Okay, maybe "plague" is hyperbole

Ran into this big guy Saturday at sundown. That’s only about 100 yards away, but it isn’t like the iPhone has zoom. So we’ve got a boy moose and a girl moose in the neighborhood, porchupines, about a zillion deer, a dead elk on the next road over (haven’t seen a live one yet), skunks, rabbits, and marmots. (ooooh, I totally need to get a marmot photo, those guys just chill and play it cool).

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19 thoughts on “PLAGUE OF YARD MOOSE!”

  1. We have some 800 moose living inside the city limits in Anchorage, this time of year. In winter, when foraging for greenery on the mountainside gets harder, that increases to 1,200 or so. Of course, where moose beget calves, there are bears. Got a lot of ’em, too. Undead 800 lb. grizzlies would make an awesome, nigh-unstoppable menace, perhaps?

  2. Indeed, properly cooked, Moose IS wonderful. It was always the centerpiece dish at the annual Moosestomper’s Ball at Loring AFB, Maine. . .back when it still WAS an Air Force Base. Apparently, it’s been moved 60 miles south to Houlton, Maine, where it’s the highlight of an entire week of festivities, every February. . .

  3. Is a marmot a groundhog?

    Down here in Saratoga Springs, our main access is Pioneer Crossing. It must be the roadkill capital of the world! If everything goes all undead on me some night, I’m going to need a full-auto Kriss .45!

  4. I was in Park City, UT last summer and it was pretty amusing seeing the marmots just chilling on the slopes. There were a bunch right under the alpine slide!

  5. Wow, I haven’t heard of that many animals in one place since I lived in Canada. and Robert, the thought of roadkill zombies is so ludicrous that I really hope someone writes that book someday.

  6. Um, iPhones, at least v4, do have zoom. When you’re in the camera mode and are aiming the camera, tap the screen. A zoom scroll bar pops up, just like the volume on your iTunes. if you don’t adjust it will disappear again, and it resets after you exit the camera app.

  7. Looks like you need to do some more “critter control” If I was a bit close I would love to help you help with this curse of the Yard Moose.
    Keep your powder dry and your knife sharp.

  8. I’d warrant you have coyotes too, though if you haven’t seen them count yourself lucky that they still have some human aversion.

    Be *very* glad that you don’t have to contend with javelina.

  9. Dude, I so want your backyard! (As long as there are no re-animated zombie porcupines. . . . ouch, that hurts just thinking about it!)

  10. I just got my copy of Monster Hunter Alpha, just thought I’d let you know. I’m gonna start reading immediately. <3 I love you Larry!

  11. “hyperbole”?
    Not at all. I was once caught in a rain of frog. I laughed that off, and the next week it was a rain of squirrel. From the same palm tree too. I avoid it now. I might survive the rain of dog, but the rain of buffalo will finish me.

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