I think this may be a new record for me

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #250 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

I think this is the highest I’ve ever been on Amazon for any book. I have to go back and see where MHV came in at.  (and it has been hanging around in the 500s and under for a week now).  And of those 30 Contemporary fantasy books ahead of me, half of those are low price Kindle books. So far so good.

Plus, I’ve got people all over the country telling me that they picked up their copies of MHA at Walmart. Being stocked in Walmart is a pretty big deal, since they don’t stock a ton of different books, but they are the largest single retailer of books in the country.

Monster Hunter Alpha, audio book is out

38 thoughts on “I think this may be a new record for me”

  1. I already got my five copies of MHA off to the Berkeley Public Library (1/branch), and the half-dozen I ordered as gifts for friends will be held for me over at Other Change of Hobbit until I can get there.

    Berkeley independent science fiction stores RULE!

  2. I bought my first copy last night. I finished it sometime early this morning (130am or so) I’m here at my evil mega corp Desktop support job almost undead from sleep deprivation and have decided it was well worth it.

    I expect i will be buying other copies.
    (My offer still stands Mr Corriea, I buy ten or more coppies you use my soon to be ex wife as Monster fodder in a book)

  3. I purchased a Thomas Sowell book when I ordered my copy of MHA from Amazon, in hopes that it would show up in the “also bought” suggestion box.

    1. I bought mine from amazon with Marth Stewart’s Cookies. That should make for an interesting “Also Bought”.

  4. Nice, Larry! Just waiting on my two copies (one plated/inscribed, the other a “beater reader”) from Uncle Hugo’s…

  5. Picked my copy of MHA from Barney Noble yesterday. Buddy from work was headed over today for his.

    Fingers crossed for your NYT Bestseller spot.


  6. MHA is absolutely fantastic and I have recommended it to many of my friends! I got it the day it came out and couldn’t put it down until I was finished with the last page, and you more than deserve any praise you receive for this book. After picking up MHI after reading a library copy about a year ago I cannot wait for each iteration to come out. Congratulations on being an outstanding author with amazing stories to tell! Now that all I’ve aired my crazy fanatical raving, am I seeing things or has anyone else noticed a tiny smiley face near the top right of every page?

  7. I just picked it up today and B&N. I also got my mom hooked on the series. We both picked up all three. Big fan Larry. Keep em comng.

  8. Mine arrived yesterday from Large Internet Bookseller. I almost started it but (see Joe at 1146) opted to refrain for now. I can’t read all night and then copy-edit footnotes.

  9. Downloaded the ebook on Sunday evening. Finished about 3 AM Monday morning. Made it through work that day on industrial quantities of coffee. This stuff is addictive – already looking forward to the next book.

  10. Got my copy of MHA on Saturday at Books-A-Million, who usually manages to put Baen’s stuff – and often, books from other publishing houses as well – out on the shelves on the weekend before the official release date. Read it Sunday afternoon.

    Still laughing at the scene with the rotary snowplow. There’s some “nuance” for the critics… 😉

    I’ve gotta say, though, that the ending pissed me off. I’m guessing that’s the setup for the next book down the line…or at least the next book after “Monster Hunter Nemesis,” anyway. (Myers told Earl that he sent Franks to California to handle a situation. Will we find out what that situation was in “Nemesis?”)

    1. Yeah. I hate it when books don’t end the way I want them to! Especially when it means I’m going to be camping on the bookstore porch so I can get a pre-order on the sequel.

  11. Amazon dropped off MHA, the newest Harry Dresden book Ghost Story, and Brad Thor’s latest book all in one day. I may get some sleep some day

  12. I’m so happy I stumbled across your books. Maybe from Lawdog’s blog? I can’t recall. It’s good to see they’re doing well. On a completely unrelated note and because I can’t find a “contact me” link, here’s a list of either dead or “haven’t been updated since 2010” sites from your blogroll. I was bored at work. *shrug*

    No Longer Available

    American Warmonger
    Bloodletting Blog
    Joe’s Crabby Shack

    Haven’t Been Updated Since 2010

    Geek with a 45
    The Armed School Teacher
    The Shootist
    Wide World of Timbo

  13. Been looking at that Contemporary list just now, and MHA is on there twice Audio Book at #17 and Paperback at #31. Your audio book is outselling your book. =)

    They don’t have those same stat listings on the audiobook’s page, though, so I can’t find out how it’s doing over all.

  14. Geoff, Still have that .45 I sold you? Say hello to kris for me…it has been a while but I am not surprised to run into you here.

  15. Picking up a copy today guess I’m running a bit behind but thats some awesome stats love the work will keep reading as long as you keep writing

  16. I picked up a copy of Alpha as well as copies of I and V for friends, but since I got them at one of the closing Borders I don’t know if it’ll show up in any statistics.

  17. USPS delivered my amazon copy of MHA yesterday. I got it from the mailbox at 10 am this morning and just finished. Great book Larry! I really enjoyed it.

  18. Pre-ordered through Amazon and ordered the signed copy from Uncle Hugos. The local WalMart had it, but it’s sold out (I asked).

  19. Forgot to say…read it in one sitting and there isn’t a single bit that I didn’t like, but I was hoping to have a funnier death. Oh well, you can’t have everything I guess.

  20. Larry how can you not find the Snow blower of DOOM not funny.
    I was laughing enough my neighbor thought I might be creating a duplicate of Franks or Raising the dead (apparently i have a evil scientist laugh)

  21. I grabbed my copy for 10% off at Borders’ liquidation sale. I think they have increased discounts to 20% off.

  22. Doggonnit, Correia! There better be another book in this series. Earl deserves it. And maybe some puppies, hmn? Little blond and red puppies?

    Great book. Greatly enjoyed it.

  23. Dammit, Larry… you did it again to me. So far, you’re four for four.

    Whenever you publish a book, you screw with my sleep patterns ’cause I can’t put the thing DOWN!!!!!

    You ARE quitting your day job so you can write faster, aren’t you? Guess I’ll have to go re-read Vendetta to refresh my memory on it while I’m waiting for the next one.

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