Fan art: Guns & book covers

The carry gun of a Hunter from TeamTalon out of Texas.

 Yeah… That is beautiful. I don’t know if the man that smithed this gun wanted me to say his name since this was a personal build, but wow… He is really good.

Eric Westover got to read the early rough draft of MHA and came up with the following cover artwork.

by Eric Westover



At DragonCon, there will be hats

12 thoughts on “Fan art: Guns & book covers”

  1. Outstanding looking. I’m thinking of customizing some thin grips for my carry piece.. the devil smiley just seems so appropriate!

  2. That first cover, of the werewolf, is wonderful. Now I have a ‘face’ to go with the story. (Haven’t read it yet – but I did a pre-order so it is in the pile of ‘real soon now’ books.)

    Thanks for what I am sure is going to be a fantastic addition to the MHI series!

    More please!

  3. That 1911 looks to have a bit of a Dan Wesson look. And I like those MHA covers, especially the first (is that supposed to be Heather?).

    Larry, point for pondering. Besides the pure awesomeness and ease of handloading, why .45ACP for MHI? Wouldn’t a faster, better penetrating round be of more use for… say werewolves who would by nature have thick, matted fur (think bear). So, something like 10mm (so you can get that awesome bullet weight, handloading for silver rounds, and speed) would be more effective, yes?

    Juuuuuust thinking :).

    -Sir Brass

  4. Nice 1911. The MHI smily could make almost anything cooler. All the covers are cool, but I like the second one best.

  5. IMNSHO, those covers are better than the scarecrows, werewolf, and … vampire? on the actual book.

    I’m sure Monster Hunters use the .45 because it makes a bigger hole. And because .45s are simply awesome. Great combination of damage, recoil, and reliability.

  6. A factor I remember reading in the first book if memory serves is that the ammo is very expensive to make and since 45 is a common ammo with a multitude of weapons that fire it they chose that. The feds, if I remember correctly, have access to better ammo in different calibers, going by some of the weapons used in Alpha. Personally, I have a Hungarian copy of the Browning 9mm Hi Power that I plan to put a MCB logo of some sort, or maybe just the name and a small mission statement, to use as a cc gun until I find a 45 that works better for me. The covers look awesome, and the gun definately was well done in my opinion.

  7. Hmmm … the “eye” cover is striking. That one might catch the attention of non-fans. Maybe for a hardcover edition?

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