DEAD SIX eARC AVAILABLE NOW!  So you thought that one new book in a day was enough, with today being the official nationwide release of Monster Hunter Alpha, but oh no, that’s not good enough for the Monster Hunter Nation!  You guys deserve, nay, DEMAND more! 🙂

Here is the early advanced reader copy of DEAD SIX by me and Mike Kupari.  I hope you enjoy it. The paperback release is in September.  Mike will be in Afghanistan, defusing bombs, on the release date.

This is my first foray into the thriller genre, but it is epic. I’m not kidding when I say that it is totally awesome. Check out the free sample chapters.

book signings today in Utah
I think this may be a new record for me

26 thoughts on “DEAD SIX eARC AVAILABLE NOW!”

  1. Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I read the original thread over on THR.

    Remind me again, when’s the dead tree version coming out?

  2. Larry, I swear my wallet let out a scream of terror when I checked your site and saw another book had become available.

    I first found your books through a blog post at Pajamasmedia on the 17th and have proceeded to buy every book you have available. It’s like literary crack.

    Thanks for writing books that are actually fun to read instead of “profound”.

  3. I’m soooo nabbing the eARC. Forget sample chapters, I’m going to grab the whole kitten caboodle.

  4. Just trudged my way through the prologue (kind of rough to listen to it when your computer sounds like Stephen Hawking) and liked what I heard.

    Please tell me this will be done as an audio book… And if so who will be reading it?

  5. Awesome, I’ve loved this story ever since I read the initial Mr. Nightcrawler stuff. eARC purchased!

    My wife is not happy: I bought A Dance With Dragons last week, then stopped reading it to pick up Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story yesterday, now I’m shelving that to go read Dead Six.

  6. Was saving up for Grimnoir II and wait a while on Dead Six. Then I got BAW and read the sample chapters…

  7. So here is the most serious question, when is the next one coming out? Does one of us have to get Mike out of the stan’ for the process to speed up.

  8. I am not going to read the sample chapters of “Dead Six”. So far, I’ve been forced to buy e-arcs of “Hard Magic”, MHV, MHA and an e-book MHI (I already had MHI in in paper). I’m hooked on the two series I’ve started, but at least I can resist the pull of D6 for now. I probably won’t be able to hold out on the e-arc sequel when it comes out.

  9. Bought it. Larry, are the e-arcs at all different than the mass published books? ‘Cause the last (and first) paper book of yours I bought was MHI. Everything else has been an e-arc. My bank account curses you and John Ringo!

    1. Depending on the author and the lead time for the earc, minor to major proofing mistakes and in at least on Ringo Novel a somewhat large, although not very major, chunk of exposition. The only one with truly major changes was the leaked Weber novel, but that wasn’t meant to be an earc, it was the actual book still being in the stage of rewrite.

  10. Fantastic stuff. Of course, this has now made me even more interested in a .44 Magnum revolver, which my bank account REALLY doesn’t like, but them’s the breaks.

  11. I made a pact with myself long ago to resist the evilness that is eArcs. So far I have been able to resist, but when the preview chapters come out…
    That’s the one thing I can’t resist.
    When it finally comes time for me to rage against the dying of the light my estate will consist of first-edition signed Larry Correia novels and that’s about it.
    There are worse ways to go…

    1. #2 is called Swords of Exodus and #3 is Project Blue. However no release dates are set yet, mostly because we’re waiting for Mike to get back from Afghanistan.

    1. I completely agree. And it would be a VERRRY good 3 hour action movie if done faithfully (without serious abridgement) to the book.





      (and curse you and your character-killing ways! 😛 )

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