”

  1. Another instance of citizens eschewing government and just getting the job done. Notice the cop signalling for a jack, then turning around in surprise to see the car being lifted off the victim. Awesome.

  2. Yep! Even the Police officers said they were waiting for a jack. This shows what real people do when they are left alone to just do it.

    Side note: Better take memos on this Washington DC. Real people are out there. And they have just about had enough!

  3. Oh, yeah! I am not surprised by their actions at all. I grew up in Logan and pretty much everyone I know in Logan would do the same thing without hesitation.

  4. A friend of mine in England posted this video as put out by Sky News. It is really quite impressive. At the end the cop finally did something marginally intelligent and started inline stabilisation…but they were awfully close to that burning wreck still.

    And, as for the people in Logan, I’d say 99% of the ones I met while living there during Americorps at USU were really great. The other 1% was many of the Americorps people (thus not from Logan).

  5. I’ve had occasion to lift a car up ( and carry it across a parking lot) mit lotsa friends, ja! to gently mess with someone. (Local police watching, bemused, as a posse of middle aged men walked a VW past them…) “John, I’m afraid you are losing your mind, I betcha you don’t even know where you parked your car.” etc…

    Cars are HEAVY. And burning ones are hot and dangerous. That was very nicely done.

    ( and catching on fire after running into a motorcycle, that’s just wretchedly bad luck)

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