Quick update, back from DragonCon

I’m back from DragonCon. Report to come later. It was AWESOME.

I’ve got 297 emails to read in my inbox. I will get back to you.

I’m out of patches. I thought I had more than I did, but should have another box arrive soon. So if you ordered in the 2nd half of August, they will be late.

No. There are no more DragonCon MHI hats. We handed out all 500 of them. I kept one for myself.

ROGUE by Michael Z. Williamson out today
Lots of new MHI merchandise, MCB, Enchanted Forest, & Bubba

5 thoughts on “Quick update, back from DragonCon”

  1. Sorry about all the emails, I accidentally posted your email address along with a few choice quotes on some Twilight fan forums and liberal blogs (amazing how much those 2 have in common)….and I signed you up for that $1000 Walmart gift card, there were only 3 or 4 promotional offers….and I told that nigerian prince you’d help him move his money. And of course there’s also the patchening. lol

    Welcome back. We missed you. (but our aim is getting better)

  2. Knowing the locust-like behavior of your average Dragon*Con attendees, you probably could have gone with 5,000 hats, and still had people asking for more. I wish I could’ve been there, but the budget didn’t allow, even though I’m local to it.

    Glad you had fun!

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