What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Of course we remember those that died. It was tragic. It was a national slap in the face. Ordinary people died and ordinary people became heroes.

How about let’s remember the thousands dead and tens of thousands of injured Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen since then, too. They seem to be easy to forget, unless you are trying to score political points for whatever your stupid argument is, then you mention them daily until your man wins, then you forget about them again. Funny. I used to remember the daily body count on the news up until a few years ago, when it became inconvenient to the narrative. Meanwhile, my friends are still there.

There are men fighting right now that were in grade school when the towers came down. Grade school.  They were eight or nine. Now whenever I go to a  public place I see amputees in their early twenties. Never forget… Yeah… Thanks for reminding me.

I’m annoyed at people who are too scared to talk about terrorism seriously because they are afraid of being labeled racist or politically incorrect telling the rest of us to Never Forget. I’m angry that video that is too “inflammatory” to show on TV the rest of the year is now okay, because it is a designated anniversary, and in a couple of days it will go back in the vault.

Meanwhile, my best friend is defusing roadside bombs in a third world hellhole right now, and being forced to put his life and his teammates lives at greater risk because of the idiocy of COIN doctrine. We send good men to almost certain death because we’re worried about offending the locals.

Then we have some of our men do stupid things and commit crimes. Yes. It happens. Prosecute them. But I’m supposed to believe that some corporal that went off the plan, lost his shit, and murdered somebody is morally equivalent to blowing up thousands of innocents? No. It isn’t. The last person that told me water boarding was exactly the same as terrorism almost got punched in the face, and they didn’t even know it.

Israel has the statistical equivalent to a 9-11 happen several times a year in their tiny country, but some of the same Americans saying Never Forget today, don’t hesitate to tell the Israelis that they need to make concessions and peace with the men that have attacked them over and over and over. Hypocrites.

And while so many Americans are putting their lives on the line, here we are ten years later and most of our response to 9-11 has been stupid kabuki theater. Anyone that knows anything about security laughs at what we’ve done. We’re feeling up little old ladies. That’ll show them. The Homeland Security director is more worried about returning vets as potential threats that Islamist terrorists and NASA no longer has a manned space flight program, but is proud of its mission to boost self esteem in the middle east. A $500 handgun in the cockpit of each jet on 9-11 could’ve prevented the whole mess, but the government spent the next decade making it as bureaucratically difficult as possible for pilots to be able to carry guns. Why do that when you can form gigantic new pointless federal agencies?  

I used to work with a lot of counter terrorism professionals. There have been so many awful, terrible, sometimes ridiculous plots stopped before they came to fruition that most people have no flipping clue what is out there. I’ve only ever seen a handful of these make the news, and those are just the ones I know about. They are still out to get us.

The whole thing pisses me off in a lot of different ways.

You want to pay your respects? Go do something nice for one of our warriors.

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