ROGUE by Michael Z. Williamson out today 

Hey everybody. I should have posted this last night, but my brain was still recovering from DragonCon.  Atlanta is very moist.  So returning to zero humidity at 6,000 feet above sea level makes you a little bit loopy. However the Yard Moose seemed very happy to have me back.

My friend and fellow Baen author, Mike Williamson, has just released his latest novel. Most of you have heard of Freehold, and this is set in the same universe. Thing big sci-fi universe, big ideas, lots of politics, and then take it down to the nitty gritty dirty, punch the other space ninja in the face level. Full disclosure, I’ve not read this one yet, but I enjoy Mike’s work, and he has improved with everything he’s written.

Here is the synopsis:

Kenneth Chinran commanded the elite unit assigned to take out an entire planet in a terrible war.  Millions died; billions more perished in the aftermath.  One doesn’t send a sociopath on such a mission.  A sociopath might not stop.  Chinran did stop – but in the process nearly lost his sanity and his soul. 

But one of Chinran’s men was a sociopath going in.  Now he’s a trained sociopath with the knowledge and firepower to take out entire tactical teams, evaporate through security cordons and change identity at will. Who do you send after a killer like that?  There’s only one answer:  the man who trained him.  The man who made him.

Like I’ve explained before on book bombs, the key to getting on bestseller lists is all about velocity. The biggest number of sales in the shortest amount of time. So if this is something that you would be interested in picking  up anyway, this is totally the week to buy it.  If you think putting me on the NYT ticks the literati-elite off, imagine putting the dude that wrote Freehold (the Libertarian Space Manifesto) on there!

DragonCon was AWESOME
Quick update, back from DragonCon

13 thoughts on “ROGUE by Michael Z. Williamson out today”

  1. Freehold: The Libertarian Space Manifesto <3

    New subtitle? I think yes! As an aspiring space libertarian I got mad love for Mad Mike, so this book is a must buy.

  2. I started Rogue after I finished Spellbound this weekend. I haven’t had much of a chance to work into it too deeply yet but, it moves fast and jumps right into the storyline. Since it is written in the Freehold universe, and picks up the story of Kenneth Chinran it rolls very quickly. It is very good so far, definitely worth the “price of admission”.

  3. While it’s a sequel to The Weapon, it also stands alone, so there’s no need to buy Weapon first to understand this one.

    Of course, if you’d LIKE to buy both books, both Baen Books and I will understand completely.

  4. Finished it last week, thought it was great. More Williamson, more. Get some of Ringo or Larry’s magic beans that make you churn out 2 books a year.

  5. I went for a Mad Mike three-fer and picked up Weapon, Rogue, and Do Unto Others. Just because I enjoy exploding Literati.

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